Architecture and Protest podcast by the Society of Architectural Historians GB

I’m talking on this new episode of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, ‘Architecture and Protest’. I’m discussing Chartists’ use of spaces and buildings for protest and political meetings:

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Adam Elliott-Cooper is a researcher based at the University of Greenwich, who works on histories of racism and policing in Britain. His first monograph, Black Resistance to British Policing, was published by Manchester University Press in May 2021. He is also co-author of Empire’s Endgame: Racism and the British State (Pluto Press, 2021).

Hannah Awcock is a researcher based at the University of Edinburgh who is interested in the social, cultural, and historical geographies of resistance, publishing on subjects from the 1780 Gordon Riots to climate protests at COP26.

Morgan Trowland is a Civil Engineer and member of the protest group Extinction Rebellion.

Your hosts were Matthew Lloyd Roberts and Dr Jessica Kelly, and this project was devised with Neal Shasore

Zine conversation about parks & protest

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Horrid Covid! online zine invited me to do a conversation with the curator, Helen Kaplinsky, for their issue 4, ‘Parks’. Listen to 30 mins of us talking about parks, privatisation, public space and protest.

We cover discussion of the origins of parks and ’emparkment’, access to public space, pandemics and legislation, and the development of protest from the local to the global.

Listen now:

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hyde park riot

I’m experimenting with podcasting my developing ideas for the book. Here’s episode 3: legislation, which covers a parliamentary debate in 1872, and the legal concept of jus spatiandi.

episode 1 on the concept of property and the law:

episode 1b on who are the public in public space?

episode 2 on the coming of war and its potential impact on access to public space:

episode 4 on ‘air and exercise’ definitions in the legislation: