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Old database of political meetings, 1776-1848

Archived 2019

namebroad typedescription of placetype of placedatedayplaceattendancesource
meeting for petitioning HM for radical reformChartistmarketplacemarket04-Oct-1830MondayMiddletonMcr Times 2 Oct 1830
sacred monthChartistmarketplacemarket13-Aug-1839TuesdayMiddleton2000Charter, 18 Aug 1839
public meeting on condition of coalminerstrade unionmarketplacemarket11/08/1844MondayMiddletonNS 3 Aug 1844
meeting of reformersradicalUnion Roomown room16-Apr-1832MondayMiddletonMcr times 21 April 1832
public meetingriotCutler's Hallguild hall01/05/1792SheffieldWWM F 44/19, to Zouch
loyalist meetingloyalCutler's Hallguild hall27/12/1792SheffieldWWM F 65/58, 31 Dec 1792
public meetingloyalCutler's Hallguild hall31/12/1792SheffieldStevenson, Artisans, p. 20; Sheff Register 4 Jan 1793
loyalist committeeloyalCutler's Hallguild hall09/02/1793SheffieldAdd Ms 16925
address of thanks to Col WardlereformCutler's Hallguild hall12/04/1809Sheffield5000Cobbett's PR 6 May 1809
anti-EIC monopolycommercialCutler's Hallguild hall01/04/1812Sheffieldmans, merchsLeeds Mercury, 4 April 1812
anti-EIC monopolycommercialCutler's Hallguild hall23/12/1812Sheffieldmans, merchsWWM F 65/60
plugtrade unionRoscoe Fieldsfield01/06/1842SheffieldNS 18 June 1842
Chartist meeting/plugChartistRoscoe Fieldsfield23/08/1842TuesdaySheffieldNS 20 Aug 1842
SCI meetingradicalFreemasons' hall, Paradise Squareguild hall26/03/1792SheffieldEng Hist Docs 314
address of thanks to Col WardlereformParadise Squaresquare12-Apr-1809SheffieldCobbett's PR 6 May 1809
parl reform and thanks to BurdettradicalParadise Squaresquare06-Jun-1810SheffieldSheffield Iris, 12 June 1810; Cobbet's PR 16 June 1810
reformradicalParadise Squaresquare20-Jan-1817SheffieldWWM F 45h/165, Wortley to Fitz, 15 Jan 1817
election address of Bethell, Wilson and DuncombeelectionParadise Squaresquare07-Jun-1826SheffieldWard diary 289
Milton and Marshall election addresselectionParadise Squaresquare13-Jun-1826SheffieldWard diary 289
petition for Catholic emancipationreformParadise Squaresquare20-Feb-1829FridaySheffieldSheff Indep 21 Feb 1829
election speech by BroughamreformParadise Squaresquare05/08/1830ThursdaySheffieldMG 7 August 1830
election speech by BroughamreformParadise Squaresquare26-Oct-1830SheffieldWard 294
political union on the reform billreformParadise Squaresquare07/03/1831MondaySheffieldSheff Indep 5 March 1831
Whig election hustingselectionParadise Squaresquare25-Apr-1831MondaySheffield18000LM 30 April 1831
demo on Lords' rejection of reform billreformParadise Squaresquare08-Oct-1831SheffieldWard diary 297
reform billreformParadise Squaresquare07/05/1832MondaySheffield3000Sheff Indep 12 May 1832
reform billreformParadise Squaresquare21/05/1832MondaySheffield14000Sheff Indep 16 May 1832
Whig election addresselectionParadise Squaresquare13/07/1837ThursdaySheffieldLM 22 July 1837
O'Connor addressChartistParadise Squaresquare04/07/1839ThursdaySheffieldNS 6 July 1839
election of delegatesChartistParadise Squaresquare15/07/1839MondaySheffieldNS 20 July 1839
election of delegatesChartistParadise Squaresquare05/08/1839MondaySheffieldAdd MS 34245B
Chartist political holidayChartistParadise Squaresquare12-Aug-1839SheffieldBaxter, 'Early Chartism', 142
silent meeting ChartistsChartistParadise Squaresquare08/09/1839MondaySheffieldMG 18 Sep 1839
Chartist battlesChartistParadise Squaresquare09/09/1839TuesdaySheffieldBaxter, 'Early Chartism', 142
ChartistsChartistParadise Squaresquare10/09/1839WednesdaySheffieldMG 18 Sep 1839
ChartistsChartistParadise Squaresquare12/09/1839ThursdaySheffield2000MG 18 Sep 1839; Baxter, 'Early Chartism', 142
ChartistsChartistParadise Squaresquare23/09/1839MondaySheffieldNS 28 Sep 1839
Operative Anti-Corn Law AssociationACLAParadise Squaresquare18/02/1842FridaySheffieldSheff Indep 19 Feb 1842
public meetingChartistParadise Squaresquare01-Jun-1842SheffieldNS 18 June 1842
procession for Chartist funeral of Samuel HolberryChartistParadise Squaresquare27/06/1842MondaySheffield3000NS 2 July 1842
trades' meetingtrade unionParadise Squaresquare15/08/1842MondaySheffieldNS 20 Aug 1842
meeting plug strikerstrade unionParadise Squaresquare17/08/1842WednesdaySheffieldNS 20 Aug 1842
meeting plug strikerstrade unionParadise Squaresquare18/08/1842ThursdaySheffieldNS 20 Aug 1842
meeting plug strikerstrade unionParadise Squaresquare19/08/1842FridaySheffieldNS 20 Aug 1842
meeting plug strikerstrade unionParadise Squaresquare22/08/1842MondaySheffield12000NS 20 Aug 1842
meeting of able bodied poortrade unionParadise Squaresquare03/05/1843WednesdaySheffieldSheff Indep 6 May 1843
miners meetingtrade unionParadise Squaresquare17/05/1844MondaySheffield10000MG 22 May 1844
Chartist meetingChartistParadise Squaresquare08/04/1848SaturdaySheffieldSheff Indep 11 april 1848
Chartist meetingChartistParadise Squaresquare12/06/1848MondaySheffieldSheff Indep 17 June 1848
meeting for preservation of the peacelocal governmenttown halltown hall09-May-1792SheffieldWWM F 44/12
against O in Ccommercialtown halltown hall03/02/1812SheffieldIris, 4 Feb 1812
against O in Ccommercialtown halltown hall03/04/1812FridaySheffieldWWM/H/47
public meetingradicaltown halltown hall01-Dec-1820SheffieldThe Times, 1 Jan 1821
reform petitionreformtown halltown hall31-Jan-1823SheffieldWard diary 176
petition for Catholic emancipationreformtown halltown hall08-Feb-1829SheffieldSheff Indep 9 Jan 1830
Sheffield PU to elect committeereformtown halltown hall24/01/1831MondaySheffieldSheffield Mercury, 15 Jan 1831
Reform Associationreformtown halltown hall18/06/1838MondaySheffieldLM 23 June 1838
nocturnal rally outsideChartisttown halltown hall01-Aug-1839SheffieldChase, Chartism, p.103
celebration of BurdettradicalPheasant Inninn/hotel01/05/1812FridaySheffieldSheffield Iris, 2 June 1812
procession to churchChartistDaisy Walkstreet05/09/1839SundaySheffieldMG 18 Sep 1839
radical meetingradicalmarketmarket03/12/1816TuesdaySheffieldDonnelly and Baxter, 415
military assemble for proclamation of William IVpatrioticnew marketmarket06/07/1830TuesdaySheffieldSheff Indep 10 July 1830
volunteer mutinyriotNorfolk Streetstreet04/08/1795TuesdaySheffieldSheffield Iris, 7 Aug 1795
SCI appoints delegate to Edinburgh convention at meetingradicalopen piece of graound in West Streetopen space13-Nov-1793SheffieldStevenson, 41
meeting in opp to the warradicalopen piece of ground in West Streetopen space28 Feb 1794SheffieldStevenson, 41
meeting plug strikerstrade unionopen piece of ground near Ellins Wheelopen space19/08/1842TuesdaySheffieldNS 20 Aug 1842
food riot/radical meetingradicalfield between the Wicker and the Attercliffefield03/12/1816TuesdaySheffieldSheffield Mercury, 7 Dec 1816
radical meetingradicalfield between the Wicker and the Attercliffefield05/12/1816ThursdaySheffieldSheffield Mercury, 7 Dec 1816
commemoration of 1688reformTontine inninn/hotel05/11/1788Sheffield250Stevenson, p.46
riot against soldiersriotTontine inninn/hotel27/07/1791SheffieldSheffield Iris, 29 July 1791
dinner in celebration of Glorious revolutionradicalTontine inninn/hotel05/11/1792SheffieldManchester Herald, 17 Nov 1792; Stevenson, p.57
election victory of Milton; crowds assembled outsideelectionTontine inninn/hotel06/06/1807SaturdaySheffield3000LM 13 June 1807
jubilee procession begins and ends outside itpatrioticTontine inninn/hotel25/10/1809Sheffieldjubilee jottings, pp.206-7; account of the celebration 185
jubilee dinnerpatrioticTontine inninn/hotel25/10/1809Sheffieldjubilee jottings, pp.206-7
Pitt club anniversary dinnerloyalTontine inninn/hotel28/05/1817WednesdaySheffieldPitt club pamphlet
dinner for Coronation of Geo IVpatrioticTontine inninn/hotel19/07/1821SheffieldWard diary, 272
first meeting of lit and philotherTontine Inninn/hotel21/02/1823SheffieldWard diary 276
Pitt club anniversary dinnerloyalTontine inninn/hotel14/10/1824SheffieldYork Herald 23 Oct 1824; Yorks Gazette 28 Oct 1824
dinner for Milton and Marshall, liberal candidateselectionTontine inninn/hotel13/06/1826SheffieldWard diary 289
Shakespeare Club 10th anniversary dinnerotherTontine inninn/hotel17/12/1828SheffieldSheff Indep 20 Dec 1828
electio n riotriotHaymarket, outside Tontine Innstreet15-Dec-1832SheffieldWard diary 300
ball for 1688reformassembly roomassembly room06-Nov-1788Sheffield140Stevenson, p.46
ball for queen's birthdaypatrioticassembly roomsassembly room23/01/1793FridaySheffieldSheff Register 25 Jan 1793
dinner for Lord Fitzwilliamelectionassembly roomassembly room30-Oct-1823Sheffield180Ward diary 278
meeting on trade unions led by Tester of Bradfordtrade unionassembly roomassembly room05/10/1825SheffieldWard diary 286
Friends of Parliamentary Reform public dinnerradicalKing's Headpub16-Sep-1812SheffieldThos Ward diaries, 191
UE meetingradicalBellas Place near the Parkopen space30/11/1800MondaySheffieldWWM F/44/62
meetings of the Chartists in their roomChartistFig Tree lane roomradical/Chartist room01-Aug-1839SheffieldNS 7 Sep 1839
Chartist meetingChartistFig Tree lane roomradical/Chartist room05/09/1839ThursdaySheffieldNS 7 Sep 1839
Chartist meetingChartistFig Tree lane roomradical/Chartist room24/09/1839TuesdaySheffieldNS 28 Sep 1839
Chartist tea meetingChartistFig Tree lane roomradical/Chartist room21/10/1839MondaySheffieldNS 26 Oct 1839
lecture on evils of warChartistFig Tree lane roomradical/Chartist room04/11/1839MondaySheffieldNS 9 Nov 1839
trades' meetingtrade unionFig Tree lane roomradical/Chartist room21/08/1839SundaySheffieldNS 20 Aug 1842
Chartist lectureChartistFig Tree lane roomradical/Chartist room28-Jan-1842SaturdaySheffieldNS 5 Feb 1842
female Chartist lectureChartistFig Tree lane roomradical/Chartist room07-Mar-1842MondaySheffieldNS 5 March 1842
trades' meetingtrade unionFig Tree lane roomradical/Chartist room21/08/1842SundaySheffieldNS 20 Aug 1842
Chartist/trades meetingChartistFig Tree lane roomradical/Chartist room24/08/1842WednesdaySheffieldNS 20 Aug 1842
chartist meeting against H G Wrd MP's speechChartistFig Tree lane roomradical/Chartist room27-Mar-1844SheffieldNS 13 april 1844
anniversary of Fitzwilliam societyreformGeorge Inninn/hotel17/06/1830ThursdaySheffieldSheff Indep 19 June 1830
jubilee dinnerpatrioticAngel Inninn/hotel25/10/1809Sheffieldmaster cutler, town regent, burgessesaccount of the celebration, 185
meeting to draw up resolutions for public meeting on PeterlooradicalAngel Inninn/hotel20/10/1819SheffieldWard diary, 261
Tory election addressconservativeAngel Inninn/hotel15/07/1837SaturdaySheffieldLM 22 July 1837
friends of civil liberty meeting on reformreformAlbion Hotelinn/hotel23/11/1830TuesdaySheffieldSheffield Mercury, 13 Nov 1830
return of radicals from prison; met on route then parade round townradicala mile off London Roadstreet26/12/1794SaturdaySheffieldHull Advertiser 2 Jan 1795
reform petition to parlradicalBull and Mouth Inninn/hotel08/04/1793SheffieldSheff Register 11 April 1793
public meeting on co-operationOweniteWorking men's associationworking men's club03/10/1839ThursdaySheffieldNS 12 Oct 1839
meeting on joint-stock provision storeOweniteWorking men's associationworking men's club17/10/1839ThursdaySheffieldNS 26 Oct 1839
start of procession to Brocco meeting on PeterlooradicalWickeropen space26-Oct-1819SheffieldTimes 29 Oct 1819
presentation of address to FitzwilliamradicalWentworth Houseprivate house02-Feb-1820Sheffield100Ward diary, 262
dinner for Brougham and Morpethelectionmusic hallmusic hall26-Oct-1830SheffieldWard diary 295
lit and phil anniversary meetingothermusic hallmusic hall02/01/1829FridaySheffieldSheff Indep 3 Jan 1829
institution of new Orange lodgeloyalPeacock Tavernpub04-Jan-1830MondaySheffieldSheff Indep 9 Jan 1830
lecture of William Rider ChartistChartistPolitical Instituteradical/Chartist room28-Jan-1842SaturdaySheffieldNS 5 Feb 1842
Chartist lectureChartistPolitical Instituteradical/Chartist room13-Mar-1842SundaySheffieldNS 5 March 1842
no42 lodge of Loyal Orangemen half-yearly festivalloyalRose and Crown Inninn/hotel05/11/1824FridaySheffieldYorks Gazette 13 Nov 1824
march on the churchesChartistparish churchchurch18-Aug-1839SundaySheffieldYeo, 123
march on the churchesChartistparish churchchurch25-Aug-1839SundaySheffieldYeo, 123
march on the churchesChartistparish churchchurch01-Sep-1839SundaySheffieldYeo, 123
march on the churchesChartistparish churchchurch08-Sep-1839SundaySheffieldYeo, 123
march on the churchesChartistparish churchchurch15-Sep-1839SundaySheffieldYeo, 123
Irish disturbances suppression billotherTown Halltown hall01/03/1833SaturdaySalfordMG 9 March 1833
meeting about w/csotherTown Halltown hall12/11/1833SalfordPMG 30 Nov 1833
reformreformTown Halltown hall26-Nov-1834WednesdaySalfordMG 29 Nov 1834
meeting on accession of VictoriapatrioticTown Halltown hall24-Jun-1837SaturdaySalfordMcr Times 1 July 1837
Radical AssociationradicalTown Halltown hall30-Apr-1839MondaySalfordNS 4 May 1839
dinner to celebrate Victoria's marriagepatrioticTown Halltown hall01-Feb-1840SalfordMcr Times 15 Feb 1840
repeal of unionIrishOld Cloth Hallexchange12/03/1834WednesdaySalfordMG 15 March 1834
dinner for Joseph Brotherton MPelectionyard of Salford Gas Works16-Apr-1837WednesdaySalfordMG 12 April 1837
meeting to support royal proclamation against seditious writingsloyalCourt Housecourt house07-Dec-1792SalfordMM 11 Dec 1792
local grievances meetingotherRed Lion Innpub13/07/1848ThursdaySalfordrichardson papers
loyal assoc committeeloyalKing's Headpub13-Dec-1792MondaySalfordChester Courant 11 Dec 1792
no 7 district reform association dinner to Jos BrothertonChartistSt Luke's Tavern, King Stpub17-Sep-1838MondaySalfordMcr Times 22 Sep 1838
dinner to celebrate Victoria's marriagepatrioticRoyal Queen's Arms, Chapel Stpub01-Feb-1840SalfordMcr Times 15 Feb 1840
b and cs dinner for king's birthdaypatrioticOldfield Road Hotelinn/hotel04-Jun-1812ThursdaySalfordMM 9 June 1812
meeting to oppose the 'Crown and Government security bill'ChartistOldfield Road open airstreet18-Apr-1848TuesdaySalfordNS 22 April 1848
meeting of NUWC, John Jones in chairtrade unionSpinners' Arms, large room, Chapel Stpub23/01/1832MondaySalfordPMG 18 Feb 1832
openingsocialistSocial Institution, Great George Stradical/Chartist room01/01/1836SundaySalfordRoyle, Robert Owen, 58
Political Union meetingradicalAlbion Inn/Hotelinn/hotel25-Feb-1833MondayOldhamMcr times 2 march 1833
Dorchester labourerstrade unionAlbion Inn/Hotelinn/hotel01/04/1834FridayOldhamPMG 5 April 1834
members of defunct PU meetingradicalAlbion Inn/Hotelinn/hotel30-Dec-1834TuesdayOldhamD-BUT F/24
10 hours meetingtrade unionAlbion Inn/Hotelinn/hotel23/02/1835MondayOldhamD-BUT F/26
Radicals' reception of John Fielden MP; adjourned to Primitive Meth ChapelradicalAlbion Inn/Hotelinn/hotel25-Jan-1837WednesdayOldhamD-BUT/F/41
10 hourstrade unionAlbion Inn/Hotelinn/hotel14/02/1837TuesdayOldhamD-BUT/F/42
meeting of shopkeepers to hear O'ConnorChartistAlbion Inn/Hotelinn/hotel16-Sep-1837SaturdayOldhamD-BUT F/51
Coronation dinnerpatrioticAlbion Inn/Hotelinn/hotel28-June-1838ThursdayOldhamMSA 30 June 1838; D-BUT F/56
Knight's funeral, committee of working men's associationradicalAlbion Inn/Hotelinn/hotel09-Sep-1838OldhamD-BUT F/57
ChartistsChartistAlbion Inn/Hotelinn/hotel25-May-1839OldhamHO 40/37/430
annual visit of John Fielden MP to his constituentselectionAlbion Inn/Hotelinn/hotel03-Jan-1840OldhamD-BUT F/67
openingsocialistSocialist meeting room, Albion Inn Yardradical/Chartist room27/10/1841OldhamD-BUT/F/75
10 hourstrade unionSocialist meeting room, Albion Inn Yardradical/Chartist room03/11/1841WednesdayOldhamD-BUT/F/75
address to HMloyalAngel Inninn/hotel06/02/1793OldhamRowbottom diaries
publican signed loyalist declarationloyalAngel Inninn/hotel01/01/1793OldhamShaw, p. 172
Orange dinnerOrangeAngel Inninn/hotel12/07/1830OldhamD-BUT/F/1
Whig candidate for electionelectionAngel Inninn/hotel28/12/1834SundayOldhamD-BUT F/24
proclamation of Queen VictoriapatrioticAngel Inninn/hotel23/06/1837FridayOldhamD-BUT/F/4
meeting to organise coronation celebrationpatrioticmagistrates rooms, Angel Inninn/hotel25/04/1838WednesdayOldhamD-BUT F/55
principal dinner for coronationpatrioticAngel Inninn/hotel26/06/1838ThursdayOldhamD-BUT F/56
meeting of friends of the peopleradicala large room', Bentprivate house07-Jun-1819OldhamRowbottom diaries
king's birthday - firing of volleypatrioticCurzon Streetopen space21-Aug-1830SaturdayOldhamD-BUT F/2
Coronation processionpatrioticCurzon Ground, Lord St, behind Albion innopen space08-Sep-1831OldhamD-BUT/F/4
reform meetingreformCurzon Ground, Lord St, behind Albion innopen space13-Oct-1831OldhamButterworth, Historical sketches, p. 198
Cobbett hustingselectionCurzon Ground, Lord St, behind Albion innopen space15-Jul-1832Oldham15000Weaver, Fielden, p.60
election hustingselectionCurzon Ground, Lord St, behind Albion innopen space15-Sep-1832OldhamWeaver, Fielden, p.60
radical reform meetingradicalCurzon Ground, Lord St, behind Albion innopen space22-Jun-1833SaturdayOldhamMG 29 June 1833
Society for promotion of national regenerationsocialistCurzon Ground, Lord St, behind Albion innopen space25/12/1833OldhamWeaver, Fielden, p.81
anti-NPL trade delegate meetingANPLCurzon Ground, Lord St, behind Albion innopen space27-Mar-1837MondayOldhamD-BUT/F/44
election meeting to return John FieldenelectionCurzon Ground, Lord St, behind Albion innopen space03-Jul-1837OldhamD-BUT/F/47
anti-poor law boycott of Coronation celebration meetingANPLCurzon Ground, Lord St, behind Albion innopen space28-Jun-1838ThursdayOldhamD-BUT F/56
ChartistsChartistCurzon Ground, Lord St, behind Albion innopen space25-May-1839SaturdayOldhamMG 29 May 1839; D-BUT F/64
ChartistsChartistCurzon Ground, Lord St, behind Albion innopen space13-Jul-1839SaturdayOldhamHO 40/37/606
plug rioters meetingtrade unionCurzon Ground, Lord St, behind Albion innopen space08/08/1842MondayOldham10000Butterworth diaries
plug rioters meetingtrade unionCurzon Ground, Lord St, behind Albion innopen space09/08/1842TuesdayOldham8000Butterworth diaries
plug rioters assembledtrade unionCurzon Ground, Lord St, behind Albion innopen space10/08/1842WednesdayOldhamButterworth diaries
plug rioters meetingtrade unionCurzon Ground, Lord St, behind Albion innopen space12/08/1842FridayOldhamButterworth diaries
plug rioters meetingtrade unionCurzon Ground, Lord St, behind Albion innopen space13/08/1842SaturdayOldhamButterworth diaries
miners striketrade unionCurzon Ground, Lord St, behind Albion innopen space01/12/1844OldhamMG 18 Dec 1844
subscription for FrostChartistSocial Institution, Lord Stradical/Chartist room06-Nov-1839WednesdayOldhamNS 9 Nov 1839
public meeting to petition parl for release of HuntradicalHigher Union Room, West Stradical/Chartist room19-Feb-1822TuesdayOldhamHO 42/????
