Websites and online resources:

Image/archive collections (as currently available):

Current and relatively recent reports on public space etc:

  • London Assembly report on London’s Public Space, 2011:
  • City of London Open Space strategy, 2014:
  •  House of Commons, Public Parks committee report, 2017:
  • Landscape Research Group, cadastral maps of landownership:
  • Dimitrios Bormpoudakis, Joseph Tzanopoulos, Evangelia Apostolopoulou, ‘The rise and fall of biodiversity offsetting in the Lodge Hill large-scale housing development, South East England’, Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space (2019):

  • Andrew Smith, ‘Paying for parks. Ticketed events and the commercialisation of public space’, Leisure Studies, 13: 5 (2018), 533-46
  • Andrew Smith, ‘Justifying and resisting public park commercialisation: The battle for Battersea Park’, European Urban and Regional Studies, 26:2 (2019),