public meeting for parl reformradicalUnion Room /schoolroomradical/Chartist room21-Sep-1829MondayOldhamSheff Indep 19 Sep 1829; Standard 17 Sep 1829
attempt to meet to support HuntradicalUnion Room, West Stradical/Chartist room31-Jul-1830SaturdayOldhamD-BUT F/2
anniversary of PeterlooradicalUnion Sunday School room, west Stradical/Chartist room16-Aug-1830OldhamD-BUT/F/1
anniversary of PeterlooradicalUnion Room, opposite Bent Greenradical/Chartist room16-Aug-1830OldhamManchester, 19 August 1820
reform, to aid HuntradicalUnion Room, west stradical/Chartist room01-Dec-1830SaturdayOldhamD-BUT/F/3, 16 Dec 1830
reformradicalUnion Room, west stradical/Chartist room01-Mar-1831MondayOldhamButterworth MS, 7 March 1831; Mcr times 12 March 31
PU meetingsradicalUnion Room, west stradical/Chartist room01-Dec-1831OldhamD-BUT/F/6
radical lecture on general fast dayradicalUnion Room, west stradical/Chartist room21-Mar-1832WednesdayOldhamMcr Times 24 March 1832
national union of tradestrade unionGrapes Inninn/hotel01/06/1830MondayOldhamD-BUT/F/2
meeting of spinners and roverstrade unionGrapes Inninn/hotel12/10/1830TuesdayOldhamD-BUT/F/3, 12 Oct 1830
Oldham political unionradicalGrapes Inninn/hotel14/11/1831MondayOldham350D-BUT F/4
operative spinners meetingtrade unionGrapes Inninn/hotel19/01/1837ThursdayOldhamD-BUT/F/41
reform tea and dinnerradicalGrapes Inninn/hotel17/08/1837ThursdayOldhamD-BUT F/50
radical dinner in celebration of John KnightradicalGrapes Inninn/hotel29/11/1837WednesdayOldhamD-BUT F/53
operative ultra-radicalsradicalGrapes Inninn/hotel23/08/1838ThursdayOldhamD-BUT F/57
Knight's funeral, committee of working men's associationradicalGrapes Inninn/hotel09/09/1838SundayOldhamD-BUT F/57
lectures on oratoryotherTerrace Buildingsown room11/12/1837MondayOldhamD-BUT F/53
public dinner Operative conservativesloyalAssembly room, Terrace buildings, Church Stassembly room05-Jan-1838FridayOldhamD-BUT F/54
debate between MNC and Owenites/SocialistssocialistAssembly Room, Terrace Buildingsassembly room19/02/1839TuesdayOldhamButterworth MS, Feb 1839
debate between MNC and Owenites/SocialistssocialistAssembly Room, Terrace Buildingsassembly room20/02/1839WednesdayOldhamD-BUT F/62
lecture on importance of Science by director of Miles Platting Mechanics InstitutionotherAssembly Room, Terrace Buildingsassembly room15/02/1839FridayOldhamD-BUT F/62
temperance lecturestemperanceAssembly Room, Terrace Buildingsassembly room29 April 1839OldhamButterworth MS, April 1839
special petit sessions to appoint special constableslocal governmentAssembly Room, Terrace Buildingsassembly room3 May 1839OldhamD-BUT F/64
NPL meetingANPLAssembly Room, Terrace Buildingsassembly room27/06/1839ThursdayOldham171D-BUT F/65
meeting on the rural policelocal governmentSessions Room, Terrace Buildingsassembly room2 Jan 1840ThursdayOldham300D-BUT F/67
Fielden lecture on Corn LawsACLASessions Room, Terrace Buildingsassembly room03/01/1840FridayOldhamD-BUT F/67
petition Queen to recall Welsh ChartistsChartistTerrace Market, Terrace Buildingsmarket20-Apr-1840MondayOldhamD-BUT F/68
lectures by CarlileradicalSocialists meeting room, Grosvenor Stradical/Chartist room26-Jan-1838FridayOldhamD_BUT F/54
lectures by CarlileradicalSocialists meeting room, Grosvenor Stradical/Chartist room27-Jan-1838SaturdayOldhamD_BUT F/54
lectures by CarlileradicalSocialists meeting room, Grosvenor Stradical/Chartist room30-Jan-1838TuesdayOldhamD_BUT F/54
operative ultra-radicalsradicalSocialists Institution, Grosvenor Stradical/Chartist room23 August 1838ThursdayOldhamD-BUT F/57
Owen's lecturessocialistSocialists Institution, Grosvenor Stradical/Chartist room13-Sept-1838OldhamD-BUT F/57
Owen's lecturessocialistSocialists Institution, Grosvenor Stradical/Chartist room14-Sept-1838OldhamD-BUT F/57
Owen's lecturessocialistSocialists Institution, Grosvenor Stradical/Chartist room15-Sept-1838OldhamD-BUT F/57
Chartist supporters of Stephens meetingChartistSocialists Institution, Grosvenor Stradical/Chartist room28 Feb 1839ThursdayOldhamD_BUT F/62 NS 9 March 1839
Socialist tea partysocialistSocialists Institution, Grosvenor Stradical/Chartist room01/04/1839MondayOldhamD-BUT F/63
Lloyd Jones lecturesocialistSocialists Institution, Grosvenor Stradical/Chartist room08/04/1839MondayOldhamD-BUT F/63
O'Connor lecturesocialistSocialists Institution, Grosvenor Stradical/Chartist room06/11/1839WednesdayOldhamD-BUT F/67
socialists' tea partysocialistSocialists Institution, Grosvenor Stradical/Chartist room03/01/1840FridayOldham300D-BUT F/67
Chartist meeting for memorial to Queen on FrostChartistSocialists Institution, Grosvenor Stradical/Chartist room21 Jan 1840TuesdayOldhamD-BUT F/68
socialist tea partysocialistSocialists Institution, Grosvenor Stradical/Chartist room20/04/1840MondayOldhamD-BUT F/68
anti-slaveryabolitionFree Grammar Schoolschoolroom01-Sep-1830WednesdayOldhamD-BUT/F/3, 28 Sep 1830
reformreformFree Grammar Schoolschoolroom01-Feb-1831WednesdayOldhamButterworth MS
reformreformFree Grammar Schoolschoolroom14 March 1831MondayOldhamD_BUT F/3
reform billreformFree Grammar Schoolschoolroom21-Sep-1831WednesdayOldhamButterworth MS
Conservative address meetingloyalFree Grammar Schoolschoolroom14 Jan 1835WednesdayOldhamD-BUT F/25
reformreformnew School room of the Independent Methodistsschoolroom31 Jan 1831MondayOldham400D_BUT F/3
Temperance Societytemperanceupper room, Independent Methodist Sunday Schoolschoolroom2 Jan 1837MondayOldhamD-BUT/F/40
temperance tea partytemperanceIndependent Methodist schoolschoolroom28 Aug 1837MondayOldham550D-BUT F/50
Radical Reform Association public meetingradicallower room of Independent Methodist Sunday Schoolschoolroom12 March 1838MondayOldhamD_BUT F/54
10 hourstrade unionIndependent Methodist schoolschoolroom02/05/1838WednesdayOldhamD_BUT F/55
10 hourstrade unionIndependent Methodist schoolschoolroom07/05/1838MondayOldhamD-BUT F/55
tea meeting for relieving sick and distressed poorcharityIndependent Methodist schoolschoolroom01/09/1839MondayOldhamNS 7 Sep 1839
temperance soc Christmas festivaltemperanceIndependent Methodist schoolschoolroom3 Jan 1840FridayOldhamD-BUT F/67
temperance teatemperanceIndependent Methodist schoolschoolroom20 April 1840MondayOldhamD-BUT F/68
reform billreformTommy Field, back of White Horse Innfield31 Oct 1831ThursdayOldham33000D-BUT/F/4
ChartistsChartistTommy Field, back of White Horse Innfield1 May 1848TuesdayOldhamMcr Times 3 June 1848
Sadler's 10 hours billtrade unionProvidence Indep Chapelchapel23/01/1832MondayOldhamD-BUT/F/6
10 hourstrade unionMNC chapel, Union Stchapel11/11/1836FridayOldhamD-BUT/F/39
meeting on temperancetemperanceMNC chapel, Union Stchapel28 Aug 1837MondayOldhamD-BUT F/50
election meeting of inhabs of Waterhead MillelectionGeorge and Dragon Inn, Waterhead millpub30 Jan 1837MondayOldhamD-BUT/F/41
ACLLACLAGeorge and Dragon Inn, Waterhead millpub27/02/1840OldhamD-BUT F/68
NPL meetingANPLPrimitive Meth Chapel10 Feb 1837FridayOldhamD-BUT/F/42
working classes on Glasgow spinnerstrade unionchapel on Grosvenor St, lately occupied by Prim Methschapel02/11/1837ThursdayOldhamD-BUT F/52
NPL petition for repealANPLchapel on Grosvenor St, lately occupied by Prim Meths25 Dec 1837MondayOldhamD-BUT F/53
Owenite lecturessocialistchapel on Grosvenor St, lately occupied by Prim Methschapel01/01/1838MondayOldhamD-BUT F/54
Owenite lecturessocialistchapel on Grosvenor St, lately occupied by Prim Methschapel02/01/1838TuesdayOldhamD-BUT F/54
Owenite lecturessocialistchapel on Grosvenor St, lately occupied by Prim Methschapel03/01/1838WednesdayOldhamD-BUT F/54
anti-NPLANPLYorkshire St, in open air21 June 1837WednesdayOldhamD-BUT/F/46
chartist council meetingChartistGreaves Street Association Room15 Nov 1840SundayOldhamNS 21 Nov 1840
petition and repealChartistChartists' room, Greaves St15 Nov 1841MondayOldhamD-BUT/F/75
celebration of birth of P of Wales and praying for release of Welsh ChartistsChartistChartists' room, Greaves St9 Dec 1841ThursdayOldhamD-BUT/F/76
wright of stockport addressChartistChartists' room, Greaves St18 Dec 1841SundayOldhamNS 24 dec 1841
William Bell addressChartistChartists' room, Greaves St24 Sep 1843SundayOldhamNS 30 Sep 1843
Chartist lectures after camp meetingChartistChartists' room, Greaves St11 Aug 1844SundayOldhamNS 3 Aug 1844
teetotal festivalotherBulls Head, Greenacres moorpub25/12/1841OldhamD-BUT/F/77
Mechanics FS anniversaryotherApollo Tavern25/12/1834Oldham100D-BUT F/24
TP Thompson lectureChartistTown Hall, large room10 Jan 1842MondayOldham1000D-BUT/F/78
Bairstow lecture on ChartismChartistTown Hall, large room14 Jan 1842FridayOldham1000D-BUT/F/78
public meeting to discuss distresslocal governmentTown Hall, large room11 July 1842MondayOldhamD-BUT/F/80; MR times 16 July 1842
lecture of James Leach ChartistChartistTown Hall, large room31 Oct 1842MondayOldhamButterworth MS
police meetinglocal governmentTown Hall4 Jan 1843OldhamPCO 1/2
meeting of shopkeepers on distress of w/cslocal governmentBraddocks Room, Terrace Buildings12 Aug 1842FridayOldham
police commissioners' meetinglocal governmentSchoolroom in School Croft (grammar school?)18 June 1834Oldham250PCO 1/1/
police commissioners' general meetinglocal governmentSchoolroom in Domingo St7 March 1827OldhamPCO 1/1/
meeting against the corporations billlocal governmentWesleyan school, St Domingo St12 Feb 1834WednesdayOldham100Preston Chronicle 22 Feb 1834
special general meeting of policelocal governmentTown's Office14 May 1834OldhamPCO 1/1/
meeting on intended Town halllocal governmentTown's Office20 Feb 1839WednesdayOldhamD-BUT F/62
lodge of free gardenerslodgeDuke of York tavern, West St31 July 1830SaturdayOldhamD-BUT F/2
O'Connor met by crowdsChartistDuke of York06 Nov 1839WednesdayOldhamNS 9 Nov 1839
memorial to queen to pardon Welsh ChartistsChartistPolitical Association Room, Duke of York, West St10 Feb 1840MondayOldhamNS 15 Feb 1840
Hunt addressed a crowd in the marketplaceradicalhouse of Mr Brierley, market place31 Dec 1830FridayOldhamD-BUT F/3
coronation processionpatrioticLord St28 June 1838ThursdayOldhamD-BUT F/56
Operative Conservatives dinnerloyalRope and Anchor, Market Place01 Jan 1836FridayOldhamMcr Times 2 Jan 1836
Operative conservatives dinner for coronationloyalRope and Anchor, Market Place28 June 1838ThursdayOldham60D-BUT F/56
coronation dinner for hatterspatrioticHat and Feathers28 June 1838ThursdayOldhamD-BUT F/56
Oldham Gentleman's Glee Club annual concertlodgeKing's Arms, Yorkshire St25 April 1838WednesdayOldhamD-BUT F/55
Lodge of Modern DruidslodgeWoodman Inn, Lord St06 April 1839SaturdayOldhamD-BUT F/63
radical meetingreformMarshalls millsworkplace21-Jan-1841LeedsMG 23 Jan 1841
anti-O in CcommercialCloth Hall, committee roomexchange03/03/1812LeedsLeeds Mercury, 7 March 1812
peaceradicalCloth Hallexchange01-Jan-1801LeedsLM 30 Jan 1808
peaceradicalmixed cloth hallexchange19-Jan-1808LeedsSheffield Iris, 5 Jan 1808, 26 Jan 1808
election nominationselectionMixed cloth hall yardexchange06-Dec-1832LeedsLM 11 Dec 1832
Chartist assemblyChartistSt. Peter's Hill, Park Laneopen space15-Aug-1839LeedsLM 17 Aug 1839
public meeting on how to relieve distresslocal governmentcoloured cloth hallexchange16-Jan-1817LeedsLM 18 Jan 1817
loyal address to PR on his escapeloyalcoloured cloth hallexchange27-Feb-1817LeedsLM 1 March 1817
reform meetingreformcoloured cloth hallexchange14-May-1832LeedsHalifax and Huddersfield Express, 19 may 1832; LM 19 May 1832
celebration of reform act dinnerreformcoloured cloth hallexchange15-Jun-1832LeedsMorn Chronc 18 Juen 1832
anniversary of SS unioncharitycoloured cloth hallexchange08/06/1840LeedsLM 13 June 1840
address of congrats to Queen Carolineradicalcoloured cloth hall yardexchange04-Dec-1820LeedsYork Herald, 9 dec 1820
anniversary of SS unioncharitycoloured cloth hall yardexchange27/05/1822LeedsLM 1 June 1822
workmen meeting to consider thanks to Mr Hume on repeal of Combination Actstrade unioncoloured cloth hallexchange08-Aug-1825LeedsLM 13 Aug 1825
pro versus anti-Catholic emancipation meeting to draw up addressesreligiousinternal square of Coloured Cloth Hallexchange10-Dec-1828LeedsMorning Post 6 Dec 1828
antislavery meetingabolitioncoloured cloth hall yardexchange25-Sep-1830LeedsYork Courant 28 Sep 1830
sadler's factory bill10 hoursCloth Hall, yardexchange16-Jan-1832LeedsPMG, 21 Jan 1832
reform meetingreformcoloured cloth hall yardexchange19-Apr-1832LeedsAnnals of Leeds, 385
choleralocal governmentCloth Hall, yardexchange12-May-1832LeedsCholera 1832, p. 125
Leeds Association for reform; withhold suppliesradicalCloth hall yardexchange14-May-1832LeedsAnnals of Leeds, p.386
Whig election addresseselectionCloth hall yardexchange15-Feb-1834LeedsSheff Indep, 15 Feb 1834
great meeting on the Corn lawsACLACloth hall yardexchange15-Jan-1839LeedsYork Herald 19 Jan 1839
volunteer celebration of Howe's victorypatrioticWhite Cloth Hall yardexchange13-Jun-1794LeedsLI 16 June 1794
volunteers paradepatrioticWhite Cloth Hall yardexchange29-Aug-1794LeedsLI 1 Sep 1794
10 hours WR meeting10 hoursWhite Cloth Hall yardexchange01-May-1832LeedsHO 52/20
oddfellows grand processionotherWhite Cloth Hall yardexchange10-Jul-1844LeedsLM 13 July 1844
anti-EIC monopolycommercialRotation Officemagistrates office03/02/1812LeedsWWM F 65/63
anti-EIC monopolycommercialRotation Officemagistrates office24/04/1812LeedsLeeds Mercury, 4 April 1812
great Northern UnionradicalUnion Rooms, Richmond hillown room17 -Dec-1821LeedsRepublican, April 1822
great Northern UnionradicalUnion Rooms, Richmond hillown room18-Jun-1822LeedsRepublican, April 1822
great Northern UnionradicalUnion Rooms, Richmond hillown room19-Jun-1822LeedsRepublican, April 1822
great Northern UnionradicalUnion Rooms, Richmond hillown room20-Jun-1822LeedsRepublican, April 1822
great Northern UnionradicalUnion Rooms, Richmond hillown room21-Jun-1822LeedsRepublican, April 1822
great Northern UnionradicalUnion Rooms, Richmond hillown room25-Jun-1822LeedsRepublican, April 1822, vol 6
great Northern UnionradicalUnion Rooms, Richmond hillown room11-Sep-1822LeedsMG 22 Sep 1822
striking colliers' meetingtrade unionRichmond Hillfield17-Jun-1844LeedsAnnals of Leeds, 503
meeting of Radical ReformersradicalUnion Innpub8-Feb-1830LeedsLM 13 Feb 1830
meeting on factory bill/10 hours10 hoursUnion Inn, Briggate, great roompub10-Dec-1831LeedsSTN 272/Annals and History of Leeds, 383
10 hours10 hoursUnion Innpub28-April-1832LeedsLM 5 May 1832
10 hours10 hoursUnion Inn, Briggatepub01-May-1832LeedsHO 52/20
children protest against factory commissioners10 hoursUnion Inn, HQ of STCpub16 -May-1833LeedsKydd, history of factory movement, 44
Leeds Northern Union, preparation for Peep GreenChartistUnion Roomown room13-May-1839Leeds
on corn lawsACLACourt Housecourt house01-May-1814Leeds
against property taxcommercialCourt Housecourt house01/02/1816Leeds
meeting to organise soup shoplocal governmentCourt Housecourt house23-Oct-1816Leeds
thanks to LascelleselectionCourt Housecourt house15-Jun-1818Leeds
proclamation of George IVpatrioticCourt Housecourt house05-Feb-1820Leeds
anti EIC monopolycommercialCourt Housecourt house17/06/1820Leeds
pro-emancipation meetingreligiousCourt Housecourt house03-Dec-1828Leeds
meeting on French RevradicalCourt Housecourt house26-Sep-1830Leeds
reform meetingreformCourt Housecourt house03-Mar-1831Leeds
friends of anti-slavery causeabolitionCourt Housecourt house02-Nov-1837Leeds
millowners against 10 hours clause in Astley's actcommercialCourt Housecourt house21/03/1844Leeds
unemployed croppers' meetingtrade unionPark Row, opposite Court Housestreet19-Apr-1819Leeds
loyalist meetingloyalMoot Hallexchange17-Dec-1792Leeds
loyalist meeting to congrat HM on escapeloyalMoot Hallexchange21-Nov-1795Leeds
Paine hanging/burningloyalMarket Crossmarket17-Dec-1792Leeds
Radical Reform meetingradicallarge room opposite the Free Market Tavernown room14-Sep-1829Leeds
Leeds Radical Reform meeting on electionradicalFree Marketmarket07-Sep-1832Leeds
children protest against factory commissioners10 hoursFree Marketmarket16-May-1833Leeds
address to French RevolutionradicalFree Marketmarket08-Mar-1848Leeds
ChartistsChartistFree Marketmarket01-Apr-1848Leeds
colliers on striketrade unionVicar's Croft/Kirkgate or free marketmarket23-Apr-1844Leeds
ChartistsChartistVicar's Croftmarket27-May-1848Leeds
female radical associationChartistNorthern Union Roomown room01-Oct-1839LeedsNS 5 Oct 1839
king's birthday dinnerpatrioticOld King's Armspub04-Jun-1795LeedsLI 8 June 1795
dinner of troopsmilitaryConcert Roomtheatre29/08/1794LeedsLI 1 Sep 1794
radical meetingsradicalhouse in Rayson's Yard, late Manns'house01-Feb-1820LeedsWYL 250/6/2/box 2
meet Mr HuntradicalBeckett's Armspub08-Nov-1831LeedsHHE 12 Nov 1831
freedom of speechradicallarge room opposite the Spread Eaglehouse18-Mar-1822LeedsRepublican, May 1822
10 hours10 hoursCastle Yardopen space25-Apr-1832LeedsHull Packet 1 may 1832
public dinner to Morpeth and BroughamelectionCommercial buildingsexchange01-Oct-1830LeedsYork Courant, 5 Oct 1830
election nomination breakfast for WhigselectionCommercial buildingsexchange06-Dec-1832LeedsLM 11 Dec 1832
Whig election celebration dinnerelectionCommercial buildingsexchange21-Dec-1832LeedsLM 22 Dec 1822
Whig election addresseselectionopposite Commercial buildingsopen space06-Dec-1832LeedsLM 11 Dec 1832
Baines and Whig election breakfastelectionlarge room, Commercial Buildingsexchange15-Feb-1834LeedsSheff Indep, 15 Feb 1834
election nomination breakfast for TorieselectionCrossland's Hotelinn/hotel06-Dec-1832LeedsLM 11 Dec 1832
on patent lawscommercialCrossland's Hotelinn/hotel13/04/1833LeedsLondon Journal for arts and sciences 237
children protest against factory commissioners10 hoursScarborough's Hotelinn/hotel12-May-1833LeedsMorn Chron 20 May 1833
children protest against factory commissioners10 hoursScarborough's Hotelinn/hotel16-May-1833LeedsMorn Chron 20 May 1833
Leeds Trademan's Conservative Association address to the Queen on canadaloyalWalton's Music Saloonmusic hall22-Jan-1838LeedsBO 25 Jan 1838
General AGM of Leeds and WR Banking CocommercialWalton's Music Saloonmusic hall02/02/1838LeedsBO 8 Feb 1838
socialist lecturessocialistWalton's Music Saloonmusic hall20/05/1838LeedsNS 26 May 1838
lectures on deaf and dumb institutionseducationWalton's Music Saloonmusic hall10-Jun-1838LeedsNS 16 June 1838
lecture on socialismsocialistWalton's Music Saloonmusic hall24/06/1838LeedsNS 16 June 1838
preparation meeting for Peep Green meetingChartistWalton's Music Saloonmusic hall08-Oct-1838LeedsLM 20 Oct 1838
discussion on human responsibility between Rev Thos Powell and lloyd JonesreligiousWalton's Music Saloonmusic hall07-Nov-1838LeedsPreston Chronicle 17 Nov 1838
annual conference of Owenite socialistssocialistWalton's Music Saloonmusic hall01/05/1840LeedsRoberts, Social Conscience of early Victorians, 218.
dinner to the 'liberated patriots'ChartistMusic Saloonmusic hall07-Sep-1840LeedsLM 12 Sep 1840
dinner for proclamation of George IVpatrioticGreave's Hotelinn/hotel05-Feb-1820LeedsLM 12 Feb 1820
Queen's birthday dinnerpatrioticWhite Horse Hotelinn/hotel23-May-1839LeedsLM 25 May 1839
luncheon for Queen's Wedding daypatrioticWhite Horse Hotelinn/hotel10-Feb-1840LeedsLM 15 Feb 1840
breakfast for committee of Leeds Religious TractsocietyreligiousWhite Horse Hotelinn/hotel13-Nov-1843LeedsLM 18 Nov 1843
first monthly meeting of Leeds Northern UnionChartistlarge room near St. James Churchown room01-Feb-1839LeedsNS 23 Feb 1839
weekly meeting of Leeds NUChartistown room near St. James Churchown room12-Mar-1839LeedsNS 16 March 1839
lectures on deaf and dumb institutionseducationWalton's Music Saloonmusic hall12-Jun-1838Leeds
Northern Union, in their roomradicalTemperance Coffee housecoffee house23-Jun-1838LeedsPeople's Journal, vol 2
Leeds Redemption SocietyradicalTemperance Coffee housecoffee house06-Jul-1846LeedsNS 18 May 1839
meeting of West End NUChartistAngel Innpub01-Feb-1839LeedsNS 23 Feb 1839
East End NUChartistFox Inn, Bankpub05-Mar-1839LeedsNS 9 march 1839
West End NUChartistGeneral Washingtonpub12-Mar-1839LeedsNS 16 March 1839
10 hours10 hoursCoach and Horsespub01-Apr-1832LeedsHo 52/20
Cobbett's lectureradicaltheatretheatre23-Jan-1830LeedsLM 30 Jan 1830
Cobbett's lectureradicaltheatretheatre25-Jan-1830LeedsLM 30 Jan 1830
Cobbett's lectureradicaltheatretheatre26-Jan-1830LeedsLM 30 Jan 1830
mans petition for tax on powerloomscommerciallarge room, New Top Millworkplace15/02/1830LeedsLM 20 Feb 1830
second annual meeting of Leeds Church Missionary Associationreligiousmusic hallmusic hall18-Sep-1815LeedsLM 23 Sep 1815
opening of North Midland railway, dinnerothermusic hallmusic hall30-Jun-1840LeedsLM 4 July 1840
ACLL great meetingACLAmusic hallmusic hall20-Mar-1844LeedsAnnals of Leeds 503
public meeting in favour of 10 hours10 hoursmusic hallmusic hall08-Apr-1844LeedsAnnals of Leeds 503
military review on HM's birthdaymilitaryWoodhouse Moormoor04-Jun-1812LeedsLM 6 June 1812
military review on HM's birthdaymilitaryWoodhouse Moormoor23-May-1839LeedsLM 25 May 1839
ChartistsChartistWoodhouse Moormoor24-Apr-1848LeedsMFQ 1/440/879
reformreformWoodhouse Moormoor08-Nov-1831LeedsHO 52/15/528; HHE 12 Nov 1831
inspection of troopsmilitaryChapeltown Moormoor24-Jun-1794LeedsLI 30 June 1794
volunteers receive coloursmilitaryChapeltown Moormoor29-Aug-1794LeedsLI 1 Sep 1794
military festival of the WRmilitaryChapeltown Moormoor26-May-1795LeedsLI 1 June 1795; diary of Elizabeth Wadsworth; Hull Advertiser 5 June 1795
military festival of the WRmilitaryChapeltown Moormoor27-May-1795Leeds
military festival of the WRmilitaryChapeltown Moormoor28-May-1795Leeds
military festival of the WRmilitaryChapeltown Moormoor29-May-1795Leeds
meeting of unemployedotherHunslet Moormoor01-Jun-1819LeedsNS 12 June 1819
radical meetingradicalHunslet Moormoor14-Jun-1819Leedsthe Times, 18 June 1819; Leeds Independent, 17 June 1819
radical meetingradicalHunslet Moormoor21-Jun-1819LeedsBelchem, radical platform, 17; Leeds Mercury 26 June
radical meetingradicalHunslet Moormoor19-Jul-1819LeedsBelchem, Black Dwarf 28 July; Morning Chronicle 22 July 1819
radical meetingradicalHunslet Moormoor19-Aug-1819Leedspapers relative to the state of the country, 39
radical meetingradicalHunslet Moormoor24-Aug-1819LeedsLM, 28 Aug 1819; papers relative to the state, 39
reform meetingradicalHunslet Moormoor20-Sep-1819LeedsHO 33/2/109; papers relative to the state, 45
public meeting of the Friends of Civil LibertyradicalHunslet Moormoor09-Dec-1819LeedsWYL 250/6/2/box 2
operatives on address to king on Dorchester labourerstrade unionHunslet Moormoor14-Apr-1834LeedsBO 17 April 1834
Trades' Uniontrade unionHunslet Moormoor16-Jun-1834LeedsMG 21 June 1834
Trades' Uniontrade unionHunslet Moormoor18-Jun-1834LeedsMG 21 June 1834
Great Northern UnionChartistHunslet Moormoor05-Jun-1838LeedsEpstein, Lion of Freedom, 104
meeting of unemployed poortrade unionHunslet Moormoor16-Dec-1839LeedsLM 21 Dec 1839
plug rioters/colliers from areatrade unionHunslet Moormoor18-Aug-1842LeedsNS 20 Aug 1842
ChartistsChartistHolbeck Moormoor22-Jan-1841LeedsHO 45/264/184
plug rioterstrade unionHolbeck Moormoor18-Aug-1842LeedsWYL 250/6/2/box 2
Owen lecturesocialistHall of Scienceinstitution17/09/1839LeedsNS 21 Sep 1839
ACLAACLACourt Housecourt house16-Nov-1839LeedsNS 23 Nov 1839
NE Ward radical dinnerradicalSir John Falstaff innpub20-Nov-1839LeedsNS 23 Nov 1839
South Ward meeting on Corn LawsACLAwarehouse of Messrs Coldbeck and Coworkplace18-Dec-1839LeedsNS 21 Dec 1839
meeting on repeal of Corn LawsACLACourt Housecourt house31/12/1839LeedsNS 28 Dec 1839
meeting for relief of unemployed labouring classescharityCourt Housecourt house26/12/1839LeedsNS 28 Dec 1839
lecture of McCaulaysocialistHall of Scienceinstitution26/09/1839LeedsNS 28 Sep 1839
Leeds Democratic AssociationChartistLondon Tavernpub18-Jun-1839LeedsNS 22 June 1839
public meeting to consider electing delegate to ConventionChartistRichmond Hillfield17-Jun-1839LeedsNS 22 June 1839
South End Northern UnionChartisthouse of John Sawdenpub18-Jun-1839LeedsNS 22 June 1839
meeting to lower price of foodotherWoodhouse Moormoor15-Jul-1829LeedsSheff Indep 29 July 1829
retrenchment and reform meetingreformCloth Hall Yardexchange18-Mar-1830LeedsSheff Indep 20 March 1830
anti-slavery society petition the kingabolitioncoloured cloth hallexchange22-Sep-1830LeedsSheff Indep 25 Sep 1830
reform meeting to address king to create new peersreformCourt Housecourt house19-Apr-1832LeedsSheff Indep 21 April 1832
Chartist meetingChartistVicar's Croftmarket29-Mar-1848LeedsHarrison diary
Chartist meetingChartistBazaarcommercial12-Apr-1848LeedsHarrison diary
chartist meetingChartistVicar's Croftmarket04-Apr-1848LeedsHarrison diary
Chartist meetingChartistVicar's Croftmarket09-Apr-1848LeedsHarrison diary
Chartist meetingChartistBazaarshop08-Mar-1848LeedsHarrison diary
Chartist meetingChartistVicar's Croftmarket29-Mar-1848LeedsHarrison diary
Leeds conservative festivalelectionvacant ground fronting Park Row and South Paradeopen space01-Apr-1838LeedsHull Packet 23 March 1838
Chartist camp meetingChartistRichmond Hillfield21-Jul-1844LeedsNS 27 July 1844
Chartist lecturesChartistBazaarcommercial04-Aug-1844LeedsNS 3 Aug 1844
Chartist meetingChartistVicar's Croftmarket12-May-1844LeedsNS 18 May 1844
colliers' meetingtrade unionVicar's Croftmarket23-May-1844LeedsLM 25 May 1844
Chartist camp meetingChartistVicar's Croftmarket08-Jun-1845LeedsNS 7 June 1845
Chartist meetingChartistRichmond Hillopen space02-Jan-1846LeedsNS 8 Jan 1846
dinner for prince regent's birthdaypatrioticAssembly Roomsassembly room12-Aug-1812LeedsLM 15 Aug 1812
grand field day for prince regent's birthdaypatrioticWoodhouse Moormoor12-Aug-1812LeedsLM 15 Aug 1812
formation of volunteer corpspatrioticRotation Officemagistrates office17/04/1794LeedsLM 10 May 1794
volunteers muster for king's birthdaypatrioticWhite Cloth Hall yardexchange04-Jun-1794LeedsLM 7 June 1794
Chartist lectureChartistAssociation Roomown room06-Mar-1842LeedsNS 5 March 1842
Chartist lectureChartistAssociation Room, Holbeckown room06-Mar-1842LeedsNS 5 March 1842
radical meetingradicalUnion Roomown room10-Apr-1820LeedsMorn Chron 15 April 1820
radical reformers meeting to petition parl for release of HuntradicalUnion Roomown room18-Feb-1822LeedsLM 23 Feb 1822
meeting of radical political unionradicalUnion Roomown room29-Jan-1832LeedsPMG 4 Feb 1832
Pitt club anniversary dinnerloyalConcert Roomtheatre28/05/1819LeedsYorks Gazette 5 June 1819
Mr Stapylton's visitelectionWhite Horseinn/hotel16-Jul-1830LeedsYorks Gazette 24 July 1830
formation of great Northern UnionradicalUnion Rooms, Richmond Hillown room11-Sep-1821TuesdayLeeds400LM 15 Sep 1821
meeting to petition parl for amendment to Corn LawsACLACourt Housecourt house11/11/1826SaturdayLeedsHull Packet 21 Nov 1826
visit of Lord Milton to his electorselectioncoloured cloth hallexchange10-Nov-1807TuesdayLeedsLM 14 Nov 1807
dinner for Hunt's birthdayradicalUnion Innpub06-Nov-1820TuesdayLeedsMO 17 Nov 1820
meeting to draw up loyal address to PRloyalCourt Housecourt house27-Feb-1817LeedsYork Herald, 8 March 1817
dinner to celebrate Hunt's releaseradicallarge room in Briggate30-Oct-1822WednesdayLeeds250LM 2 Nov 1822
bonfire to celebrate Hunt's releaseradicalRichmond Hillopen space29-Oct-1822TuesdayLeedsLM 2 Nov 1822
election breakfast for Sir John Beckettelectionmusic hallmusic hall28-Jan-1834TuesdayLeeds400Standard 30 Jan 1834
Conservative dinner for electionelectionmusic hallmusic hall22-Jun-1841TuesdayLeedsNS 26 June 1841
West End NUChartistspacious room in General Washingtonpub09/04/1839TuesdayLeedsNS 13 April 1839
dinner for McDouall, Collins and WhiteChartistHall of Scienceinstitution07/09/1840MondayLeedsNS 12 Sep 1840
meeting to memorialise Queen to release Welsh ChartistsChartistSt. Peter's Hillopen space10/02/1840MondayLeedsNS 15 Feb 1840
Chartist party on electionChartistroom in Fish marketmarket22/06/1841TuesdayLeedsNS 26 June 1841
election hustingselectionColoured Cloth hall yardexchange21/06/1841TuesdayLeedsNS 26 June 1841
Whigs election dinnerelectionlarge room, Commercial Buildingsexchange22-Jun-1841TuesdayLeedsNS 26 June 1841
Chartist lecturesChartistassociation room in fish shamblesmarket24/10/1839LeedsNS 26 Oct 1839
meeting of unemployed operativestrade unionFree Marketmarket26-May-1842ThursdayLeedsBO 2 June 1842
regular meeting of Radical AssociationChartistWhite Horsepub14/04/1840LeedsNS 18 April 1840
meeting on Irish poor laws and tithesANPLCourt Housecourt house06/01/1832LeedsLM 28 Jan 1832
abolition of WI slaveryabolitionQueen Street Chapelchapel22/05/1832WednesdayLeedsLM 26 May 1832
Conservative meeting against reform billloyaloffice of Leeds Intelligencerworkplace14/04/1831LeedsAnnals of York 373
corporation meeting to petition commons against reform billloyalCourt Housecourt house15/04/1831LeedsAnnals of York, 373
Whig election breakfastelectionCommercial buildingsexchange26/04/1831TuesdayLeeds165LM 30 April 1831
whig election hustingselectionColoured Cloth hall yardexchange26/04/1831TuesdayLeedsLM 30 April 1831
Chartist lecture PM Brophy on IrelandChartistChartist room, Fish Shamblesmarket25/03/1842SundayLeedsNS 2 April 1842
Chartist tea partyChartistChartist room, Fish Shamblesmarket27/03/1842TuesdayLeedsNS 2 April 1842
Conservative dinner for Peelelectionmusic hallmusic hall11/11/1835WednesdayLeedsHull Packet 20 Nov 1835
public meeting of Leeds Operative Cons socelectionCorn Exchange Hotel, house of John Younginn/hotel25/11/1835WednesdayLeedsNS 28 Nov 1835
delegate meeting to plan for Peep GreenChartistTemperance Coffee housecoffee house25/05/1839SaturdayLeedsNS 18 May 1839
Chartist meeting to elect delegatesChartistmarket placemarket19/08/1842TuesdayWakefield2000NS 20 Aug 1842
Whig candidates hustingselectionmarket placemarket29/04/1831FridayWakefield13000LM 30 April 1831
loyal assoc meetingloyalMoot hallexchange10/12/1792WakefieldMM 18 Dec 1792
loyal meetingloyalMoot hallexchange19/12/1792MondayWakefieldLI 17 Dec 1792
peace/reformreformMoot hallexchange30/01/1801WakefieldWWM F/45/30
swearing in of armed constableslocal governmentMoot hallexchange04/12/1803MondayWakefield50Wakefield Star, 9 Dec 1803
ball for Queen's weddingpatrioticMusic saloonmusic hall10/02/1840MondayWakefieldLM 15 Feb 1840
colliers' meetingtrade unionMusic Saloonmusic hall18/08/1842MondayWakefieldNS 20 August 1842
reform petitionreformIngsopen space23/05/1832WednesdayWakefieldHalifax and H'field Express, 19 May 1832
food priceslocal governmentNew Church in Saint John Fieldchurch01/06/1795FridayWakefieldHO 42/35/28
radicals hold meetingsradicalCockpit Housesprivate house01/12/1819WakefieldWYL 250/6/2/box 2
meeting of clergy on T and C acts repeal [opposing]loyalWhite Hart Innpub15/02/1790MondayWakefieldDLONS/L1/2/1
10 hourstrade unionWhite Hart Innpub26/12/1833ThursdayWakefieldVWR 14 Dec 1833
dinner for Queen's weddingpatrioticWhite Hart Innpub10/02/1840MondayWakefieldLM 15 Feb 1840
Dissenters meeting on Brum riotsreligiousStrafford's Armspub01/09/1791ThursdayWakefieldDLONS/L1/2/1
Wakefield PU quarterly meetingreformUnion Room, Crown Courtcourt house12/12/1833MondayWakefieldVWR 14 Dec 1833
meeting to raise subscription for the poorlocal governmentCourt Housecourt house01/06/1812MondayWakefieldLM 6 June 1812
meeting to testify gratitude to late lord lieutenant for his services (i.e. fitzwilliam)reformCourt Housecourt house18/11/1819ThursdayWakefieldYorks Gazette 13 Nov 1819
loyal address to Queen CarolineradicalCourt Housecourt house03/07/1820MondayWakefieldLM 8 July 1820
abolition of slavery meetingabolitionCourt Housecourt house10/11/1830WednesdayWakefieldHargreaves, Slavery in Yorkshire, 58
reform meetingreformCourt Housecourt house09/02/1831WednesdayWakefieldTimes 19 Feb 1831
reform meetingreformCourt Housecourt house17/03/1831ThursdayWakefieldHHE 19 March 1831
reform meetingreformCourt Housecourt house02/05/1831MondayWakefieldHHE 30 April 1831
meeting on rejection of reform billreformCourt Housecourt house08/05/1832TuesdayWakefieldLM 12 April 1832
meeting to petition to withhold suppliesreformCourt Housecourt house11/05/1832FridayWakefieldLM 15 May 1832
Ashton and Bairstow lectureChartistCorn Marketmarket24/06/1839MondayWakefieldNS 29 June 1839
radical meeting to decide on whether to hold public meetingradicalElephant and Castlepub12/07/1819MondayWakefieldMorn Post 20 July 1819; Carlisle Patriot 21 July 1819
reform meeting - Johnson from Manchesterradicalbottom of Westgateopen space20/01/1817MondayWakefieldLM 25 Jan 1817
anti-NPLANPLButtsopen space01/05/1839SaturdayRochdaleNS 4 May 1839
on conduct of vicar about church ratelocal governmentButtsopen space25/07/1839ThursdayRochdaleNS 27 July 1839
memorial to queen to pardon Welsh ChartistsChartistButtsopen space10/02/1840MondayRochdaleNS 15 Feb 1840
quarterly meeting of working men's assocradicalSchool room, Watersideschoolroom10/08/1839TuesdayTodmordenHO 40/37/758
free tradeACLASchool room, Brights' millschoolroom01/07/1846RochdaleMcr Times 11 July 1846
radical lectureradicalAssociation Schoolroom, Lower Placeschoolroom13/01/1839RochdaleNS 19 Jan 1839
Friends of Reform - creation of Rochdale reform assocreformClock Face, Blackwater Stpub01/12/1834RochdaleBee, p.16.
Radical Electors AssociationradicalClock Face, Blackwater Stpub11/06/1840ThursdayRochdaleNS 6 June 1840
joiners' club based at the pubtrade unionClock Face, Blackwater Stpub01/12/1846RochdaleMcr Times 26 Dec 1846
loyal address to HMloyalFree Grammar Schoolschoolroom27/12/1792ThursdayRochdaleMM 8 Jan 1793
radical drillingradicalGuide post, near the parish churchopen space08/08/1819SundayRochdale200papers relating to the internal state, 17
election hustingselectionin front of Wellington Innopen space18/04/1837SaturdayRochdalePC 22 April 1837
Chartist meetingChartistground at back of Prim Meth chapel, Drake Stchapel09/08/1839FridayRochdaleCharter, 18 Aug 1839
Chartist meetingChartistSocial Institutionradical/Chartist room15/10/1839TuesdayRochdaleNS 19 Oct 1839
anniversary of radical society dinnerradicallarge room adjoining theatretheatre21/08/1838MondayRochdaleNS 25 Aug 1838
defence fund meeting on arrest of TaylorChartistTheatretheatre12/07/1839FridayRochdaleNS 13 July 1839
delegate meetingChartistRadical Association Roomsradical/Chartist room13/01/1839RochdaleNS 19 Jan 1839
Chartist lectureChartistAssociation Room, Yorkshire Streetradical/Chartist room06/02/1842SundayRochdaleNS 5 Feb 1842
Chartist lectureChartistAssociation Room, Yorkshire Streetradical/Chartist room06/02/1842SundayRochdaleNS 5 Feb 1842
democratic festival in celebration of HuntChartistAssociation Roomradical/Chartist room07/11/1842MondayRochdale300NS 12 Nov 1842
meetingChartistChartist room, Yorkshire Stradical/Chartist room02/04/1848SundayRochdaleNS 8 April 1848
elect committee for raising national testimonial to DuncombeChartistChartist Association Room, Mill St [Whitworth?]radical/Chartist room04/08/1844SundayRochdaleNS 3 Aug 1844
Chartist meeting on Welsh ChartistsChartistChartist Association Room, Mill St [Whitworth?]radical/Chartist room10/12/1839TuesdayRochdaleNS 14 Dec 1839
opening tea party and concertradicalPublic Hall, Baillie Stradical/Chartist room18/09/1844WednesdayRochdaleMcr Times 21 Sep 1844
anti-NPL meetingANPLPublic Hall, Baillie Stradical/Chartist room09/01/1845ThursdayRochdale2500Times 11 Jan 1845
public meeting of various trades to join general protective trades associationACLAPublic Hallradical/Chartist room15/04/1845TuesdayRochdalePreston Guardian 19 April 1845
meeting to raise money for suffering in QuebecotherPublic Hallradical/Chartist room15/08/1845ThursdayRochdaleMcr Times 16 Aug 1845
operative meeting petition for 10 hours10 hoursPublic Hallradical/Chartist room12/12/1845ThursdayRochdaleMcr Times 13 Dec 1845
formation of branch of National Trades Union associationtrade unionPublic Hallradical/Chartist room22/01/1847FridayRochdaleMcr times 29 Jan 1847
reform meeting on reducing national expenditurereformPublic Hallradical/Chartist room25/05/1848ThursdayRochdaleDaily News 27 May 1848
anti-slavery meetingabolitionPublic Hallradical/Chartist room10/11/1846TuesdayRochdaleMcr Times 13 Nov 1846
public meeting to abolish church ratesreligiousBaptist schoolroomschoolroom10/01/1837TuesdayRochdaleMcr Times 14 Jan 1837
large Chartist meeting against proclamationChartistHenry Squaresquare20/04/1839SaturdayAshton-u-LyneNS 11 April 1840
meeting before procession to mee McDouallChartistHenry Squaresquare22/08/1840SaturdayAshton-u-LyneNS 29 Aug 1840
turnouts meetingtrade unionHenry Squaresquare13/08/1843MondayAshton-u-LyneLiv Merc 18 Aug 1843
on Glasgow cotton spinnerstrade unionmeeting room, Charlestownradical/Chartist room02/02/1838FridayAshton-u-LyneNS 17 Feb 1838
usual weekly meeting, collection for National RentChartistmeeting room, Charlestownradical/Chartist room24/02/1839Ashton-u-LyneNS 9 March 1839
memorial to Queen to release Welsh ChartistsChartistLarge Meeting room, Charlestownradical/Chartist room10/02/1840MondayAshton-u-LyneNS 15 Feb 1840
delegate meetingChartistChartist room, Charlestownradical/Chartist room26/06/1842SundayAshton-u-LyneNS 18 June 1842
Stephens defence fundChartistGreat Room, Charlestownradical/Chartist room04/07/1839ThursdayAshton-u-LyneNS 13 July 1839
meetingChartistmeeting room, Charlestownradical/Chartist room12/08/1842FridayAshton-u-Lynetrial of Feargus O'Connor, p.13
meeting on Rev StephensChartistMr Stephens's chapel, Charlestownchapel26/02/1839TuesdayAshton-u-LyneNS 2 March 1839
meeting on Stephens' charges against McDouallChartistMr Stephens's chapel, Charlestownchapel25/06/1839TuesdayAshton-u-LyneMC 1 July 1839
juvenile association lectureChartistradical association roomradical/Chartist room06/07/1839SundayAshton-u-LyneNS 13 July 1839
usual Chartist meetingChartisttheir room, Catharine Stradical/Chartist room24/10/1841SundayAshton-u-LyneNS 30 Oct 1841
meeting place for radicals and where Stephens was before his arrestradicalBush pub, Stamford Streetpub01/12/1838Ashton-u-LyneBO 3 Jan 1839
loyal meeting and addressloyaltown halltown hall01/01/1793Ashton-u-LyneMM 8 Jan 1793
jubilee address readpatriotictown halltown hall25/10/1809Ashton-u-LyneJubilee jottings, 13
reformreformtown halltown hall09/03/1831WednesdayAshton-u-LyneMcr Times 12 March 1831; D-BUT 1/3/1
reformreformtown halltown hall22/04/1831FridayAshton-u-LyneD-BUT/F/4
spinners' striketrade uniontown square [market place?]market13/12/1830Ashton-u-LyneSteinberg, 219
weavers and spinners' striketrade unionmarket placemarket30/08/1818Ashton-u-LyneAspinall, 282; HO 42/180/32
meeting to boycott Coronation processionChartistmarket placemarket28/06/1838Ashton-u-LyneMSA 30 June 1838
ChartistChartistmarket placemarket23/12/1838SaturdayAshton-u-LyneLM 5 Jan 1839
Stephens sermonChartistmarket placemarket03/03/1839SundayAshton-u-LyneNS 9 March 1839
ChartistsChartistmarket placemarket20/04/1839SaturdayAshton-u-LyneHO 40/37/300
election meeting followed by riotelectionmarket placemarket01/07/1841ThursdayAshton-u-LynePL 27/11
plug strikestrade unionmarket placemarket07/08/1842SundayAshton-u-LyneMG 21 Sep 1842
plug strikestrade unionwaste ground behind Thacker's foundryopen space08/08/1842MondayAshton-u-Lyne
plug strikes meetingtrade unionwaste ground behind Thacker's foundryopen space14/08/1842SundayAshton-u-LyneTrial of Feargus O'Connor, p.14
tea party of memberseducationMechanics Instituteinstitution24/04/1848ThursdayAshton-u-LyneMG 26 April 1848
celebration of Hunt's birthdayradicalFlash Hall, Mr John Higson'shouse06/11/1820MondayAshton-u-LyneMO 18 Nov 1820
celebration of French RevreformAssembly Room, Commercial Innassembly room10/09/1830FridayAshton-u-LyneMcr Times 18 Sep 1830
election meetingelectionAssembly Room, Commercial Innassembly room01/05/1841SundayAshton-u-LyneL322:X62
birthday of Paineradicalhouse of John Higsonpub29/01/1821MondayAshton-u-LyneMO 3 Feb 1821
birthday of Paineradicalhouse of John Clayton, Charlestownpub29/01/1821MondayAshton-u-LyneMO 3 Feb 1821
radical meeting; rev harrison speakingradicalHurst14/06/1819MondayAshton-u-LyneMorn Post 22 June 1819
chartist camp meetingChartistHurst Green, AuLopen space19/04/1848SundayAshton-u-LyneNS 22 April 1848
reform meetingradicalSeven Stars, Hurstpub15/05/1818Ashton-u-LyneMO 9 May 1818
Jubilee dinner for 60 gentspatrioticGlobe Innpub25/10/1809Ashton-u-LyneAccount of celebration of the jubilee, 94
dinner after opening of marketlocal governmentGlobe Innpub04/07/1829SaturdayAshton-u-LyneMcr times 11 July 1829
dinner to celebrate Victoria accessionpatrioticGlobe Innpub24/06/1837SaturdayAshton-u-LyneMcr Times 1 July 1837
dinner for McDouallChartistCharlestown meeting roomradical/Chartist room22/08/1840SaturdayAshton-u-LyneNS 29 August 1840
procession to meet McDouallChartistSnipe Tavernpub22/08/1840SaturdayAshton-u-LyneNS 29 August 1840
anniversary birthday of HuntChartisthouse of Mr Walkerchapel12/11/1839TuesdayAshton-u-LyneNS 16 Nov 1839
general meetingradicalRadical Association, Fleet Stradical/Chartist room22/06/1839SundayAshton-u-LyneNS 29 June 1839
general meeting of juvenile radical associationradicalJuvenile Radical Association, Cricket's Laneradical/Chartist room22/06/1839SundayAshton-u-LyneNS 29 June 1839
meeting of political unions to pass resolutions for reformradicalPolitical Union Roomsradical/Chartist room26/09/1832WednesdayAshton-u-Lyne
riotstrade unionmarket placemarket16/08/1842BoltonPL 27/11
Paine burningloyalmarket placemarket10/01/1793ThursdayBoltonMM 15 Jan 1793
volunteer corps musterpatrioticmarket placemarket08/03/1796BoltonPrice thesis, 63
weavers' strike gatheringtrade unionmarket placemarket06/06/1808MondayBoltonHolden diaries
food riotriotmarket placemarket20/04/1812MondayBoltonHolden diaries
HM's birthday procession to Bradford SQpatrioticmarket placemarket28/05/1831SaturdayBoltonBolton Chronicle, 14 May 1831
torchlight meetingChartistmarket placemarket30/10/1838TuesdayBoltonHO 40/38/241
apply to Home Secy for 6000 armslocal governmentmarket placemarket05/06/1839WednesdayBoltonHo 40/37/544
election hustingselectionnew market placemarket24/07/1837MondayBolton
working men's association elect delegate to conventionChartistnew market placemarket20/06/1839ThursdayBoltonCharter 30 June 1839
Chartist meetingChartistnew market placemarket12/08/1839MondayBoltonBlackburn Standard 21 Aug 1839; NS 17 Aug 1839
Chartist meetingChartistnew market placemarket13/08/1839TuesdayBoltonBlackburn Standard 21 Aug 1839
public meeting of delegatesChartistnew market placemarket10/08/1842WednesdayBoltonJenkins, General Strike, p.91; Bolton Chronicle, 13 August 1842
public meeting to elect delegate to ConventionChartistopen space of ground near the marketplaceopen space13/04/1839SaturdayBoltonNS 20 April 1839
corn lawsACLANelson squaresquare01/02/1826MondayBoltonHO 44/16/20
operative conservative assoc annual dinnerloyalNelson squaresquare13/09/1838BoltonZZ 530/3; Standard 15 Sep 1838
ChartistsChartistNelson squaresquare13/08/1839BoltonBlackburn Standard 21 Aug 1839
distresslocal governmentSessions Roomcourt house25/09/1816WednesdayBoltonHO 40/3/part 6/1; ZZ 130/13/7
organisation of coronation celebrationpatrioticSessions Roomcourt house02/07/1821WednesdayBoltonZZ/130/12/2
meeting of landowners and leypayers on distress of handloom weaverslocal governmentSessions Roomcourt house05/05/1826FridayBoltonBee; ZZ 130/13/24
friends of Marshall Williams candidateelectionSessions Roomcourt house29/08/1831MondayBoltonMcr Times 3 Sep 1831
Orange societies serviceloyalchurchchurch21/10/1817TuesdayBoltonHolden diaries
ACLAACLAtown hall, little Boltontown hall03/11/1840TuesdayLittle BoltonMG 7 Nov 1840
lecture by Mr Leech on trade unions and chartismChartisttown halltown hall15/02/1841MondayBoltonNS 20 Feb 1841
meeting of manufacturers on distress of handloom weaverslocal governmentQueen Ann Innpub28/04/1826FridayBoltonZZ 130/13/23
General Union of Tradestrade unionQueen Anne, Chancery Lanepub16/11/1829MondayBoltonMG 21 Nov 1829
meeting on the truck systemtrade unionQueen Anne assembly roomsassembly room23/03/1832BoltonMcr Courier 24 March 1832
union committee meetingtrade unionWheatsheaf, Windy Bank/Bank Stpub13/10/1831MondayBoltonMG 22 Oct 1831
meeting of shopkeepers against truck systemlocal governmentBradford Squaresquare02/12/1828TuesdayBoltonMcr Times 5 Dec 1828
meeting on prices of milk and butterlocal governmentBradford Squaresquare29/06/1829MondayBoltonMcr Times 4 July 1829
coronation pageantpatrioticBradford Squaresquare08/09/1831BoltonMcr Times 3 Sep 1831
planned reform meetingreformBradford Squaresquare20/10/1831MondayBoltonMG 22 Oct 1831
Bolton PU reform meetingreformBradford Squaresquare29/12/1831BoltonWalsh, 63
on dissolution of Grey ministryreformBradford Squaresquare12/05/1832BoltonThe Times 16 May 1832
Caroline processionradicalnear Britannia Innopen space13/11/1820MondayBoltonMO 18 Nov 1820
Caroline riotradicalCommercial Innpub12/11/1820MondayBoltonMO 18 Nov 1820
public meetingradicalCommercial Innpub01/10/1819BoltonZZ/130/13/10
public dinner for HM birthdaypatrioticCommercial Innpub28/05/1831SaturdayBoltonBolton Chronicle, 14 May 1831
celebration of HM birthdaypatrioticCommercial Innpub24/05/1839FridayBoltonZHE/35/52
meeting to organise coronation celebrationpatrioticBridge Innpub11/07/1821BoltonZZ/130/12/4
Church and King Club 33rd anniversaryloyalBridge Innpub03/03/1823MondayBoltonDP 282/16
Pitt Club anniversaryloyalBridge Innpub28/05/1817WednesdayBoltonPitt Club pamphlet
annual meeting of Lord Nelson ClubloyalShip Inn, Bradshawgatepub02/08/1823SundayBoltonZZ/130/9/1
C and K club dinnerloyalOld Assembly Roomassembly room08/03/1796BoltonPrice thesis, 63
meeting of m and ms against EI monopolycommercialOld Assembly Roomsassembly room10/02/1813WednesdayBoltonZZ 530/2
weavers' celebration of peacepatrioticUnion Buildingsradical/Chartist room01/04/1814MondayBoltonZZ 530/2
Hunt's birthday dinnerradicalUnion Buildings, Bradshawgateradical/Chartist room06/11/1820MondayBoltonTo the Radical Reformers 17
handloom weavers' committeetrade unionUnion Roomradical/Chartist room15/01/1834WednesdayBoltonPreston Chronicle 25 Jan 1834
printers' delegate meetingtrade unionthe Man and the Scythe, Church Stpub01/01/1816MondayBoltonZZ 530/2
visit of Henry HuntradicalSwan Hotelinn/hotel08/04/1831ThursdayBoltonBolton Chronicle, 9 April 1831
Hunt address from windowradicalSwan Hotelinn/hotel02/05/1831MondayBoltonBolton Chronicle, 7 May 1831
Pitt ClubloyalSwan Inninn/hotel17/05/1813MondayBoltonAt a general meeting pamphlet
Hunt address from windowradicalSwan Inninn/hotel29/08/1819MondayBoltonMorning Post 2 Sep 1819
meeting of friends of William Bolling to select him as candidateelectionSwan Inninn/hotel18/06/1832MondayBoltonMrc times 23 June 1832
Thomas Smith election addresselectionSwan Inninn/hotel23/07/1832MondayBoltonPreston Chronicle 4 Aug 1832
Hunt address from windowradicalSwan Inninn/hotel22/12/1832SaturdayBoltonPMG 29 Dec 1832
Court Leetlocal governmentSwan Inninn/hotel01/01/1835BoltonZZ 530/2
Bolton PUreformTheatretheatre19/10/1835TuesdayBoltonMcr Times 23 Oct 1830; York Herald 30 Oct 1830
reform meetingreformTheatretheatre15/03/1831WednesdayBoltonBolton Chronicle, 19 March 1831
Chartist meetingChartistTheatretheatre06/06/1839BoltonZZ 530/3
trades union meetingtrade unionPrince William, Bradshawgatepub07/03/1831TuesdayBoltonBolton Chronicle, 12 March 1831
trades union meetingtrade unionPrince William, Bradshawgatepub28/03/1831TuesdayBoltonBolton Chronicle, 2 April 1831
dinner for supporters of Robt HeywoodelectionHigher Hen and Chickens, Deansgatepub12/05/1831ThursdayBoltonBolton Chronicle, 14 May 1831
Lancashire short time committee meeting10 hoursTemperance Hotel, Newport Sttemperance hotel02/03/1841SundayBoltonDB/CB/27/C1/5/2
Lancashire short time committee meeting10 hoursTemperance Hotel, Newport Sttemperance hotel04/09/1845ThursdayBoltonDB/CB/27/28/1
meeting supporting proclamation against seditous writingsloyalFree Grammar Schoolschoolroom13/12/1792ThursdayBoltonMM 11 Dec 1792
loyal associationloyalNag's Headpub01/12/1792ThursdayBoltonMM 25 Dec 1792
bleachers against fustian taxcommercialThree Crowns, Deansgatepub03/11/1784Boltondiary of Capt Dewhurst
reform meeting; Hampden clubradicalTalbot, or sign of the Dog, Brown St, Little Boltonpub16/11/1816SaturdayBoltonEPT, 676; Davis Lancashire reformers, 64
coronation dinnerpatrioticCloth Hallexchange22/07/1821BoltonLiv Merc 27 July 1821
coronation ballpatrioticAssembly Roomassembly room22/07/1821BoltonLiv Merc 27 July 1821
Bolton reformers club meetingreformOld Bull's Head, Bradshawgatepub23/11/1816SaturdayBoltonDavis, Lancashire reformers, 65
delegate meetings on the 10 hours factory bill10 hoursCrown & Anchor, Port Streetpub29/04/1833MondayManchesterPreston Chronicle, 4 May 1833
delegate meetings on the 10 hours factory bill10 hoursCrown & Anchor, Port Streetpub30/04/1833TuesdayManchesterPreston Chronicle, 4 May 1833
delegate meetings on the 10 hours factory bill10 hoursCrown & Anchor, Port Streetpub01/05/1833WednesdayManchesterPreston Chronicle, 4 May 1833
delegate meetings on the 10 hours factory bill10 hoursCrown & Anchor, Port Streetpub02/05/1833ThursdayManchesterPreston Chronicle, 4 May 1833
acquired as a Socialists' InstitutionsocialistRose Hill chapelchapel01/05/1836BoltonRoyle, Robert Owen, 58
Chartist meetingChartistTemperance Halltemperance hotel21/02/1842MondayBoltonNS 5 Mar 1842
James Douglas, UE, arrested for cursing the kingradicalHorseshoe, house of Richard Wilkinsonpub09/04/1799BoltonHO 42/47/355
prosecution societylocal governmentGolden Lionpub24/06/1811ThursdayLittle HultonFP/3
Chartist elect delegate to ConventionChartistTown Halltown hall17/12/1839TuesdayLittle BoltonNS 21 Dec 1839
Hunt's birthday dinnerradicalTown Halltown hall06/11/1820Little BoltonTo the Radical Reformers 17
Orange societies procession and dinnerloyalHand/Hound and Banner, Deansgatepub21/10/1817TuesdayBoltonHolden diaries
jubilee gathering and distribution of alepatrioticUnion Squaresquare25/10/1809BuryAccount of the celebrations, 95
torchlight meetingChartistUnion Squaresquare08/12/1838SaturdayBuryHO 40/38/472
general striketrade unionUnion Squaresquare12/08/1839Bury1000HO 40/37/712
sacred monthtrade unionUnion Squaresquare13/08/1839TuesdayBuryCharter, 18 Aug 1839
coronation dinnerpatrioticNational Schoolschoolroom22/07/1821BuryLiv Merc 27 July 1821
meeting of delegates of striking millwrights and engineerstrade unionHare and Hounds Inn, Bolton-Streetpub14/04/1845MondayBuryPreston Guardian 19 April 1845
reform meetingreformClayton Squaresquare14/02/1817FridayLiverpool10000Liv Merc 21 Feb 1817; Harrison, 227
meeting to petition parl against further suspension of habeas corpusradicalClayton Squaresquare27/06/1817SaturdayLiverpool4000Liv Merc 4 July 1817
reform meetingreformClayton Squaresquare30/08/1817MondayLiverpool5000LM, 4 Sep 1819
Cobbett speechreformClayton Squaresquare26/11/1819FridayLiverpool45000PR 4 Dec 1819
caroline processionradicalClayton Squaresquare20/11/1820MondayLiverpoolMO 25 Nov 1820
reformers organised coronation day celebrationreformClayton Squaresquare01/09/1831Liverpool15000Harrison, 259; Liv Merc 9 Sep 1831
reform petitionreformClayton Squaresquare01/09/1831LiverpoolPreston Chronicle, 1 Oct 1831
laying of statue of George III on jubileepatrioticGreat George Squaresquare25/10/1809Liverpoolaccount of celebrations 97
loyal declaration of gentlemenloyalKing's Arms, Water Stpub12/05/1810LiverpoolHO 33/1/32
reformreformTennis Court, Gradwell Stopen space01/05/1813LiverpoolHarrison, 98
public meeting for electors opposing the current memberselectionTennis Court, Gradwell Stopen space07/03/1820TuesdayLiverpoolThe Squib-book: Being an Impartial Account of the Liverpool Election, p. 15.
Caroline meetingradicalTennis Court, Gradwell Stopen space10/01/1821WednesdayLiverpool3000MO 13 Jan 1821; Liv Merc 12 Jan 1821
reformreformMusic Hall, Bold Stmusic hall01/08/1830LiverpoolHarrison, 98
reformreformRoyal Ampitheatretheatre01/04/1831LiverpoolHarrison, 98
reformreformTheatre Royaltheatre01/01/1835LiverpoolHarrison, 98
caroline dinnerradicalYork Hotelinn/hotel23/11/1820ThursdayLiverpoolMO 25 Nov 1820
caroline dinnerradicalNeptune Hotelinn/hotel20/11/1820MondayLiverpoolMO 25 Nov 1820
meeting on distress of the countrylocal governmenttown halltown hall11/10/1816FridayLiverpoolHull Advertiser 26 Oct 1816; HO 40/3/part 6/18
coronation dinnerpatrioticTown Halltown hall01/07/1821Liverpool250Liv Merc 27 July 1821
coronation dinnerpatrioticLiverpool Arms Hotelinn/hotel01/07/1821Liverpool230Liv Merc 27 July 1821
EICcommercialExchangeexchange19/11/1792FridayLiverpoolChester Courant 27 Nov 1792
True Blue Club dinnerloyalGolden Lion Inninn/hotel31/07/1818FridayLiverpoolMorn Chron 8 Aug 1818
Pitt club anniversaryloyalLillyman's Hotel, Castle Stinn/hotel28/05/1817WednesdayLiverpoolPitt club pamphlet
reform meetingradicalLong Room, Castle Inninn/hotel23/08/1819MondayLiverpoolMacclesfield Courier 21 Sep 1819
meeting of Friends of Constitutional Freedom and Enemies of Political Corruption to address Col WardlereformGlobe Tavernpub21/04/1809LiverpoolCobbett's PR 20 May 1809
meeting to petition for repeal of O in CcommercialRoyal Hotelinn/hotel26/02/1808FridayLiverpoolLM 5 March 1808
meeting on rejection of reform billreformClarendon Roomslaw chambers10/10/1831MondayLiverpoolTimes 14 Oct 1831
elect delegates to the National AssemblyChartistNorth Shoreopen space28/04/1848FridayLiverpoolNS 29 April 1848
working men's assoc against O'ConnellradicalAssociation room, John's Laneworking men's club14/01/1839MondayLiverpoolNS 19 Jan 1839
Manchester Union society members' book lying for subscriptionradical11 Loom Streethouse28-Oct-1816MondayManchesterBR F 942.7389 SC 13
Manchester union members' book open for sigsradical16 Foundery Street, Bank Tophouse28-Oct-1816MondayManchester942.7389
Manchester Union society members' book lying for subscriptionsradical2 Lomax Streethouse28-Oct-1816MondayManchester942.7389 SC 13
Manchester Union Society members book lying for sigsradical32 Henry Streethouse28-Oct-1816MondayManchesterBR F 942.7389 SC 13
Manchester union members' subscription book for sigsradical7 Swarbrick Streethouse28-Oct-1816MondayManchester942.7389
John Knight, secretary of Manchester constitutional society, writing to the Hampden clubsradical77 Hanover Streethouse10-Dec-1816ManchesterDavis, Lancashire reformers, 70
Manchester Union members' book for subscriptionsradical77 Hanover Streethouse28-Oct-1816MondayManchestermcl scrapbook
mayor's dinnerlocal governmentAdelphi Hotelinn/hotel07-Dec-1842WednesdayManchesterMG 10 Dec 1842
tory election meetingelectionAlbion Hotelinn/hotel12-Jul-1837SaturdayManchesterMG 19 July 1837
Working Class Political UnionradicalAlbion Mills pubpub27-Sep-1831TuesdayManchesterMcr Times, 1 Oct 1831
meeting of working classes to thank Mr Prentice for his efforts to secure remission for Derby rising transported 1817radicalAlbion Mills tavernpub08-Oct-1834ThursdayManchesterMcr times 11 Oct 1834
visit of Feargus O'Connor to form branch of Radical AssociationradicalAlbion Mills tavernpub16-Dec-1835WednesdayManchester4000Mcr times 19 Dec 1835
ACLA conferenceACLAAnti-corn law roomsown room01-Jan-1842ManchesterManchester Times 16 April 1842
ACLA conferenceACLAAnti-corn law roomsown room02-Jan-1842ManchesterManchester Times 16 April 1842
ACLA conferenceACLAAnti-corn law roomsown room03-Jan-1842ManchesterManchester Times 16 April 1842
James Dixon arrested at UE meetingradicalArcherpub01-Apr-1798ManchesterHO 42/45/489
king's birthday processionpatrioticArdwick Greencommon04-Jun-1807ThursdayArdwickCMG, 6 June 1807
king's birthday processionpatrioticArdwick Greencommon04-Jun-1808SaturdayArdwickCMG, 7 June 1808
weavers' committee meetingtrade unionArdwick Greencommon20-Apr-1812MondayArdwickGlen, Urban Workers, 178
king's birthday processionpatrioticArdwick Greencommon28-May-1832MondayArdwickM9/61/1/2
commemoration of 1688loyalAssembly Roomsassembly room04/11/1788TuesdayManchesterMM 11 Nov 1788
celebration of king's recoveryloyalAssembly Roomsassembly room18/03/1789Manchesterchetham's broadsides cambrics
visit of Prince William to ManchesterpatrioticAssembly Roomsassembly room01/04/1804ManchesterCowdroy's 14 April 1804
dinner and ball in honour of Wellington's visitpatrioticAssembly Roomsassembly room13/09/1830Manchestermorn post 14 sep 1830
Chartist lectureChartistAssociation Roomradical/Chartist room06/03/1842ManchesterNS 5 March 1842
anti poor law meetingANPLAssociation Room, old Palace Innradical/Chartist room05/02/1838ManchesterMcr times 10 feb 1838
10 hours10 hoursBatty's Circusother24-Mar-1837Manchestermcr times 25 march 1837
in support of National ConventionChartistBatty's Circusother04-Mar-1839MondayManchesterNS 9 march 1839
in defence of StephensChartistBatty's Circusother11-Mar-1839MondayManchesterNS, 16 March 1839
in support of National ConventionChartistBatty's Circusother23-Apr-1839TuesdayManchesterNS 27 April 1839
Hibernian Church and King ClubloyalBay Maltonpub06-Dec-1792ManchesterMM 11 Dec 1792
radical meetingradicalBibby's rooms, New Islingtonwarehouse09/12/1816ManchesterHO 42/168/355, exam of number 2
radical meetingradicalBibby's rooms, New Islingtonwarehouse16-12-1816MondayManchester800HO 42/168/355
loyal associationloyalBlack Moor's Headpub06-Dec-1792ManchesterMM 11 Dec 1792
loyal associationloyalBlack Moor's Headpub01-Apr-1795ManchesterPrentice, 426
loyalist assoc meetingloyalBlack Swanpub20/12/1792ManchesterMM 25 Dec 1792
chartists/plug riotsChartistBlacksmiths Armspub16-Aug-1842FridayManchesterMG 24 August 1842
loyal assoc meetingloyalBlacksmith's Armspub04-Jan-1793FridayArdwickMM 22 Jan 1793
loyal assoc meetingloyalBlacksmith's Armspub11-Jan-1793FridayArdwickMM 22 Jan 1793
ChartistsChartistBoardman Squaresquare17/07/1839Manchester800PL 27/11
meeting for peace petitionradicalBridgewater Armsinn/hotel01-Nov-1795Manchester
meetings of UE to raise money for O'CoiglyradicalBridgewater Armsinn/hotel01-Aug-1797ManchesterGraham, Nation, Law and the King, vol 2, p.815
start of procession for king's birthdaypatrioticBridgewater Armsinn/hotel04-Jun-1808ManchesterCowdroy's, 7 June 1808
meeting to form Mechanics InstituteotherBridgewater Armsinn/hotel17-Apr-1824ManchesterSwindells, vol 2, p.39
anti-emancipationloyalBridgewater Armsinn/hotel22-Apr-1825FridayManchesterM91/M1/33
meeting of calico printers against combinationscommercialBridgewater Armsinn/hotel16-Jul-1790FridayManchesterpamphlet account of the meeting, 1790
dinner for George III's birthdaypatrioticBridgewater Armsinn/hotel04-Jun-1812ManchesterMM 9 June 1812
visit of Duke of GloucesterpatrioticBridgewater Armsinn/hotel15-Sep-1803ThursdayManchesterHull Packet, 27 Sep 1803
visit of Admiral Sidney SmithpatrioticBridgewater Armsinn/hotel06-Sep-1810ThursdayManchesterLM 15 sep 1810
meeting of master fustian manufacturerscommercialBridgewater Armsinn/hotel19-Oct-1825WednesdayManchestertimes 27 oct 1825
UE meetingradicalBritannia Innpub17-Mar-1801MondayManchesterHO 62/61/255
Brown St Chartist assoc on joining National Association public meetingChartistBrown St roomradical/Chartist room11/09/1840ManchesterNS 19 Sep 1840
private radical meetingradicalBuckpub11/12/1816WednesdayManchesterHO 42/268/355
meeting of check manufacturerscommercialBull's Headinn/hotel13-Apr-1775TuesdayManchesterManchester Mercury, 11 April 1775
loyal address to the kingloyalBull's Headinn/hotel06-Sep-1775ManchesterYork Courant, 19 September 1775
subscription for HM's forces in AmericaloyalBull's Headinn/hotel07-Nov-1775TuesdayManchesterManchester Mercury, 7 Nov 1775
loyal address to Earl of ShelburneloyalBull's Headinn/hotel27-May-1782MondayManchesterManchester Mercury, 4 June 1782
celebration of victories in West and East IndiesloyalBull's Headinn/hotel30-May-1782ThursdayManchesterManchester Mercury, 28 May 1782
celebration of Rodney's victoriesloyalBull's Headinn/hotel30-May-1782ThursdayManchesterManchester Mercury, 4 June 1782
HM's birthdaypatrioticBull's Headinn/hotel04-Jun-1782TuesdayManchesterManchester Mercury, 11 June 1782
raise corps of volunteersmilitaryBull's Headinn/hotel12-Jun-1782ManchesterCambrics Scrapbook, p. 32
C and K anniversary meetingloyalBull's Headinn/hotel27-Feb-1792FridayManchesterManchester Mercury, 6 March 1792
Manchester Constitutional SocietyradicalBull's Headinn/hotel13-Mar-1792ManchesterManchester Mercury, 20 March 1792
C and K meeting to sign address/riot Manchester HeraldloyalBull's Headinn/hotel11-Dec-1792TuesdayManchesterRowbottom diaries
meetings of APCOLloyalBull's Headinn/hotel12-Dec-1792WednesdayManchesterMun A 6 45; MM 18 Dec 1792
meeting for anti-peace petitionloyalBull's Headinn/hotel01-Nov-1795Manchester
raising corps of volunteersmilitaryBull's Headinn/hotel28-Feb-1797Manchesterbroadsides, f 1797/3A
meeting for voluntary contributionspatrioticBull's Headinn/hotel27/02/1798TuesdayManchesterCambrics 121
raising corps of volunteersmilitaryBull's Headinn/hotel01-May-1798Manchesterbroadsides, f1798/1D
Manchester and Salford light horse volunteers processionpatrioticBull's Headinn/hotel25-Oct-1798ManchesterCambrics scrapbook, p.38
society for prosecution of felonslocal governmentBull's Headinn/hotel01-Mar-1800WednesdayManchesterBancks' directory, 241
procession to meet RLM on return from IrelandloyalBull's Headinn/hotel14-May-1802ManchesterCambrics scrapbook, p.32
meeting on future regulation of Manchester POlocal governmentBull's Headinn/hotel17-Apr-1806ManchesterMM 22 April 1806
town's meeting on improvementlocal governmentBull's Headinn/hotel10-Nov-1808ManchesterM91/21
Chartist delegatesChartistBull's Headinn/hotel12-Dec-1838WednesdayManchesterHO 40/36/148
dinner for king's birthdaypatrioticBull's Headinn/hotel04-Jun-1812ManchesterMM 9 June 1812
meeting to address Colonel WardleradicalBull's Headinn/hotel03/05/1809WednesdayManchesterCobbett's PR, 20 May 1809
meeting to raise voluntary subscriptionspatrioticBull's Headinn/hotel28/02/1798TuesdayManchesterCambrics 121
dinner for Lancs candidateselectionBull's Headinn/hotel22-Jul-1802ThursdayManchesterCambrics 55-56
loyal addressloyalBull's Headinn/hotel25/01/1798ManchesterHO 42/42/89
radical meetingradicalBury Street, Salfordstreet31/12/1816TuesdaySalfordHO 42/168/355
effigy of Tom Paine hung at top of Deansgateloyalby Collegiate Churchstreet01-Jan-1793Manchester
public dinner to John Fielden MPANPLBywater's Concert Roommusic hall03/06/1838MondayManchester300Times 8 June 1838
operative dyers' strike meetingtrade unionBywater's large roomown room28/04/1837MondayManchesterMG 3 May 1837
lecture of Richard CarlilesocialistBywater's large roomown room01-Nov-1836TuesdayManchesterpamphlet
Great Protestant meetingloyalBywater's large roomown room22-Jan-1839TuesdayManchesterProtestant Magazine
Acres fairotherCamp Fieldopen space01-Oct-1827MondayManchesterMG 6 October 1827
reformreformCamp Fieldopen space10-Oct-1831MondayManchesterMcr times 15 Oct 1831
reformreformCamp Fieldopen space28-Nov-1831ManchesterMG 17 March 1832
reformreformCamp Fieldopen space26-Dec-1831ManchesterMG 17 March 1832
10 hours10 hoursCamp Fieldopen space24-Aug-1832SaturdayManchesterKydd, History of Factory movement, 254
Irish disturbances suppression billIrishCamp Fieldopen space01-Mar-1833SaturdayManchesterMG 9 March 1833
Acres fairfairCamp Fieldopen space01-Oct-1833TuesdayManchesterMG 5 October 1833
operative dyers striketrade unionCamp Fieldopen space28-Apr-1837MondayManchesterMG 3 May 1837
dyers striketrade unionCamp Fieldopen space01-Aug-1842ManchesterMG 17 August 1842
trade union committeetrade unionCarders Armspub02-Jan-1837ThursdayManchesterZHB 6/3
openingChartistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall12/11/1838ManchesterNS 17 Nov 1838
ChartistsChartistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall27/11/1839Manchester
chartist rallyChartistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall01-Aug-1840ManchesterNS 22 Aug 1840
ACLAACLACarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall30-May-1841ManchesterEdward Watkin, diary, Mather, Chartism and Society, p.216; MG 2 June 1841
ACLAACLACarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall08-Jun-1841TuesdayManchesterEdward Watkin, diary, Mather, Chartism and Society, p.216.
Irish repealersradicalCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall22-Sep-1841SaturdayManchesterMG 29 Sep 1841
Operative anti-Bread tax assocACLACarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall25-Oct-1841ManchesterManchester Times 16 April 1842
ACLAACLACarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall02-Nov-1841ManchesterMG 3 Nov 1841; Mcr Times 16 April 1842
meetingChartistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall03-Nov-1841ManchesterJenkins, General Strike, p.142; NS 13 Nov 1841
plug delegate meetingstrade unionCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall11-Aug-1842ThursdayManchesterJenkins, General Strike, p.143; MG 17 August 1842
great delegate conferenceChartistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall12-Aug-1842FridayManchesterJenkins, General Strike, p.89
great delegate conferenceChartistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall13-Aug-1842SaturdayManchesterJenkins, General Strike, p.89
great delegate conferenceChartistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall14-Aug-1842SundayManchesterJenkins, General Strike, p.89
great delegate conferenceChartistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall15-Aug-1842MondayManchesterJenkins, General Strike, p.89
great delegate conferenceChartistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall16-Aug-1842TuesdayManchesterJenkins, General Strike, p.89
chartists v anti-Corn Law lecturerChartistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall30-Aug-1842ManchesterMorning Chronicle, 31 August 1842
ChartistsChartistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall26-Apr-1848WednesdayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall03-Jul-1848MondayManchesterTS 11/137/374
Owenite socialist festival to celebrate founding of Hall of SciencesocialistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall05-Aug-1839MondayManchesterNS 10 August 1839
radical chartist meeting on electing a councilChartistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall28-Oct-1839MondayManchesterNS 2 Nov 1839
tea party and ball on annivesary of openingotherCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall12-Nov-1839TuesdayManchesterNS 16 Nov 1839
radical tea party in commemoration of Hunt's birthdayChartistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall04/11/1839MondayManchesterNS 9 Nov 1839
O'Connor's address upon his releaseChartistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall21-Sep-1839SaturdayManchesterNS 28 Sep 1839
tea party in support of imprisoned ChartistsChartistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall24-Sep-1839TuesdayManchesterNS 28 Sep 1839
Chartist lectureChartistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall04/08/1844SundayManchesterNS 3 Aug 1844
public meeting of trades on Duncombe testimonialChartistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall05-Aug-1844MondayManchesterNS 3 Aug 1844
anti poor law meetingANPLCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall05/02/1838MondayManchesterMcr Times 10 Feb 1838
confidence and fund for Rev StephensChartistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall02/01/1839TuesdayManchesterTimes 4 Jan 1839
northern delegates to national conventionChartistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall07/01/1839MondayManchesterNS 29 Dec 1838
chartist lectureChartistCarpenters' Hallradical/Chartist hall24/09/1843SundayManchesterNS 30 Sep 1843
Chartist lectureChartistChartist roomradical/Chartist hall13/03/1842ManchesterNS 5 March 1842
chartists/plug riotstrade unionChartist roomradical/Chartist hall16-Aug-1842ManchesterMG 24 August 1842
plug rioters meetingtrade unionChartist roomradical/Chartist hall08-Sep-1842MondayManchester300NS 10 Sep 1842
weekly meeting of Manchester Political UnionChartistCheese Room, Smithfield Marketown room12/11/1838MondayManchesterChampion 18 Nov 1838
organised confederates and Chartists, secret meetingChartistCheetham Hill roadradical/Chartist hall25-Jul-1848TuesdayManchesterRichardson papers
meeting of handloom weavers to address mayor on distresstrade unionChurch Tavernradical/Chartist hall02-Jan-1840ThursdayManchesterMcr times 4 jan 1840
ChartistsChartistCity Music Hallmarket06-Jun-1848SaturdayManchesterMG 7 June 1848
weavers' delegatestrade unionClock Face Innpub23-Aug-1824ManchesterAdd 27801, f.240; MG 2 Oct 1824
South Lancs anti NPL assocANPLCommercial Innpub08/11/1837WednesdayManchesterNPL, p. 124
South Lancashire delegate meetingChartistCommittee Roomown room20-Sep-1840ManchesterNS 19 Sep 1840
South Lancs delegate meetingChartistCommittee Roomown room09/08/1840SundayManchesterNS 15 Aug 1840
trades/plug meetingtrade unionConcert Tavernpub01-Aug-1842ManchesterMG 17 August 1842
Thinking Club formedradicalCoopers' Armsradical/Chartist hall28-Dec-1795ManchesterAxon, Annals, 122
anti-Catholic meetingloyalCorn Exchangeexchange01-Sep-1838ManchesterManchester Guardian, 29 Sep 1838
corn law delegatesACLACorn Exchangeexchange01-Mar-1839ManchesterNS 9 March 1839
ACLAACLACorn Exchangeexchange16-Dec-1841ManchesterMG 18 Dec 1841
ACLA dinnerACLACorn Exchangeexchange24-Jan-1839ThursdayManchesterMorn Chron 25 Jan 1839
formation of north central British India SocietycommercialCorn Exchangeexchange26-Aug-1840WednesdayManchester
Whig pro-American petition lying for sigsreformCrompton's coffee houseexchange11-Nov-1775ManchesterBradley, 344; Marshall 171
general meeting of merchants and manufacturers to protect cotton and linen manufacturecommercialCrompton's Coffee Houseexchange01-Feb-1774TuesdayManchesterREdford, Manchester merchants, 2
loyal association meetingloyalCrown and Cushionexchange01-Apr-1795Manchester
conservative candidates meet electors of no2 districtelectionCrown and Cushionpub31-May-1841MondayManchesterMorn Post 4 June 1841
loyal association meetingloyalCrown and Shuttlepub01-Apr-1795ManchesterPrentice, 426
radical delegate meetingradicalDeath of Nelsonpub18-Mar-1817TuesdayManchester4HO 40/5/4A/137
meeting of united benefit societiestrade unionDogpub01-Apr-1792ManchesterMM 5 June 1810
38 radicalsradicalElephant Innpub26-May-1812ManchesterPrentice, 77
silk weavers striketrade unionElephant Innpub12-May-1829ManchesterMorn Chron 18 May 1829
spy William Lomax met radicals in privateradicalElephant Innpub18-Mar-1817TuesdayManchesterHO 40/5/4A/137
corn lawsACLAExchange [new]exchange03-Mar-1825ThursdayManchesterM91/M1/33
reformreformExchange [new]exchange09-Mar-1831WednesdayManchester2000Manchester Times, 12 March 1831
master spinners and manufacturerscommercialExchange [new]exchange01-Nov-1831TuesdayManchesterMG 5 November 1831
electionelectionExchange [new]exchange11-Sep-1832TuesdayManchesterShuttleworth scrapbook, p.108
electionelectionExchange [new]exchange12-Sep-1832WednesdayManchesterShuttleworth scrapbook, p.108
jubilee dinnerpatrioticExchange [old]exchange25-Oct-1809Manchester250jubilee jottings, p.160
Dissenters on disestablishmentreligiousExchange dining roomexchange05-Mar-1834WednesdayManchesterBO 13 March 1834
petition parl on Sadler's factory bill10 hoursExchange dining roomexchange14-Feb-1833ThursdayManchesterBee, p.26; M91/M1/33
on moving post officelocal governmentExchange dining roomexchange25-Oct-1839ManchesterMG 26 Oct 1839
Pitt Club 10th anniversary dinnerloyalExchange dining roomexchange28/05/1822TuesdayManchesterMUN Mun.A.2.79.e(1)
South Lancashire delegate meetingChartistExecutive Council Roomexchange29/11/1840SundayManchesterNS 5 Dec 1840
UE meetingradicalFire Enginepub01/01/1797ManchesterHO 42/45/535
female radical reformersradicalForresters' Armspub16-Jan-1832ManchesterPMG 21 Jan 1832
rent, taxes'radicalForty Housespub12-May-1829TuesdayManchesterMG 16 May 1829
MI christmas partyeducationFree Trade Hallown room06-Jan-1848ThursdayManchester3100Richardson papers
repealIrishFree Trade Hallown room17-Mar-1848FridayManchesterMFQ 1/440/107
Protestant Operative AssocOrangeFree Trade Hallown room07-Dec-1848ThursdayManchesterRichardson papers
annual meeting of ACLAACLAFree Trade Hallown room22-Jan-1845WednesdayManchestermcr times 25 Jan 1845
society for prosecution of felonslocal governmentGolden Lionpub09-Mar-1797ManchesterBancks' directory, 241
election addresselectionGranby Row cornerstreet24-Jun-1841ThursdayManchesterMG 26 June 1841
Irish repealersIrishGranby Row Fieldsfield30-May-1841ManchesterMG 2 June 1841
plug riotstrade unionGranby Row Fieldsfield09-Aug-1842TuesdayManchesterJenkins, General Strike, 91.
plug riotstrade unionGranby Row Fieldsfield10-Aug-1842WednesdayManchester10000Jenkins, General Strike, 91.
MPU reformreformGrapes Innpub20-Sep-1831ManchesterHO 52/13/449
reform committeereformGrapes Innpub24-Apr-1831SundayManchesterBolton Chronicle, 30 April 1831
Working Class Political Union - visit of Henry HetheringtonradicalGrapes Innpub09/08/1831TuesdayManchesterPMG 27 Aug 1831
Unitarian SSeducationGreat Clowes St groundfield27-May-1836FridaySalfordMG 28 May 1836
chartists on raising price of NSChartistHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall17-Apr-1840ManchesterMG 18 April 1840
meeting on prosecution of Abel HeywoodradicalHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall13-May-1840WednesdayManchesterMG 16 May 1840; Mr Times 16 May 1840
opening dinner to OwensocialistHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall08-Jun-1840MondayManchesterNS 13 June 1840
dinner for McDouallChartistHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall17-Aug-1840MondayManchesterMcr Times 22 Aug 1840
assisting Henry Heatherington, prosecuted printerChartistHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall22-Dec-1840TuesdayManchesterNS 26 Dec 1840
anti-religious bigotryreligiousHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall19-Aug-1841ThursdayManchesterNS 21 August 1841
O'Connor visitChartistHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall28-Sep-1841MondayManchesterMcr Times 2 Oct 1841
O'Connor lectureChartistHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall04-Mar-1842MondayManchesterChase, Chartism, p.197; MG 9 March 1842
public meetingChartistHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall13-Jun-1842MondayManchesterNS 18 June 1842
dyers striketrade unionHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall01-Aug-1842ManchesterMG 17 August 1842
plug rioters meetingtrade unionHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall28-Aug-1842SundayManchesterMorning Chronicle, 31 August 1842
building trades meetingtrade unionHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall03-Dec-1844ManchesterMG 4 December 1844
plasterers and painters meetingtrade unionHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall18-Jul-1845MondayManchesterMG 23 July 1845
National Association of United Tradestrade unionHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall01-Jun-1846MondayManchesterMG 6 June 1846
ChartistsChartistHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall11-Apr-1848TuesdayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall21-Apr-1848FridayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall08-May-1848MondayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall06-Jun-1848TuesdayManchesterTS 11/137/374
National Association of United Tradestrade unionHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall02-Jun-1846TuesdayManchesterMG 6 June 1846
National Association of United Tradestrade unionHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall03-Jun-1846WednesdayManchesterMG 6 June 1846
National Association of United Tradestrade unionHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall04-Jun-1846ThursdayManchesterMG 6 June 1846
National Association of United Tradestrade unionHall of Scienceradical/Chartist hall05-Jun-1846FridayManchesterMG 6 June 1846
Mr Gibson met reform assocs of 3 wardselectionHayward's Hotelinn/hotel12-Oct-1840MondayManchesterMcr Times 17 Oct 1840
dinner for O'Connell's visitradicalHayward's Hotelinn/hotel10/09/1835ThursdayManchester240Mcr Times 12 Sep 1835
meeting of radicals and reformersradicalHayward's Hotelinn/hotel21/05/1832SundayManchesterDiaries of Absalom Watkin, 148
Orange Lodge no1OrangeHighlanderpub12-Jul-1830Manchester
delegat meeting of ACLAACLAHop Pole Inninn/hotel14-Mar-1842TuesdayManchesterNS 26 Mar 1842
stonemasons meetingtrade unionHop Pole Inninn/hotel13-Aug-1842SaturdayManchesterMG 17 August 1842
trades and political societies' committeeChartistHop Pole Inninn/hotel18/03/1842SaturdayNS 26 Mar 1842
letter to Burdett lying for sigsradicalHopper and Sonpub04-Jun-1810Manchester324.942733
crowd assembled to hear Huntradicalhouse of Mr Coxpub25-Apr-1831MondayManchesterBolton Chronicle, 30 April 1831
radical delegate meetingradicalHyde's fieldsfield18-Mar-1817TuesdayManchester300HO 40/5/4A/137
repeal delegate meetingIrishIrish Confederation Club Roomsown room30-Apr-1848SundayManchesterTS 11/137/part 2
Mcr constitutional societyradicalIslingtonown room03-Feb-1817MondayManchesterDavis, Lancashire reformers, 74
reform meetingradicalIslington garrettsown room03/03/1817MondayManchesterHO 40/5/4A/17
reform meetingradicalIslington garrettsown room06/03/1817ThursdayManchesterHO 40/5/4A/33, deposition of John Livesey, 7 march 1817
planned delegate meeting of powerloom weavers/plug rioterstrade unionKennedy's Temperance Hoteltemperance hotel12/08/1842TuesdayManchesterNS 13 Aug 1842
weavers/minimum wage meetingtrade unionKersal Moormoor25-May-1808ManchesterLittle, 'Joseph Hanson'
Chartist demonstrationChartistKersal Moormoor01-May-1839ManchesterMG, 8 May 1839
plug rioterstrade unionKersal Moormoor20-Aug-1839ManchesterMorning Chronicle, 7 Sep 1842
military reviewmilitaryKersal Moormoor19-Sep-1848TuesdayManchesterRichardson papers
weavers meetingstrade unionKersal Moormoor01-Aug-1818ManchesterHO 41/4/150-1
strikers' meetingstrade unionKersal Moormoor01/09/1818MondayManchesterHO 33/2/58, 5 Sep 1818
elect delegates to ConventionChartistKersal Moormoor24-Sep-1838Manchester50000NS 29 Sep 1838
plug rioters/minerstrade unionKersal Moormoor20/08/1842SaturdayManchesterMorn Chron 7 Sept 1842
minerstrade unionKersal Moormoor22-Aug-1842MondayManchesterNS, 27 Aug 1842
weavers meetingtrade unionKersal Moormoor06-May-1829WednesdayManchesterLM 16 May 1829
silk weavers meetingtrade unionKersal Moormoor14/05/1829ThursdayManchesterMorn Chron 18 May 1829
military reviewmilitaryKersal Moormoor10-Aug-1831ThursdayManchesterBolton Chronicle, 13 August 1831
plug rioterstrade unionKersal Moormoor16-Aug-1842TuesdayManchesterMG 17 August 1842
loyal association meetingloyalKingpub01-Apr-1795ManchesterPrentice, 426
delegate meetingradicalKing William the Fourthpub10-Nov-1831ManchesterHO 52/14/293
principal PU lodgeradicalKing William the Fourthpub27-Nov-1831ManchesterHO 52/13/493
loyal association meetingloyalKing's Armspub01-Apr-1795ManchesterPrentice, 426
radical delegate meetingradicalKing's Armspub05-Apr-1812SundaySalfordHammonds, 278
anniversary of Waterloo dinnerpatrioticKing's Head Innpub18-Jun-1821ManchesterMC, 23 June 1821
friends of Carlileradicallarge roompub31-May-1822FridayManchesterRepublican, June 1822
Ashley Lane Union first meetingChartistlarge room occupied by Socialistspub23-Jun-1839ManchesterNS 29 June 1839
Chartist lecture Mr ConnorChartistlarge room Tib Streetpub12-Sep-1840ManchesterNS 19 Sep 1840
discussion on moderation and teatotalismChartistLever Street schoolroomschoolroom01/11/1841MondayManchesterNS 6 nov 1841
UE meetingradicalLower Shippub01-Jul-1797ManchesterHO 42/45
meeting on Carolineradicalmanor Court Roomcourt house01-Jun-1820Manchesterdiaries of Absalom Watkin, p. 45
address the king and queenradicalmanor Court Roomcourt house04-Dec-1820MondayManchesterObserver, 9 Dec 1820
Operative cotton spinnerstrade unionmanor Court Roomcourt house01-Jan-1825ThursdayManchesterCowdroy's, 15 Jan 1825
those not wanting to be associated with anti-emanc petitionreligiousmanor Court Roomcourt house05-May-1825ManchesterM91/M1/33
Bradford committee of woolcomberstrade unionmanor Court Roomcourt house04-Oct-1825TuesdayManchesterLM 8 Oct 1825
abolitionabolitionmanor Court Roomcourt house21-Mar-1826WednesdayManchesterLiverpool Mercury, 31 March 1826
meeting of leypayerslocal governmentmanor Court Roomcourt house17-Aug-1826ThursdayManchesterMG 19 Aug 1826; Political Register 26 August 1826
corn lawsACLAmanor Court Roomcourt house26-Oct-1826ThursdayManchesterMG 28 Oct 1826
corn lawsACLAmanor Court Roomcourt house08-Aug-1827WednesdayManchesterMG 11 Aug 1827
anti-slavery societyabolitionmanor Court Roomcourt house02-Jun-1829TuesdayManchesterMG 6 June 1829
spinners and manufacturers meetingcommercialmanor Court Roomcourt house26-Jan-1830TuesdayManchester140MG 30 jan 1830
friends of Huntradicalmanor Court Roomcourt house21-Dec-1830TuesdayManchesterMG 25 December 1830
reform bill, petition to Lordsreformmanor Court Roomcourt house22-Sep-1831ThursdayManchesterManchester Times, 22 Sep 1831; MG 22 Sep 1831; M91/M1/33
Sadler's factory bill10 hoursmanor Court Roomcourt house11-Feb-1833ManchesterM91/M1/33
petition for king to dismiss ministersradicalmanor Court Roomcourt house13-May-1833MondayManchesterManchester Times 18 May 1833
10 hours10 hoursmanor Court Roomcourt house01-Jun-1833WednesdayManchesterManchester Times, 27 ? 1833
petitioning the king on present crisisradicalmanor Court Roomcourt house27-Nov-1834ThursdayManchesterMorning Chronicle 29 Nov 1834
Irish church and dissentersreligiousmanor Court Roomcourt house16-Feb-1836TuesdayManchesterManchester Times, 20 Feb 1836
anti-church ratereligiousmanor Court Roomcourt house26-Dec-1836MondayManchesterManchester times 31 Dec 1836
sheriff's courtlocal governmentmanor Court Roomcourt house01-Aug-1837ManchesterMancheste rTimes 2 Sep 1837
working class meeting for new reading roomseducationmanor Court Roomcourt house01-Oct-1838MondayManchesterManchester Times 6 Oct 1838
Rev Rob Taylor lecturesocialistmanor Court Roomcourt house06-Jul-1829MondayManchesterLion 10 July 1829
Rev Robt Taylor lecturesocialistmanor Court Roomcourt house07-Jul-1829TuesdayManchesterLion 10 Jul 1829
Rev Robt Taylor lecturesocialistmanor Court Roomcourt house08-Jul-1829WednesdayManchesterLion 10 July 1829
M and S Temperance Soc annual meetingotherMechanics Institutemechanics institute06-Dec-1831ManchesterMcr Times 10 dec 1831
10 hours meeting for Sadler's bill10 hoursMechanics Institutemechanics institute14/03/1832WednesdayManchesterMcr times 17 March 1832
MPU met to formerly adopt objectivesreformMechanics Institutemechanics institute24/11/1830ManchesterLopatin, 34
Owenite socialist dinner for foundation of Hall of SciencesocialistMendel's Hotelinn/hotel05-Aug-1839ManchesterNS 10 Aug 1839
delegate meetingChartistMitre Tavernpub01-May-1839ManchesterNS 11 May 1839; MG 8 May 1839
ironfounders and moulderstrade unionMoulders Armspub13-Aug-1842SaturdayManchesterMG 17 August 1842
letter to Burdett lying for sigsradicalMr Edge'sinn/hotel04-Jun-1810Manchester324.942733
letter to Burdett lying for sigsradicalMr J Robertspub04-Jun-1810Salford324.942733
Mr Finnigan lecture on the Corn LawsChartistKennedy's Temperance Coffee Housetemperance hotel05/11/1841FridayManchester50NS 6 Nov 1841
silk weavers striketrade unionMr Tootall's warehousewarehouse12-May-1829TuesdayManchesterMorn Chron 18 May 1829
celebration dinner for 1688loyalMrs Barlow'spub05-Nov-1788ManchesterMM 11 nov 1788
trade union committeetrade unionNavigation Innpub01-Jan-1837WednesdayManchesterZHB 6/3
tea party for Hunt's birthdayChartistNCA roomown room08/11/1841MondayManchesterNS 6 Nov 1841
powerloom weaverstrade unionnear All Saint's Churchopen space03-May-1826MondayManchesterM9/61/1/1
pro-Caroline procession startradicalnear Britannia Innopen space30-Nov-1820MondayManchesterMO 18 Nov 1820
plug meetingtrade unionnear the gas worksopen space10-Aug-1842WednesdayManchesterJenkins, General Strike, p.143
loyal address of Grand JuryloyalNew Bailey Court Housecourt house13-Jan-1817SalfordWheeler's MC 1 Feb 1817
assemblageotherNew Crossstreet13-Oct-1831ThursdayManchesterMG 15 Oct 1831
ChartistsChartistNew Crossstreet04-Apr-1848TuesdayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistNew Crossstreet14-Apr-1848FridayManchesterTS 11/137/374
meeting NPL/strikeANPLNew Crossstreet10/03/1848SaturdayManchester1000Liv Merc 10 March 1848
pro-seditious meetings actloyalnew market hallmarket07/12/1795MondayManchesterMM, 8 December 1795; Prentice, 427
reform dinnerreformNew Mechanics Institutemechanics institute1832-11-01ManchesterWeaver, Fielden, p.61
Owenite lecture on necessity of education of w/csocialistNew Mechanics Institutionmechanics institute1831-03-25Manchesterharrison, Robert Owen, 249
ACLA preliminary meetingACLANewall's Buildingsown room14-Feb-1842ManchesterMcr Times 19 feb 1842
Dissenters' CommitteereligiousNewall's Buildingsown room07-Apr-1834ManchesterMcr Times 12 April 1834
ACLA council meetingACLANewall's Buildingsown room22-Jan-1845WednesdayManchestermcr times 25 jan 1845
National Union to be formedradicalNewall's Buildingsown room23-Aug-1838ManchesterMorn Chron 19 Aug 1838
ACLA large meeting with Richard CObdenACLANewall's Buildingsown room25-Aug-1842ThursdayManchestermcr times 27 Aug 1842
ACLA meeting to plan great dinnerACLANewall's Buildingsown room27-Nov-1839ManchesterBO 5 Dec 1839
ACLA meetingACLANewall's Buildingsown room07-Jul-1842ManchesterMcr times 9 July 1842
Cobden National Testimonial FundACLANewall's Buildingsown room01-Sep-1846TuesdayManchestermcr times 4 Sep 1846
South Lancs liberal election divisionelectionNewall's Buildingsown room01-Jun-1847TuesdayManchestermcr times 5 june 1847
new reform party union between league and reform societyreformNewall's Buildingsown room27-Apr-1848Manchestermcr times 29 april 1848
Mr Thomson's committee roomelectionNewall's Buildingsown room30-Apr-1835ManchesterMcr times 2 May 1835
Lord Molyneux's committee room, South Lancs electionelectionNewall's Buildingsown room01-Dec-1834ManchesterZHE/30/27
powerloom weavers meetingstrade unionNews Roomexchange30-Aug-1842TuesdayManchesterMorning Chronicle 31 August 1842
weavers and spinners march to Stockporttrade unionNewton lanestreet03-Sep-1818ManchesterAspinall, 285
Operative Anti-bread tax assocACLAOld manor court roomcourt house14-Oct-1841ManchesterManchester Times, 16 April 1842
Complete Suffrage Association lectureradicalOld manor court roomcourt house12-Oct-1843ThursdayManchesterManchester Times, 14 oct 1843
Assoc mercantile trades of manchestercommercialOld manor court roomcourt house13-Apr-1844SaturdayManchesterNS 20 April 1844
card room operatives on 10 hours10 hoursOld manor court roomcourt house15-May-1848TuesdayManchesterNS 27 may 1848
10 hours meeting10 hoursOld Meal Housepub16-May-1848WednesdayManchesterRichardson papers
bakers' meeting on long hours and conditionstrade unionOld Meal Housepub23-Mar-1847TuesdayManchesterNS 3 April 1847
formation of new reform societyradicalOld Meal Housepub24-Apr-1848MondayManchestermcr times 29 April 1848
Universal Suffrage AssociationradicalOld Meal Housepub27-Apr-1842WednesdayManchesterMcr Times 30 April 1842
Ratepayers' association on 5s ratelocal governmentOld Meal Housepub24-Sep-1846ThursdayManchestermcr times 25 sep 1846
South Lancs anti NPL assocANPLOld Palace Inninn/hotel01/11/1837ManchesterNPL, p. 124
delegate meeting on factory bill10 hoursOld Swan Inninn/hotel19-Apr-1846ManchesterDB/CB/27/C1/30/2
Prince William presented colours to Manchester cavalrymilitaryoutside the Bridgewater Armsopen space01-Apr-1804Manchester6000Cowdroy's 14 April 1804
antiNPLANPLPalace Innpub01/02/1838ManchesterTimes, 25 Jan 1838
anti corn law banquetACLApavilion on vacant piece of groundpub11-Jan-1840Manchesterfreeman's journal 16 Jan 1840
ChartistsChartistPeople's Instituteradical/Chartist hall05-Apr-1848WednesdayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistPeople's Instituteradical/Chartist hall06-Apr-1848ThursdayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistPeople's Instituteradical/Chartist hall07-Apr-1848FridayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistPeople's Instituteradical/Chartist hall09-Apr-1848SundayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistPeople's Instituteradical/Chartist hall17-Apr-1848MondayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistPeople's Instituteradical/Chartist hall19-Apr-1848WednesdayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistPeople's Instituteradical/Chartist hall30-Apr-1848SundayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistPeople's Instituteradical/Chartist hall03-May-1848WednesdayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistPeople's Instituteradical/Chartist hall21-May-1848SundayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistPeople's Instituteradical/Chartist hall28-May-1848SundayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistPeople's Instituteradical/Chartist hall04-Jun-1848SundayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistPeople's Instituteradical/Chartist hall02-Jul-1848SundayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistPeople's Instituteradical/Chartist hall05-Jul-1848WednesdayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistPeople's Instituteradical/Chartist hall10-Jul-1848MondayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistPeople's Instituteradical/Chartist hall17-Jul-1848MondayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistPeople's Instituteradical/Chartist hall16-Aug-1848WednesdayManchesterRichardson papers
meeting about how to celebrate coronationpatrioticpolice buildingsradical/Chartist hall27-Jun-1821WednesdayManchesterMC, 23 June 1821
meeting against CarolineloyalPolice Officepolice office01/06/1820WednesdayManchesterdiaries of Absalom Watkin, p. 45
formation of loyal association to aid civil powerloyalPolice Officepolice office13/01/1817ManchesterWheeler's MC 1 Feb 1817
delegate meetingradicalPolitical Union rooms, Newall's Buildingsradical/Chartist hall20-Aug-1838MondayManchesterNS< 15 Sep 1838
Orange Lodge no3OrangePrince of Walespub12-Jul-1830Manchester
38 radicalsradicalPrince Regent's Armspub01-May-1812Manchester
8 hours meetingtrade unionPrince's Tavernpub25-Nov-1833MondayManchesterHO 52/22/287
female radical dinner in honour of Hunt's releaseradicalPrince's Tavernpub14-Nov-1822ThursdayManchesterMorn Post 21 Nov 1822
loyal association meetingloyalQueen Annepub01-Apr-1795ManchesterPrentice, 426
delegate meeting of short time committee10 hoursRed Lionpub14-Apr-1844SundayManchesterDB/CB 27/C1/5/1
Chartist meetingChartistRedfern St Chartist Roomown room20/03/1842SundayManchesterNS 26 Mar 1842
large meeting of ChartistsChartistreservoir of M and S Waterworks Companyopen space12-Aug-1839MondayManchesterCharter, 18 Aug 1839
MPU district meetingradicalRev Dr Scholefield's chapelchapel08/11/1831TuesdayManchesterMT 12 Nov 1831
meeting of O'Connor, Leech, McDouall, Ellison etcChartistRev Dr Scholefield's chapelchapel17/08/1842ManchesterNS 8 Oct 1842
meeting for Tolpuddle martyrstrade unionRev Dr Scholefield's chapelchapel07/04/1834ManchesterMG 12 April 1834
reform billreformRiding Schoolother08-Oct-1831ManchesterManchester Chronicle, 15 Oct 1831
Hunt lectureradicalRiding Schoolother24-Dec-1832MondayManchesterPMG 29 Dec 1832
loyalist assoc meetingloyalRose and Crownpub18-Dec-1792ManchesterMM 25 Dec 1792
loyalist assoc meetingloyalRose and Crownpub01-Apr-1795ManchesterPrentice, 426
anti-Catholic emancipation meetingloyalRoyal Hotelinn/hotel14-Nov-1828FridayManchesterMorn Chron 18 Nov 1828
Hunt's birthday radical dinnerradicalRoyal Oakpub01-Nov-1838TuesdayManchesterNS 10 Nov 1838
radical deputy meetingradicalRoyal Oakpub24-Mar-1817MondayManchesterHO 40/5/4A/137
Sadler's visit; short time10 hoursShakespeare Inninn/hotel24-Aug-1832ArdwickMG 1 Sep 1832
great delegate meetingChartistSheardown/Sherwood Innpub15-Aug-1842ManchesterQuinault and Stevenson, p.130; Jenkins, p.143
celebration dinner for 1688loyalShip Innpub05-Nov-1788ManchesterMM 11 nov 1788
unemployedtrade unionSmithfield marketmarket12/12/1842ManchesterMG 3 May 1843
ChartistsChartistSmithfield marketmarket09/04/1848SundayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistSmithfield marketmarket16/04/1848SundayManchesterTS 11/137/374; NS 22 April 1848
ChartistsChartistSmithfield marketmarket21/04/1848FridayManchesterTS 11/137/374
abolitionistsabolitionSpencer's Tavernpub16-Mar-1792ManchesterMM 20 March 1792; strange case Thomas Walker, p.73
meeting of friends of King and Constitution to address HMloyalSpencer's Tavernpub29-Jan-1795ThursdayManchestercollectanea relating to mcr, 126
churchwardens and overseers to plan new poor houselocal governmentSpencer's Tavernpub16-Jun-1790WednesdayManchesterHindle, 31
special meeting of mans mercs and cotton spinnerscommercialSpencer's Tavernpub02-May-1800FridayManchesterBL pamphlet
shopkeepers meeting on distresscharitySpread Eagle Hotelinn/hotel01-Jul-1842Manchestermcr times 2 july 1842
dinner of footpaths societyotherSpread Eagle Hotelinn/hotel27-Oct-1830WednesdayManchestermcr times 23 oct 1830
South Lancashire liberal election divisionelectionSpread Eagle Hotelinn/hotel01-Jun-1847TuesdayManchester250Mcr Times 5 June 1847
weaverstrade unionSt George's Fieldsfield24-May-1808Manchester
weaverstrade unionSt George's Fieldsfield02-Sep-1818Manchester25000Aspinall, 282; HO 42/180/143
weaverstrade unionSt George's Fieldsfield03-Sep-1818ManchesterWheeler's mcr chronicle 5 Sep 1818
weaverstrade unionSt George's Fieldsfield04/09/1818ManchesterWheeler's Mcr Chronicle 5 Sep 1818
radicalsradicalSt George's Fieldsfield01-Dec-1819Manchestermorning chronicle, 1 Dec 1819
weavers/powerloom riotstrade unionSt George's Fieldsfield27-Apr-1826ThursdayManchesterPrentice, 278
powerloom riots meetingtrade unionSt George's Fieldsfield28-Apr-1826ManchesterHO 44/16/44
powerloom riots meetingtrade unionSt George's Fieldsfield29-Apr-1826ManchesterHO 44/16/47
powerloom riots meetingtrade unionSt George's Fieldsfield02-May-1826ManchesterHO 44/16/54
weaverstrade unionSt George's Fieldsfield06-May-1826ManchesterHo 44/16/63
weavers meetingtrade unionSt George's Fieldsfield20-Jul-1829MondayManchesterMG 25 July 1829
weaverstrade unionSt George's Fieldsfield23-Jul-1829ThursdayManchesterMG 25 July 1829
weaverstrade unionSt George's Fieldsfield01-Aug-1829ManchesterMG 8 August 1829
weavers' meetingtrade unionSt George's Fieldsfield01-Apr-1830ManchesterHO 52/8/394
unemployedtrade unionSt George's Fieldsfield12-Dec-1831MondayManchesterHHE 17 Dec 1831
reformreformSt George's Fieldsfield22-Jan-1832SundayManchesterMG 18 Feb 1832
gingham weaverstrade unionSt George's Fieldsfield30-Apr-1832MondayManchesterMG 5 May 1832
reform and repeal of unionreformSt George's Fieldsfield18-Mar-1834MondayManchesterMG 22 March 1834
Orange riotOrangeSt George's Fieldsfield13-Jul-1834SundayManchesterMG 13 Sep 1834
Catholic SSreligiousSt George's Fieldsfield26-May-1836ThursdayManchesterMG 28 May 1836
weaverstrade unionSt George's Fieldsfield12-Jul-1837WednesdayManchesterMG 15 July 1837
handloom weaverstrade unionSt George's Fieldsfield04-Jul-1840ManchesterMG 23 Sep 1840
non-electorsradicalSt George's Fieldsfield18-Jun-1841ManchesterMG 19 June 1841
weaverstrade unionSt George's Fieldsfield01-Aug-1841MondayManchester400Manchester Guardian, 1 Sep 1841
unemployedtrade unionSt George's Fieldsfield12-Dec-1842ManchesterMG 3 May 1843
turn out and anti-NPLtrade unionSt George's Fieldsfield10-Mar-1848SaturdayManchesterLiv Merc 10 March 1848
weaverstrade unionSt George's Fieldsfield25-May-1808Manchester
reformreformSt George's Roadfield29-Jan-1832ManchesterPoor Man's Guardian 4 Feb 1832
radical inaugural meeting of mcr constitutional societyradicalSt Peter's Fieldsfield28-Oct-1816Manchester5000HO 40/3; davis 67
radicalsradicalSt Peter's Fieldsfield04-Nov-1816Manchesteraxon, annals
radicalsradicalSt Peter's Fieldsfield30-Dec-1816Manchesteraxon, annals
BlanketeersradicalSt Peter's Fieldsfield03-Mar-1817MondayManchesterHO 40/5/4A/14; HO 33/2/13
BlanketeersradicalSt Peter's Fieldsfield10-Mar-1817MondayManchesterHO 33/2/13, Whitelock, 3 March 1817; HO33/2/20, Jackson, 10 March 1817
radicalsradicalSt Peter's Fieldsfield09-Mar-1818Manchester500HO 33/2/53, Jackson, 9 March 1818
HuntradicalSt Peter's Fieldsfield01-Jan-1819Manchester8000Watkin diary, p.40
anti-Corn LawACLASt Peter's Fieldsfield01-Jan-1819ManchesterCowdroy's, 23 Jan 1819; Harrison, Crowds, p.164
HuntradicalSt Peter's Fieldsfield18-Feb-1819ThursdayManchesterAxon, Annals of Manchester
HuntradicalSt Peter's Fieldsfield21-Jun-1819MondayManchesterAxon, Annals of Manchester
PeterlooradicalSt Peter's Fieldsfield16-Aug-1819MondayManchester
riot and effigy burningradicalSt Peter's Fieldsfield25-Apr-1831MondayManchesterBolton Chronicle, 30 April 1831
HuntradicalSt Peter's Fieldsfield03-May-1831TuesdayManchester3000MG 7 May 1831
reformreformSt Peter's Fieldsfield13-Jun-1831MondayManchesterMG 18 June 1831
reformreformSt Peter's Fieldsfield14-May-1832Manchester100PMG, 19 May 1832; M219/1/5
electionelectionSt Peter's Fieldsfield10-Sep-1832MondayManchesterShuttleworth scrapbook, p.108
10 hours10 hoursSt Peter's Fieldsfield04-May-1833Manchester1000Weaver, John Fielden, p.77
Hunt visitradicalSt Peter's Fieldsfield24-Mar-1834ManchesterPMG, 5 April 1834
Manchester military assoc servicemilitarySt. Ann's churchsquare24-Feb-1783ManchesterCambrics scrapbook, p. 34
celebration of Rodney's victoriespatrioticSt. Ann's Squaresquare30-May-1782ThursdayManchesterMM 4 June 1782
birthday of HMpatrioticSt. Ann's Squaresquare04-Jun-1782TuesdayManchesterMM 11 June 1782
fustian tax repeal processioncommercialSt. Ann's Squaresquare17-May-1785ManchesterMorning Chronicle, 21 May 1785
celebration of 1688loyalSt. Ann's Squaresquare05-Nov-1788ManchesterMM 11 Nov 1788
C and K riotloyalSt. Ann's Squaresquare04-Jun-1792ManchesterRowbottom diaries; Cambrics, p.103
feu de joie for Nelson's victorypatrioticSt. Ann's Squaresquare04-Oct-1798ManchesterCambrics scrapbook, p.49
presentation of standards to M and S light horsmilitarySt. Ann's Squaresquare25-Oct-1798ManchesterCambrics scrapbook, p.38
king's birthdaypatrioticSt. Ann's Squaresquare04-Jun-1803ManchesterMC 11 June 1803
presentation of pike to HansonpatrioticSt. Ann's Squaresquare01-Jan-1805ManchesterCowdroy's 2 Feb 1805
jubilee celebrationspatrioticSt. Ann's Squaresquare25-Oct-1809Manchesterjubilee jottings, p.160
proclamation of George IVpatrioticSt. Ann's Squaresquare05-Feb-1820Manchesterdiaries of Absalom Watkin, p. 44
king's birthday processionpatrioticSt. Ann's Squaresquare28-May-1832ManchesterM9/61/1/2
hustingselectionSt. Ann's Squaresquare13-Dec-1832WednesdayManchesterManchester Chronicle, 15 Dec 1832
Orange processionOrangeSt. Ann's Squaresquare12-Jul-1834SundayManchesterMcr Times 19 July 1834
hustingselectionSt. Ann's Squaresquare29-Jul-1837ManchesterMG 29 July 1837
election hustingselectionSt. Ann's Squaresquare01-Sep-1839ManchesterNS 7 Sep 1839
handloom weavers meeting to address mayor on distresstrade unionSt. George's Fieldsfield02-Jan-1840ThursdayManchesterMcr times 4 jan 1840
weavers' meeting before marching to AuLtrade unionSt. George's Fieldsfield04-Sep-1818FridayManchesterWheeler's mcr chronicle 5 sep 1818
commemoration of PeterlooChartistSt. Peter's Fieldsfield16-Aug-1838ThursdayManchester20,000Mcr times 20 Aug 1838
anniversary of PeterlooradicalSt. Peter's Fieldsfield16-Aug-1822FridayManchesterMorn Chron 20 Aug 1822
anniversary of PeterlooradicalSt. Peter's Fieldsfield16-Aug-1821Manchester
anniversary of PeterlooradicalSt. Peter's Fieldsfield16-Aug-1820Manchester
meeting of UE to raise money for O'CoigleyradicalStarpub01-Jul-1797ManchesterGraham,Nation, vol 2, p.814
Robert Gray, informer,put up thereradicalStarpub01-Apr-1798ManchesterGraham, Nation, vol 2, p.850
birthday of PittloyalStar Innpub01-Jun-1810ManchesterMM 5 June 1810
Pitt club establishedloyalStar Innpub10-Dec-1812ManchesterPrentice, 428
Pitt club dinnersloyalStar Innpub01-Jan-1832ManchesterPrentice
coroners' inquest into death of John Leeslocal governmentStar Innpub13-Oct-1819WednesdayManchesterTimes 15 Oct 1819
anti-Catholic Emancipation meetingloyalStar Innpub12-Nov-1828WednesdayManchesterMorn Chron 20 Nov 1828
inaugural meeting of Union ClubcharityStar Innpub06-Apr-1825ManchesterManchester Archives, M7
establishment of Grand Orange LodgeOrangeStar Inninn/hotel12-Jul-1807Manchester
private examination by magistrates of Rev Harrison arrested for seditious sermonlocal governmentStar Inninn/hotel12-Dec-1819SundayManchesterMorn Chron 20 Dec 1819
meeting to thank magistrates and boroughreeveloyalStar Inninn/hotel19-Aug-1819ThursdayManchesterMorn Chron 23 Aug 1819
special general meeting of Orange institutionloyalStar Inninn/hotel28-Jan-1817ManchesterWheeler's MC 8 Feb 1817
petition king on present crisisradicalStevenson's Squaresquare27-Nov-1834ThursdayManchesterMorning Chronicle 29 Nov 1834
O'Connell's visitradicalStevenson's Squaresquare01-Sep-1835ManchesterPreston Chronicle, 19 Sep 1835
elect delegate to National ConventionChartistStevenson's Squaresquare01-May-1839SaturdayManchesterNS, 11 May 1839, MG 8 May 1839
chartistsChartistStevenson's Squaresquare13-Jun-1839ManchesterNS, 20 July 1839
meet McDouall on his releaseChartistStevenson's Squaresquare17-Aug-1840MondayManchesterMcr Times 22 Aug 1840
entrance of 'liberated patriots' Richardson, Butterworth, Doyle, etcChartistStevenson's Squaresquare25-Dec-1840ManchesterNorthern Star, 2 Jan 1841
ACLA meetingACLAStevenson's Squaresquare09-Jun-1841WednesdayManchesterEdward Watkin, diary, mather, Chartism and Society, p.216
Chartist meeting with O'ConnorChartistStevenson's Squaresquare28-Sep-1841TuesdayManchesterMcr Times 2 Oct 1841
ACLA/operative anti-bread tax assocACLAStevenson's Squaresquare21-Feb-1842ManchesterManchester Times, 16 April 1842; HO 45/269/29
plug strikerstrade unionStevenson's Squaresquare09-Aug-1842TuesdayManchesterJenkins, general Strike, 91
procession to Hunt monument openingChartistStevenson's Squaresquare16-Aug-1842TuesdayManchestertrial of O'Connor, 107
teetotallers' processionotherStevenson's Squaresquare31-May-1844SaturdayManchesterMcr Times 8 June 1844
unemployedtrade unionStevenson's Squaresquare03-Apr-1848MondayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistStevenson's Squaresquare04-Apr-1848TuesdayManchesterHalifax Guardian, 8 April 1848; TS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistStevenson's Squaresquare08-Apr-1848SaturdayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistStevenson's Squaresquare10-Apr-1848MondayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistStevenson's Squaresquare15-Apr-1848SaturdayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistStevenson's Squaresquare15-Apr-1848SaturdayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistStevenson's Squaresquare17-Apr-1848MondayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistStevenson's Squaresquare22-Apr-1848SaturdayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistStevenson's Squaresquare18-May-1848ThursdayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistStevenson's Squaresquare24-May-1848WednesdayManchesterNS 3 June 1848, TS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistStevenson's Squaresquare26-May-1848FridayManchesterTS 11/137/374
ChartistsChartistStevenson's Squaresquare27-May-1848SaturdayManchesterTS 11/137/374
Chartist demonstration about Birmingham arrestedChartistStevenson's Squaresquare13/07/1839ManchesterNS 20 July 1839
meeting to memorialise Queen for release of Welsh ChartistsChartistStevenson's Squaresquare10/02/1840MondayManchesterNS 15 Feb 1840
meeting of shopkeeperscommercialTemperance Halltemperance hotel20-Apr-1848MondayManchesterNS 25 April 1848
meeting to subscribe to Hunt's defence fundradicalTemple of Libertypub23-Mar-1834SundayManchesterPMG 5 April 1834
regeneration committeesocialistTemple of Libertypub20-Apr-1834SundayManchesterPMG 19 April 1834
meetings of UE regularly heldradicalthe Enginepub01/05/1797ManchesterGraham,Nation, law and the king, vol 2, p.813
O'Coigley stayed thereradicalthe Enginepub01/06/1797ManchesterGraham,Nation, law and the king, vol 2, p.813
Society of Amicable Friends dinner for king's birthdaypatrioticThe Griffin Innpub04-Jun-1812ManchesterMM 9 June 1812
dinner for 1688loyalthe hotelpub05-Nov-1788ManchesterManchester Mercury, 11 November 1788
C of E meeting against repeal of T and C actsloyalthe hotelpub03-Feb-1790ManchesterCambrics scrapbook, p. 30
dinner on Wellington's visitloyalTheatre Royaltheatre13-Sep-1830MondayManchesterM9/M1/33
ACCL bazaarACLATheatre Royaltheatre31-Jan-1842MondayManchesterMG 26 Jan 1842
grand Conservative dinnerelectionTheatre Royaltheatre04/12/1832TuesdayManchester1150Morn Post 5 Dec 1832
meeting of journeymen cotton spinnerstrade uniontheir schoolroomschoolroom17-Sep-1829ManchesterPP 1838 q.3634
riot against labour testANPLTib St Workhouseworkhouse08/03/1848ThursdayManchesterLiv Merc 10 March 1848
riot against labour testANPLTib St Workhouseworkhouse09/03/1848FridayManchesterLiv Merc 10 March 1848
Chartist lecture by Mr ButterworthChartistTib Street association roomown room15/02/1841SundayManchesterNS 20 Feb 1841
plug rioters meetingtrade unionTinker's Gardensopen space24-Aug-1842WednesdayManchester500Mcr Times 24 August 1842
plug rioters meetingtrade unionTinker's Gardensopen space25-Aug-1842ThursdayManchesterMcr Times 24 August 1842
effigy of Tom Paine hung at top of Deansgateloyaltop of Deansgatestreet20-Dec-1792MondayManchesterMM 1 Jan 1793
footpath preservation socradicaltown halltown hall14-Nov-1826WednesdayManchesterManchester Guardian, 18 Nov. 1826
reformreformtown halltown hall23-May-1827WednesdayManchesterManchester Guardian, 26 May 1827
reformreformtown halltown hall25-May-1827FridayManchesterMCL, M91/M1/33
on rejection of corn laws billACLAtown halltown hall30-Jun-1827ManchesterMCL, M91/M1/33
on address to HM on corn lawsACLAtown halltown hall05-Jul-1827ManchesterMCL, M91/M1/33
new police act meetingpolicetown halltown hall30-Jan-1828WednesdayManchesterMCL, M91/M1/33
dinner for Robert Peelloyaltown halltown hall08-Oct-1828ManchesterM91/M1/33
new police act meetingpolicetown halltown hall18-Nov-1829ManchesterM91/30/7
meeting against EIC monopolycommercialtown halltown hall21-Jan-1830ThursdayManchesterLM 23 Jan 1830
public meeting of m and ms on distressed state of countrylocal governmenttown halltown hall25/02/1830ThursdayManchesterM91/M1/33
public meeting of m and ms on distressed state of countrylocal governmenttown halltown hall14-Apr-1848ManchesterM91/M1/33
public meeting on demise of the kingpatriotictown halltown hall08-July-1830ManchesterM91/M1/33
footpath preservation socradicaltown halltown hall09-Sep-1830ThursdayManchesterMG 4 Sep 1830; Mcr Times 4 Sep 1830
preservation of the peacepolicetown halltown hall22-Dec-1830ManchesterM91/M1/33
reformreformtown halltown hall20-Jan-1831ManchesterMSA 22 Jan 1831
reformreformtown halltown hall09-Mar-1831WednesdayManchesterM91/M1/33
on enlargement of Exchangelocal governmenttown halltown hall20-Jun-1836ManchesterM91/M1/33
petition parl for repeal of duty on cotton woolACLAtown halltown hall26-Jan-1837ManchesterM91/M1/33
policepolicetown halltown hall09-Feb-1837ThursdayManchesterM9/61/1/3
meeting to address the queenradicaltown halltown hall24-Jun-1837SaturdayManchesterMcr times 1 July 1837
anti-slavery reps of lancs and chesabolitiontown halltown hall12/02/1838MondayManchesterMcr times 1 July 1837
operative anti-bread tax assoc/ACLAACLAtown halltown hall01-Jan-1842SaturdayManchesterManchester Times 16 April 1842; HO 45/269/2
magistrates, committee of the town councillocal governmenttown halltown hall15-Aug-1842MondayManchesterRose, Plug riots, 108
ACLAACLAtown halltown hall01-Feb-1843WednesdayManchesterMG 4 Feb 1843
10 hours meeting10 hourstown halltown hall02-Mar-1846MondayManchesterDB/CB/27/C1/7/1
ACLAACLAtown halltown hall02-Jul-1846ThursdayManchesterMG 4 July 1846
Chartist Tea PartyChartisttown halltown hall18-Mar-1848ManchesterMFQ 1/440/140
great peace meetingChartisttown halltown hall03-Nov-1848FridayManchesterrichardson papers
antislavery reps of lancs and chesabolitiontown halltown hall12/02/1838MondayManchestermcr times 17 feb 1838
reformreformtown halltown hall16-May-1832WednesdayManchesterMcr Times 19 May 1832
prosecution societylocal governmentUnicorn Innpub01/01/1823ManchesterP3782
commemoration of PeterlooradicalUnion Roomsown room16-Aug-1820WednesdayManchesterLM 19 Aug 1820
dinner for CobbettradicalUnion roomsown room29-Nov-1819Manchester120Morn Chron 2 Dec 1819
friends of Cobbett meetingradicalUnion roomsown room15-Nov-1819MondayManchestermorn chron 19 Nov 1819
union schools recitalradicalUnion roomsown room25-Dec-1819ManchesterMO 1 Jan 1820
anniversary of PeterlooradicalUnion roomsown room16-Aug-1822FridayManchesterMorn Chron 20 Aug 1822
Blackburn female reformers attended meeting of Manchester female radicalsradicalUnion Roomsown room12-Jul-1819MondayManchesterMorn Post 20 July 1819
draw up congratulatory address to HuntradicalUnion Roomsown room14/10/1822MondayManchesterRepublican vol 7 p. 49
weavers meetingtrade unionvacant ground near aqueductopen space27-Sep-1824MondayManchester500MG 2 October 1824
plug riotstrade unionwaste groundopen space10-Aug-1842WednesdayManchesterJenkins, General Strike, p. 88
powerloom weaver meetingtrade unionWater Works co reservoiropen space16-Aug-1842FridayManchesterMG 24 August 1842
Church and King ClubloyalWeavers' Armspub23-Jun-1792ManchesterWalker, 16
radical meetingradicalWellington inninn/hotel10/12/1816TuesdayManchesterHO 42/168/355
Hunt dinnerradicalWhite Lionopen space07-Apr-1831ThursdayManchesterBolton Chronicle, 9 April 1831
MPU committee meetingreformWhite Lionpub26-Oct-1830TuesdayManchesterMcr Times 23 Oct 1830
ChartistsChartistWhittaker's Temperance Hoteltemperance hotel29/05/1848ManchesterNS 25 April 1848
reform billreformYork Hotelinn/hotel22-Dec-1830WednesdayManchesterMg 25 December 1830; Watkin diaries, 126
meeting of deputies to confer member to support the Reform billreformYork Hotelinn/hotel29-Apr-1831FridayManchesterBolton Chronicle, 30 April 1831
HQ of Colonel WarremilitaryYork Hotelinn/hotel15-Aug-1842MondayManchesterRose, plug riots, 108
ACLA prelim meeting before mass meeting next dayACLAYork Hotelinn/hotel14-Feb-1842MondayManchesterMcr Times 19 Feb 1842
public meeting on railway to Oldham and HalifaxcommercialYork Hotelinn/hotel14-Feb-1838WednesdayManchesterMcr times 17 Feb 1838
visit of Dr BowringelectionYork Hotelinn/hotel18-Sep-1838WednesdayManchesterMorn Chronicle 21 Sep 1838
ACLAACLAYork Hotelinn/hotel10-Jan-1839ThursdayManchesterLiv Mercury 11 Jan 1839
Mr Greg's committee room; Jos Brotherton's addresselectionYork Hotelinn/hotel07-Sep-1839SaturdayManchesterMorning Post 9 Sep 1839
borough magistrates on preserving the peacelocal governmentYork Hotelinn/hotel01-May-1839SaturdayManchesterTimes 8 May 1839
dinner of police to celebrate Victoria's marriagepatrioticYork Hotelinn/hotel11-Feb-1840MondayManchester23mcr times 15 feb 1840
moderate reformers' meetingreformYork Hotelinn/hotel13/12/1831MondayManchesterAbsalom Watkin, p. 126
meeting to form new reform associationradicalYork Hotelinn/hotel14/05/1832ManchesterWatkin diaries, 147
loyal associationloyalYork Minsterinn/hotel06-Dec-1792ManchesterMM 11 Dec 1792
loyal associationloyalYork Minsterinn/hotel01-Apr-1795ManchesterPrentice, 426
10 hours10 hoursplot of ground, near St Paul's churchopen space25/08/1838HuddersfieldKydd, History of Factory movement, 142
pro-Wardle and reformreformRose and Crownpub16/05/1809HuddersfieldWYAS Kirklees, KC 174 box 5/8
riot in front of 'Orange committee room'OrangeRose and Crownpub30/07/1837Huddersfieldleeds mercury 5 august 1837
5th co-op congresssocialistWhite Hart Innpub08/04/1833MondayHuddersfieldThe Crisis, vol 3, no7, 19 Oct 1833
5th co-op congresssocialistCo-op storeco-op09/04/1833TuesdayHuddersfieldThe Crisis, vol 3, no7, 19 Oct 1833
5th co-op congresssocialistBack Greenfield09/04/1833TuesdayHuddersfieldThe Crisis, vol 3, no7, 19 Oct 1833
anti-NPL riotANPLPhilosophical Hallinstitution01/11/1838MondayHuddersfieldTimes, 24 Nov 1838
Busfeild Ferrand visitelectionPhilosophical Hallinstitution28/01/1846SaturdayHuddersfield?, 4 Feb 1846
abolition of Corn LawsACLAPhilosophical Hallinstitution01/02/1846TuesdayHuddersfield?, 9 Feb 1846
committee to appoint delegate to meeting at Yew Tree InnradicalGeneral News Rooms, Pack Horse Yardnewsroom01/09/1838HuddersfieldNS 22 Sep 1838
meeting in support of William Cartwrightlocal governmentYew Tree Inn, Roberttowninn/hotel17/05/1813Huddersfield
10 hours10 hoursmarket placemarket18/06/1833TuesdayHuddersfieldPMG 29 june 1833
NPL board of guardians - radical oppANPLDruids' Hotelinn/hotel05/06/1837Huddersfield10000NPL, 151
NPL board of guardians - radical oppANPLAlbion Inninn/hotel05/06/1837Huddersfield10000NPL, 152
NPL board of guardians - radical oppANPLAlbion Inninn/hotel15/07/1837HuddersfieldNPL, 159
radicalradicalFixby Parkopen space17/08/1819TuesdayHuddersfield
reformreformCourt Housecourt house07/03/1831MondayHuddersfieldHHE 12 March 1831
nomination of election candidateselectionin front of court housestreet01/01/1834HuddersfieldHHE 8 Jan 1834
anti EIC monopolycommercialCourt Housecourt house17/02/1830WednesdayHuddersfieldLM 20 Feb 1830
reform petitionreformCourt Housecourt house07/03/1831MondayHuddersfieldHHE 5 March 1831
petition lords on reformreformCourt Housecourt house30/09/1831ThursdayHuddersfieldHalifax and Huddersfield Express, 1 Oct 1831
nomination of election candidateselectionin front of the Court Housestreet01/01/1834HuddersfieldHHE 8 Jan 1834
board of guardians meeting - crowd outsideANPLCourt Housecourt house22/02/1838HuddersfieldantiNPL, 181
meeting to subscribe for William CartwrightloyalYew Tree Inn, Roberttownpub06/09/1813MondayHuddersfieldLM 16 April 1814
meeting to subscribe for William CartwrightloyalYew Tree Inn, Roberttownpub25/04/1814MondayHuddersfieldLM 16 April 1814
meeting of merchants to repeal stamp lawscommercialYew Tree Inn, Roberttownpub03/05/1819MondayHuddersfieldLM 8 May 1819
general meeting of principal inhabs on prosecution societylocal governmentYew Tree Inn, Roberttownpub24/06/1819HuddersfieldKC 120/1
meeting to form volunteer force for protection of law and property of the Countrylocal governmentYew Tree Inn, Roberttownpub22/11/1819MondayHuddersfieldWYL 250/6/2/box 2
meeting to form volunteer force for protection of law and property of the Countrylocal governmentYew Tree Inn, Roberttownpub06/12/1819HuddersfieldWYL 250/6/2/box 2
meeting of magistrates and manufacturerscommercialYew Tree Inn, Roberttownpub15/12/1819HuddersfieldWYL 250/6/2/box 2
prosecution society anniversary dinnerlocal governmentYew Tree Inn, Roberttownpub12/04/1820HuddersfieldKC 120/1
meeting to form memorial to restore Stocks to magistracyradicalYew Tree Inn, Roberttownpub11/11/1830ThursdayHuddersfieldLM 13 Nov 1830
short time10 hoursYew Tree Inn, Roberttownpub24/06/1833HuddersfieldHalifax Guardian, 29 June 1833
Liversedge prosecution society 3rd annual meetinglocal governmentYew Tree Inn, Roberttownpub03/05/1837WednesdayHuddersfieldLM 13 May 1837
opposition to NPL procession to Peep GreenANPLYew Tree Inn, Roberttownpub16/05/1837TuesdayHuddersfieldLM 20 May 1837
Liversedge prosecution society annual meetinglocal governmentYew Tree Inn, Roberttownpub06/05/1840WednesdayHuddersfieldLM 16 May 1840
meeting of Oastler's friends to raise funds for his releaseANPLYew Tree Inn, Roberttownpub15/11/1843WednesdayHuddersfieldFleet papers, p.3
WR railway dinnercommercialYew Tree Inn, Roberttownpub01/07/1845TuesdayHuddersfieldLM 5 July 1845
Short time committee10 hoursWhite Hart Innpub13/10/1836ThursdayHuddersfieldTameside, X536
lecture by M DouallChartistGuild Hallguild hall12/08/1842FridayHuddersfieldNS 20 Aug 1842
Chartist meeting on national holidayChartistBack Greenfield10/08/1839SaturdayHuddersfieldBO, 15 Aug 1839
plug riot meetingtrade unionBack Greenfield13/08/1842SaturdayHuddersfieldNS 20 Aug 1842
plug meetingtrade unionBack Greenfield15/08/1842MondayHuddersfield10000NS 20 Aug 1842
soldiers musteredmilitaryBowling Green next to George Hotelgreen14/08/1842SundayHuddersfieldNS 20 Aug 1842
jubilee dinnerpatrioticGeorge Inninn/hotel25/10/1809Huddersfieldjubilee jottings, p.102
anti-Cath emanc meetingreligionGeorge Inninn/hotel28/12/1812HuddersfieldDD/HF/2/10
NPL board of guardians - radical oppANPLGeorge Inninn/hotel03/04/1837HuddersfieldNPL, 150
loyal addressloyalGeorge Inninn/hotel20/12/1792ThursdayHuddersfieldLM, 29 Dec 1792
form volunteer corpspatrioticGeorge Inninn/hotel04/06/1794HuddersfieldLM 21 June 1794
anti-LudditeloyalGeorge Inninn/hotel27/02/1842ThursdayHuddersfieldLeeds Mercury, 28 March 1812
reform meetingreformGeorge Inninn/hotel21/01/1813HuddersfieldRad I, appendix, acc 3797, f84
proclamation of George IVpatrioticGeorge Inn, in front ofstreet07/02/1820TuesdayHuddersfield10000LM 12 Feb 1820
loyal addressloyalGeorge Inninn/hotel18/12/1820MondayHuddersfieldLM 23 Dec 1820
reform addressreformGeorge Inninn/hotel12/05/1832SaturdayHuddersfieldHalifax and Huddersfield Express, 19 May 1832; LM 15 May 1832
dinner for O'ConnorradicalGeorge Inninn/hotel30/09/1836FridayHuddersfieldLondon Dispatch, 8 Oct 1836
meeting of workingclasses; boycott shopkeeperstrade unionGeorge Inn, Kirkburtoninn/hotel26/12/1833HuddersfieldHO 52/25/174
meeting to petition parliament for end to prosecutions of unstamped printersradicalUnion room, Swan Yardown room19/08/1831MondayHuddersfieldPMG 17 Sep 1831
start of procession to Almondbury reform meetingreformUnion committee roomown room26/12/1831MondayHuddersfieldHHE 31 Dec 1831
national union of working classes lectureradicalUnion room, Swan Yardown room10/06/1833MondayHuddersfieldVWR 15 June 1833
Huddersfield Political UnionradicalUnion room, Swan Yardown room12/08/1833MondayHuddersfieldVWR 10 August 1833
meeting to memorialise Queen to release Welsh chartistsChartistUnion Roomown room10/02/1840MondayHuddersfieldNS 15 Feb 1840
ultra radicals reformradicalUnion Hall, Swan Yardown room15/05/1832TuesdayHuddersfieldHalifax and Huddersfield Express, 19 May 1832
Radical and Chartist newsroomChartistUnion Hall, Swan Yardown room01/01/1839HuddersfieldLM 2 Feb 1839
magistrates, constables and military basedlocal governmentUnion Hall, Swan Yardown room01/08/1842HuddersfieldNS 20 Aug 1842
proclamation of George IVpatrioticmarket placemarket07/02/1820TuesdayHuddersfieldLM 12 Feb 1820
reform hustingsreformmarket placemarket07/03/1831MondayHuddersfieldHHE 12 March 1831
Hunt address crowdradicalmarket placemarket09/11/1831WednesdayHuddersfield2000Hhe 12 Nov 1831
procession on way to Almondbury reform meetingreformmarket placemarket26/12/1831MondayHuddersfieldHHE 31 Dec 1831
Huddersfield election hustingselectionmarket squaremarket06/01/1834MondayHuddersfieldMorning Chronicle 8 Jan 1834
on Dorchester labourerstrade unionmarket squaremarket07/04/1834MondayHuddersfield5000VWR 12 April 1834
Stephens' 10 hour sermons10 hoursmarket placemarket09/10/1836SundayHuddersfieldTameside, X536
anti NPLANPLmarket placemarket01/12/1836HuddersfieldantiNPL, p. 90
anti NPL effigy burningANPLmarket placemarket05/06/1837HuddersfieldantiNPL, p. 157
anti NPLANPLmarket placemarket29/01/1838HuddersfieldantiNPL, 179
procession to greet Rev Stephens ends outsideANPLCloth hallcloth hall08/10/1836SaturdayHuddersfieldTameside, X536
Morpeth and Strickland election address from the window; anti NPL crowds outsideANPLoutside Rose and Crownstreet17/07/1837HuddersfieldLM 22 July 1837
antislavery societyabolitionWesleyan Chapel, Queen Stchapel24/07/1833WednesdayHuddersfieldVWR 27 July 1833
formation of ACLAACLAPhilosophical Hallphilosophical hall29/01/1839TuesdayHuddersfield300LM 2 Feb 1839
RC Stansfield election addresselectionPhilosophical Hallphilosophical hall19/12/1839ThursdayHuddersfieldNS 21 Dec 1839
meeting on factory bill10 hoursInfants' School Room, Spring Stschoolroom26/12/1831MondayHuddersfieldHHE 31 Dec 1831
radical meeting to form PUradicalopen space outside the Cawthorne, Queen Stopen space28/10/1830MondayHuddersfieldYork Courant 9 Nov 1830
Northern UnionChartistDickenson's Room, King Stown room18/02/1839MondayHuddersfieldNS 23 Feb 1839
NU on OwenismChartistDickenson's Room, King Stown room28/02/1839MondayHuddersfieldNS 9 March 1839
NU on rural policeChartisttheir room, King Stown room11/03/1839MondayHuddersfieldNS 16 March 1839
SS unionreligionnew Methodist chapelchapel27/05/1822MondayHuddersfieldLM 1 June 1822
Northern UnionChartistS. Dickinson's roomown room28/07/1839MondayHuddersfieldNS 3 Aug 39
Northern UnionChartistassociation room of NU, King Streetown room04/11/1839MondayHuddersfieldNS 2 Nov 1839
lecture on present distressChartistS Dickinson's Roomown room29/09/1839SundayHuddersfieldNS 28 Sep 1839
district committee of NUChartistNews Roomsnewsroom05/11/1839TuesdayHuddersfieldNS 2 Nov 1839
delegate committeeChartistNews Room, Pack Horse Yardnewsroom24/09/1839TuesdayHuddersfieldNS 28 Sep 1839
weekly meetingradicalworking men's association room in Shepherd's Armsworking men's club22/07/1839MondayHuddersfieldNS 27 July 1839
union meeting to establishing a poor law associationChartistNew Inninn/hotel23/07/1839TuesdayHuddersfieldNS 27 July 1839
O'connor lecture for Frost defence fundChartistHall of Scienceinstitution30/11/1839ThursdayHuddersfield1500BO5 Dec 1839
public discussions between Chartists and SocialistsChartistHall of Science, Bath Buildingsinstitution03/05/1841MondayHuddersfieldNS 1 May 1841
public discussions between Chartists and SocialistsChartistHall of Science, Bath Buildingsinstitution05/05/1841WednesdayHuddersfieldNS 1 May 1841
meeting of chartistsChartistCouncil room, hall of Scienceinstitution04/08/1844SundayHuddersfieldNS 3 Aug 1844
sermon for Rev StephensChartistLong Croft, large roomown room04/03/1839MondayHuddersfieldNS 9 March 1839
defence fund for FrostChartistWorking men's associationworking men's club16/12/1839HuddersfieldNS 28 Dec 1839
antiNPL public meetingANPLWoolpack Inninn/hotel01/01/1838MondayHuddersfieldNS 6 Jan 1838
public meeting on distressChartistWoolpack Inninn/hotel21/03/1848MondayHuddersfieldNS 1 april 1848
weavers met to start their striketrade unionBarebonesopen space01/10/1829BarnsleyASSI 45/63
radical meetingradicalBarebonesopen space05/09/1839BarnsleyBurlands annals
corn riotriotmarket placemarket12/08/1794WednesdayBarnsleyBurlands annals
election address by Broughamelectionmarket placemarket05/08/1830ThursdayBarnsleyMG 7 August 1830
reform meetingreformmarket placemarket15/03/1831TuesdayBarnsleyHHE 19 March 1831
Queen Caroline bonfireradicalMarket Hillopen space11/11/1820BarnsleyHoyle, history of Barnsley, 645
Lord Morpeth election addresselectionMarket Hillopen space26/04/1835MondayBarnsleyLM 2 May 1835
unemployed linen weaverstrade unionMarket Hillopen space26/06/1837BarnsleyNPL, 159
meeting in favour of Glasgow cotton spinnerstrade unionOddfellows' Hallmasonic hall29/02/1838BarnsleyBurlands annals
public dinner to welcome William Ashton back from transportationChartistOddfellows' Hallmasonic hall31/12/1838BarnsleyBurlands annals
public meeting, subscription for StephensANPLOddfellows' Hallmasonic hall13/02/1839WednesdayBarnsleyBurlands annals
O'Connor visitChartistOddfellows' Hallmasonic hall05/04/1839FridayBarnsley2000NS 13 April 1839
O'Connor visitChartistOddfellows' Hallmasonic hall07/09/1839FridayBarnsleyBurlands annals
meeting to establish w/c school - Chartist protestChartistOddfellows' Hallmasonic hall05/11/1839TuesdayBarnsleyBurlands annals
Chartist tea festivalChartistOddfellows' Hallmasonic hall20/11/1839BarnsleyBurlands annals
Feargus O'Connor attended meeting on Frost and NPLChartistOddfellows' Hallmasonic hall20/12/1839BarnsleyBurlands annals; NS 28 Dec 1839
fancy dress ball for Queen's weddingpatrioticOddfellows' Hallmasonic hall10/02/1840MondayBarnsleyLM 15 Feb 1840
weekly public meetingChartistOddfellows' Hallmasonic hall26/03/1842MondayBarnsleyNS 2 April 1842
Northern UnionChartistWilson's Pieceopen space21/01/1839MondayBarnsleyNS 26 Jan 1839
Chartist church occupationChartistSt. Mary's Churchchurch04/08/1839SundayBarnsleyBurlands annals
chartist go to churchChartistSt. Mary's Churchchurch11/08/1839SundayBarnsleyLM 10 Aug 1839
warpentake meeting - subscriptions for yeomanrypatrioticMoot Hall, Market Hillmagistrates office04/06/1794BarnsleyBurlands annals
Northern Union, on national rentChartisthouse of Peter Hoey, Wilson-piecebeerhouse24/12/1838MondayBarnsleyNS 29 Dec 1838
Barnsley NUChartisthouse of Peter Hoey, Wilson-piecebeerhouse14/01/1839BarnsleyNS 19 Jan 1839
radical meeting - adjourned ot BarebonesChartistPeter Hoey'sbeerhouse05/09/1839BarnsleyBurlands annals; NS 14 Sep 1839
Wortley address to electorselectionlarge open space in front of King's Head Innopen space28/04/1835WednesdayBarnsleyLM 2 May 1835
NU outdoor meetingChartistMay Day Green, now called the Bull Ringopen space18/07/1839ThursdayBarnsleyNS 20 July 1839
UEradicalSteeton Moormoor/field06/04/1801MondaySteeton MoorWells, 209; WWM F 45/12
turnpike riotanti-enclosureBradford moormoor/field01/06/1753Bradford moorJames, History of Bradford, 86-7
UEradicalBradford moormoor/field26/03/1801Bradford moorWells, 209; HO 62/61/273
worsted weavers striketrade unionBradford moormoor/field01/06/1825Bradford moorDB3 C39/5
powerloom rioters' striketrade unionBradford moormoor/field01/05/1826Bradford moorDB 16/c32
Northern Union open air meetingChartistBradford moormoor/field29/07/1839MondayBradford moorNS 3 Aug 1839
Chartist camp meetingChartistBradford moormoor/field14/08/1842SundayBradford moor20000NS 20 Aug 1842; BO 18 Aug 1842
camp meetingChartistBradford moormoor/field01/04/1848SundayBradford moorHalifax Guardian, 22 April 1848
ChartistsChartistLidgett Greenmoor/field01/02/1840Lidgett GreenTS 11/813/2677, Yorkshire Lent Assizes, 5 March 1840
Weavers association, Horton branchtrade unionHorton Greenmoor/field01/06/1825Horton GreenDB3 C39/5
weavers striketrade unionFairweather Greenmoor/field09/06/1825WednesdayFairweather GreenDB3 C39/5
UEradicalTandle Hillmoor/field05/04/1801SundayTandle Hill10000Wells, p.209; HO 42/61/459, Fletcher to Portland, 6 April 1801
Wardle/Dof YradicalTandle Hillmoor/field03/04/1809MondayTandle HillRowbottom
drilling prior to PeterlooradicalTandle Hillmoor/field01/08/1819Tandle Hill800Epstein, Cap of Liberty, 100; Huish, history of Hunt, 401
workerstrade unionTandle Hillmoor/field30/04/1826SundayTandle HillMG 6 May 1826
planned powerloom rioters' meetingtrade unionTandle Hillmoor/field01/05/1826MondayTandle HillMG 6 May 1826; M9/61/1/1
planned powerloom rioters' meetingtrade unionTandle Hillmoor/field07/05/1826SundayTandle HillHO 44/16/63, 7 May 1826
powerloom riots meetingtrade unionTandle Hillmoor/field10/07/1826MondayTandle Hill15000HO 44/16/99, 13 July 1826
planned powerloom rioters' meetingtrade unionTandle Hillmoor/field17/07/1826MondayTandle HillRowbottom diaries
Chartist camp meetingChartistPark Hillmoor/field11/08/1844SundayPark HillNS 3 Aug 1844
plug riot meetingtrade unionGodley Greenmoor/field22/08/1842MondayGodley GreenMcr Times 27 August 1842
Chartist drillingChartistField near Birchen Bowermoor/field24/04/1839WednesdayField near Birchen BowerD-BUT F/63
ChartistsChartistHoughton Greenmoor/field01/04/1848Houghton Green10000TS 11/137/374
reformChartistBent Greenmoor/field23/09/1816Bent GreenRowbottom diaries
cotton weavers meetingtrade unionBent Greenmoor/field10/08/1818MondayBent GreenMO 1 Aug 1818
reformradicalBent Greenmoor/field04/01/1819Bent GreenRowbottom diaries
anniversary of PeterlooradicalBent Greenmoor/field16/08/1820Bent GreenManchester Observer, 19 August 1820
celebration of CarolineradicalBent Greenmoor/field13/08/1820MondayBent GreenMO 25 Nov 1820
anniversary of PeterlooradicalBent Greenmoor/field16/08/1821Bent GreenHunt, To the Radical Reformers, 21
reformreformBent Greenmoor/field21/03/1830Bent GreenRowbottom diaries
Corn lawsACLABent Greenmoor/field01/05/1830Bent GreenD-BUT/F/1
corn laws and reformACLABent Greenmoor/field17/05/1830MondayBent Green500MG 22 May 1830
procession met to go and escort Hunt into OldhamreformBent Greenmoor/field31/12/1830FridayBent GreenD-BUT F/3
Corn lawsACLABent Greenmoor/field04/07/1831MondayBent Green500D-BUT/F/4
peace meetingradicalGreenacres Moormoor/field03/05/1801SundayGreenacres MoorRowbottom diaries; John Holden diary
mass platformradicalGreenacres Moormoor/field01/01/1817Greenacres MoorVernon, p.209
powerloom riottrade unionGreenacres Moormoor/field01/05/1826MondayGreenacres MoorRowbottom diaries
powerloom riottrade unionGreenacres Moormoor/field08/11/1826WednesdayGreenacres Moorrowbottom diaries
spinners' striketrade unionGreenacres Moormoor/field02/12/1826SaturdayGreenacres MoorRowbottom diaries
plug plottrade unionGreenacres Moormoor/field13/08/1842SaturdayGreenacres MoorButterworth diaries F/81
peaceradicalBoardman Edge, Leesmoor/field20/03/1809MondayBoardman Edge, LeesRowbottom diaries
unionists demanding Fielden's plantrade unionBoardman Edge, Leesmoor/field19/04/1834SaturdayBoardman Edge, LeesButterworth mss vol 20
trade unioniststrade unionDen Hill, Heymoor/field14/04/1834MondayDen Hill, HeyButterworth MS F/20
drilling prior to PeterlooradicalUnsworth Moss, near Heaton Parkmoor/field01/08/1819Unsworth Moss, near Heaton ParkEpstein, Radical Expression, 91.
ChartistChartistShaw Edge, Cromptonmoor/field22/05/1842SundayShaw Edge, Crompton400Butterworth diaries, F/79
Luddite drillingtrade unionMottram Moor/Wednescough Greenmoor/field01/05/1812Mottram Moor/Wednescough GreenBowman, England in AuL, pp.437-8
plug plot meetingtrade unionMottram Moor/Wednescough Greenmoor/field07/08/1842SundayMottram Moor/Wednescough Green2000Jenkins, General Strike of 1842, p.67; MG, 24 Aug 1842; trial of O'Connor, p.20
plug plot meetingtrade unionMottram Moor/Wednescough Greenmoor/field14/08/1842SundayMottram Moor/Wednescough Green200Trial of O'Connor, p.31
plug plot meetingtrade unionMottram Moor/Wednescough Greenmoor/field16/08/1842TuesdayMottram Moor/Wednescough GreenTrial of O'Connor, p.31
plug plot meetingtrade unionMottram Moor/Wednescough Greenmoor/field16/08/1842TuesdayMottram Moor/Wednescough GreenTrial of O'Connor, p.31
planned delegate meeting, powerloom riotstrade unionWhite Mossmoor/field01/07/1826SundayWhite MossHO 44/16/99
Prim Meth camp meetingreligiousHartshead Pikemoor/field06/06/1830SundayHartshead PikeD-BUT F/2
plug plot meetingtrade unionHartshead Pikemoor/field27/08/1842SaturdayHartshead PikeD-BUT F/81
reformradicalBarkislandmoor/field01/08/1819BarkislandHO 42/191/116-7; Holroyd, p.74.
reform meetingradicalCronkey Shawmoor/field01/03/1817Cronkeyshaw common220HO 33/2/7, Lee to Freeling, 2 March 1817
reform meetingradicalCronkey Shawmoor/field18/08/1818TuesdayCronkeyshaw commonMO 8 Aug 1818
reform meetingradicalCronkey Shawmoor/field26/07/1819Cronkeyshaw commonWestmorland Gazette 31 July 1819
chartistsChartistCronkey Shawmoor/field25/06/1839TuesdayCronkeyshaw commonChampion, 23 June 1839
chartistsChartistCronkey Shawmoor/field18/06/1841Cronkeyshaw commonNS, 19 June 1841
camp meetingChartistCronkey Shawmoor/field21/07/1842SundayCronkeyshaw commonMG, 20 July 1842
chartist/plug plotChartistCronkey Shawmoor/field11/08/1842ThursdayCronkeyshaw common40000Jenkins, General Strike, 91
plug plottrade unionCronkey Shawmoor/field12/08/1842FridayCronkeyshaw common5000Jenkins, General Strike, 91
chartist meetingsChartistCronkey Shawmoor/field14/08/1842SundayCronkeyshaw common9000Mather, Chartism and Society, p.301-2, citing report in halifax Guardian, 20 Aug 42
chartist camp meetingChartistCronkey Shawmoor/field16/07/1843SundayCronkeyshaw commonNS 8 July 1843
free tradeACLACronkey Shawmoor/field07/07/1846WednesdayCronkeyshaw commonMcr Times, 11 July 1846
ChartistsChartistBasin Stonemoor/field18/08/1842ThursdayBasin Stone, TodmordenCroft, John Fielden,65; MG 8 March 1843
camp meetingChartistStoodley Pikemoor/field01/05/1843Stoodley PikeCroft, John Fielden, 68
camp meetingChartistPike Holes, near Stoodley pike, Langfield moormoor/field29/07/1848SundayPike Holes, near Stoodley pike, Langfield moorMcr Times 1 August 1848
reform meetingreformSmith Hillmoor/field16/03/1831WednesdaySmith HillHHE 19 March 1831
reform meetingreformSmith Hillmoor/field12/05/1832SaturdaySmith HillHalifax and Huddersfield Express, 19 may 1832
camp meetingChartistSlate Pit Hillsmoor/field01/06/1843Slate Pit HillsCroft, John Fielden, 68
radical meetingradicalopen ground near the new churchmoor/field31/07/1819Saturdayopen ground near the new churchTimes 4 August 1819
Chartist meetingChartistParsonage Greenmoor/field22/07/1839MondayParsonage Green12000NS 3 Aug 1839
Chartist meetingChartistParsonage Greenmoor/field12/08/1839MondayParsonage Green600Mcr Times 17 Aug 1839
camp meetingChartistFoster Clough Delphmoor/field01/05/1848Foster Clough DelphCroft, John Fielden, 68
weavers' meetingtrade unionNewton Heathmoor/field21/04/1794Newton HeathRowbottom diaries
meeting of mule spinnerstrade unionNewton Heathmoor/field12/05/1794MondayNewton HeathBR FF 942.72 S176
meeting of linen and cotton broadware weaverstrade unionNewton Heathmoor/field21/06/1794MondayNewton HeathBR FF 942.72 S176
Chartist drillingChartistfields in Newton, Old Lowermoor/field03/05/1839fields in Newton, Old LowerTS 11/813/6839
national holiday'Chartistfields between Hulme and Chorlton on Medlockmoor/field01/07/1840fields between Hulme and Chorlton on MedlockAnnual Register, 1840, p. 139
camp meetingChartistBlackstone Edgemoor/field14/07/1842SundayBlackstone EdgeCroft, John Fielden, 68; MG 20 July 1842
camp meetingChartistBlackstone Edgemoor/field01/07/1846Blackstone EdgeCroft, John Fielden, 68
camp meetingChartistBlackstone Edgemoor/field08/07/1847SundayBlackstone EdgeMG 14 July 1847
ChartistsChartistBlackstone Edgemoor/field28/05/1848SundayBlackstone Edgewebster, 'Chartism in the Calder Valley,' THAs 1994, p.70; Wilson, Struggles of an Old Chartist
ChartistsChartistBlackstone Edgemoor/field11/06/1848SundayBlackstone Edge6000NS, 17 June 1848; TS 11/137/374
UEradicalBuckton Castlemoor/field03/05/1801SundayBuckton CastleRowbottom diaries
UEradicalFriarmere, Saddleworthmoor/field24/05/1801SundayFriarmere, SaddleworthWells, 209
reformradicalLydgate, Saddleworthmoor/field01/05/1818Lydgate, SaddleworthEpstein, Radical Expression, 152
UEradicalChew Wells, Saddleworthmoor/field24/05/1801SundayChew Wells, SaddleworthHO 42/62/33; Wells, 216-17
UEradicalGee Crossmoor/field01/06/1797Gee CrossWells, p.76; PC 1/41/A139
Luddites/food riotstrade unionGee Crossmoor/field20/04/1812Gee CrossCharlesworth, Ind Protest, 44
Luddites/food riotstrade unionGee Crossmoor/field21/04/1812Gee CrossCharlesworth, Ind Protest, 44
UEradicalRivington Pikemoor/field31/05/1801Rivington PikeHO 42/62/110, Hay to Portland, 27 May 1801
drilling prior to PeterlooradicalCockey Moormoor/field07/08/1819SaturdayCockey Moorpapers relative to the internal state, 13
UE nocturnal meetingsradicalHartshead Moor/Peep Greenmoor/field01/08/1801Hartshead Moor/Peep GreenBradford, 35D77, 7 Aug 1801
nocturnal meetingsradicalHartshead Moor/Peep Greenmoor/field01/09/1801Hartshead Moor/Peep GreenThe Times, 24 Sep 1801
plan for Luddite attacktrade unionHartshead Moor/Peep Greenmoor/field22/02/1812SaturdayHartshead Moor/Peep Green
reformreformHartshead Moor/Peep Greenmoor/field01/04/1832Hartshead Moor/Peep Green15000Kod, p.323
card setterstrade unionHartshead Moor/Peep Greenmoor/field01/04/1833Hartshead Moor/Peep Green1500LM, 4 May 1833
anti-poor law/Feargus O'ConnorChartistHartshead Moor/Peep Greenmoor/field16/05/1837TuesdayHartshead Moor/Peep Green250000Leeds Times, 20 May 1837; Epstein, Lion of Freedom, p.47; LM 20 May 1837
elect delegates for General ConventionChartistHartshead Moor/Peep Greenmoor/field15/10/1838MondayHartshead Moor/Peep Green7000the Times, 18 Oct 1838; NS 16 Oct 1838; MG 17 Oct 1838
ChartistChartistHartshead Moor/Peep Greenmoor/field01/05/1839MondayHartshead Moor/Peep GreenBenjamin Wilson,
elect delegatesChartistHartshead Moor/Peep Greenmoor/field02/05/1839TuesdayHartshead Moor/Peep GreenNS 25 May 1839
Chartist meetingChartistHartshead Moor/Peep Greenmoor/field12/03/1848Hartshead Moor/Peep GreenRB Harrison's diary
Ludditestrade unionDumb Steeple, Cooper Bridgemoor/field11/04/1812SaturdayDumb Steeple, Cooper BridgePeel, Spen Valley, 245
risingradicalDumb Steeple, Cooper Bridgemoor/field31/03/1820FridayDumb Steeple, Cooper BridgePeel, Spen Valley, 262
radical meetingradicalOvenden Moormoor/field12/07/1831TuesdayOvenden Moor200Halifax and Huddersfield Advertiser 16 July 1831
large meetingsChartistSwan Coppicemoor/field01/02/1840Swan CoppiceWebster, Chartism in Calder Valley, 59
executionlocal governmentBeacon Hillmoor/field16/08/1783SaturdayBeacon HillHalifax handbills 59
meetingChartistWadsworth Moormoor/field05/05/1842MondayWadsworth Moor7000Webster, Chartism in calder valley, 61; NS 7 May 1842
Upper Agbrigg volunteers received coloursmilitaryCrossland Moormoor/field08/03/1804ThursdayCrossland MoorHalifax Journal 17 march 1804
murder of William Horsfalltrade unionCrossland Moormoor/field28/04/1812Crossland Moor
alleged drillingradicalCrossland Moormoor/field29/08/1819SaturdayCrossland MoorLM 4 Sep 1819
reform meetingreformIngsmoor/field23/03/1832WednesdayIngsHHE 26 May 1832
reform festivalreformWestgate commonmoor/field06/08/1832MondayWestgate commonLM 11 Aug 1832
volunteer reviewmilitaryHeath Commonmoor/field04/08/1796Heath Commonhistory of Wakefield, 492
volunteer reviewmilitaryHeath Commonmoor/field17/05/1804ThursdayHeath CommonHalifax Journal 19 May 1804
volunteer reviewmilitaryHeath Commonmoor/field22/10/1805WednesdayHeath CommonWakefield Star 25 Oct 1805
West End NU moonlight meetingChartistSt. Peter's hillmoor/field28/02/1839ThursdaySt. Peter's hillNS 23 Feb 1839
distressed operativestrade unionEccleshill Moormoor/field01/03/1833MondayEccleshill MoorLeeds Times, 7 March 1833
meeting of unemployedtrade unionHunslet Moormoor/field09/06/1839WednesdayHunslet Moor500NS 12 June 1839
radical meetingradicalHunslet Moormoor/field14/06/1819MondayHunslet Moorthe Times, 18 June 1819; Leeds Independent, 17 June 1819
radical meetingradicalHunslet Moormoor/field21/06/1819Hunslet MoorBelchem, radical platform, 17; Leeds Mercury 26 June
radical meetingradicalHunslet Moormoor/field19/07/1819MondayHunslet MoorBelchem, Black Dwarf 28 July; Morning Chronicle 22 July 1819
radical meetingradicalHunslet Moormoor/field19/08/1819ThursdayHunslet Moor3000papers relative to the state of the country, 39
radical meetingradicalHunslet Moormoor/field24/08/1819TuesdayHunslet Moor4000LM, 28 Aug 1819; papers relative to the state, 39
reform meetingradicalHunslet Moormoor/field20/09/1819Hunslet MoorHO 33/2/109; papers relative to the state, 45
public meeting of the Friends of Civil Liberty on 2 billsradicalHunslet Moormoor/field09/12/1819ThursdayHunslet MoorWYL 250/6/2/box 2; Yorks Gazette 18 Dec 1819
operatives on address to king on Dorchester labourerstrade unionHunslet Moormoor/field14/04/1834MondayHunslet MoorBO 17 April 1834
Trades' Uniontrade unionHunslet Moormoor/field16/06/1834MondayHunslet MoorMG 21 June 1834
Trades' Uniontrade unionHunslet Moormoor/field18/06/1834WednesdayHunslet MoorMG 21 June 1834
Great Northern UnionChartistHunslet Moormoor/field05/06/1838TuesdayHunslet MoorEpstein, Lion of Freedom, 104
adjourned meeting of unemployed operativestrade unionHunslet Moormoor/field09/12/1839MondayHunslet Moor4000NS 21 Dec 1839
meeting of unemployed poortrade unionHunslet Moormoor/field16/12/1839MondayHunslet MoorLM 21 Dec 1839
plug rioters/colliers from areatrade unionHunslet Moormoor/field18/08/1842ThursdayHunslet MoorNS 20 Aug 1842
reform meetingreformYeadonmoor/field28/06/1819MondayYeadon2000Leeds Mercury, 3 July 1819
camp meeting ChartistsChartistYeadonmoor/field26/06/1842SundayYeadonNS 18 June 1842
camp meeting ChartistsChartistYeadonmoor/field07/08/1842SundayYeadonNS 13 Aug 1842
inspection of troopsmilitaryChapeltown moormoor/field24/06/1794TuesdayChapeltown moorLI 30 June 1794
volunteers receive coloursmilitaryChapeltown moormoor/field29/08/1794FridayChapeltown moorLI 1 Sep 1794
military festival of the WRmilitaryChapeltown moormoor/field26/05/1795TuesdayChapeltown moorLI 1 June 1795; diary of Elizabeth Wadsworth; Hull Advertiser 5 June 1795
military festival of the WRmilitaryChapeltown moormoor/field27/05/1795WednesdayChapeltown moorLI 1 June 1795; diary of Elizabeth Wadsworth; Hull Advertiser 5 June 1795
military festival of the WRmilitaryChapeltown moormoor/field28/05/1795ThursdayChapeltown moorLI 1 June 1795; diary of Elizabeth Wadsworth; Hull Advertiser 5 June 1795
military festival of the WRmilitaryChapeltown moormoor/field29/05/1795FridayChapeltown moorLI 1 June 1795; diary of Elizabeth Wadsworth; Hull Advertiser 5 June 1795
Chartist meetingChartistArmley Moormoor/field1- Jun-1839TuesdayArmley Moor1000NS 22 June 1839
Ludditestrade unionGrange Moormoor/field01/04/1812Grange MoorSheffield Iris, 14 April 1812
radical meetingradicalGrange Moormoor/field01/04/1820Grange Moorsee Belchem; the Times, 17 April 1820
operative woolcombers and weaverstrade unionBairstow hillmoor/field28/09/1825WednesdayBairstow hillMorn Chron 1 Oct 1825
Morley and Agbrigg Regt of WY cavalry field daymilitaryFixby Parkmoor/field01/09/1843FridayFixby ParkBO 7 Sep 1843
military review on HM's birthdaymilitaryWoodhouse Moormoor/field04/06/1812ThursdayWoodhouse MoorLM 6 June 1812
grand field day on prince regent's birthdaymilitaryWoodhouse Moormoor/field12/08/1812WednesdayWoodhouse MoorLM 15 Aug 1812
meeting on fixing maximum price for producecommercialWoodhouse Moormoor/field15/07/1829Woodhouse MoorSheff Indep 18 July 1829
military review on HM's birthdaymilitaryWoodhouse Moormoor/field23/05/1839ThursdayWoodhouse MoorLM 25 May 1839
ChartistsChartistWoodhouse Moormoor/field24/04/1848MondayWoodhouse MoorMFQ 1/440/879
reformreformWoodhouse Moormoor/field08/11/1831TuesdayWoodhouse MoorHO 52/15/528; HHE 12 Nov 1831
ChartistsChartistHodsall moor, Low Moormoor/field16/07/1848SundayHodsall moor, Low MoorMFQ 1/440/114
volunteersmilitarySkircoat Moormoor/field28/01/1804SundaySkircoat MoorHalifax Journal 4 Feb 1804
review of volunteersmilitarySkircoat Moormoor/field29/07/1804SundaySkircoat MoorHalifax Journal, 4 August 1804
review of volunteersmilitarySkircoat Moormoor/field30/07/1804MondaySkircoat MoorHalifax Journal, 4 August 1804
review of volunteersmilitarySkircoat Moormoor/field01/08/1804TuesdaySkircoat MoorHalifax Journal, 4 August 1804
review of volunteersmilitarySkircoat Moormoor/field02/08/1804WednesdaySkircoat MoorHalifax Journal, 4 August 1804
review of volunteersmilitarySkircoat Moormoor/field09/05/1808MondaySkircoat MoorHalifax Journal 14 May 1808
radicalradicalSkircoat Moormoor/field01/08/1819Skircoat Moor
radicalradicalSkircoat Moormoor/field04/10/1819Skircoat Moor
Meth camp meetingreligiousSkircoat Moormoor/field01- Jun-1821Skircoat MoorJeremiah Gilbert, Journals, p. 55
association for the protection of labourtrade unionSkircoat Moormoor/field01/11/1830Skircoat Moorpolitical letters and pamphlets, Cruickshank and Hone, letter 2, p. 15
ChartistChartistSkircoat Moormoor/field01/05/1839MondaySkircoat MoorBenjamin Wilson
camp meetingChartistSkircoat Moormoor/field23/06/1839SundaySkircoat MoorNS, 29 June 1839
chartistChartistSkircoat Moormoor/field20/07/1839SaturdaySkircoat Moor5000NS 27 July 1839, Add 54545 f124
plug plottrade unionSkircoat Moormoor/field15/08/1842MondaySkircoat Moor15000Halifax Guardian, 20 Aug 42; Jenkins, General Strike, p.103
plug plot meetingtrade unionSkircoat Moormoor/field16/08/1842TuesdaySkircoat Moor3000NS 20 Aug 1842
Primitive Meth camp meetingreligiousSkircoat Moormoor/field06/06/1847SundaySkircoat MoorMISC 509/13
ChartistsChartistSkircoat Moormoor/field01/11/1847Skircoat Moor
chartistsChartistSkircoat Moormoor/field25/03/1848SaturdaySkircoat Moor4000Halifax Guardian 1 April 1848
camp meetingChartistSkircoat Moormoor/field26/03/1848SundaySkircoat MoorHalifax Guardian 1 April 1848
chartistChartistSkircoat Moormoor/field21/04/1848FridaySkircoat Moor100000Benjamin Wilson, 207; NS 29 April 48; MG 26 April 1848
ChartistsChartistToftshaw Moormoor/field12/06/1848MondayToftshaw Moor12000NS 17 June 1848
meeting of unemployed/powerloom riotstrade unionFairweather Greenmoor/field01/05/1826Fairweather Green250DB 16/c32
meeting of unemployed/powerloom riotstrade unionFairweather Greenmoor/field03/05/1826Fairweather GreenDB 16/c32
woolcombers' striketrade unionFairweather Greenmoor/field05/11/1827MondayFairweather GreenLM 10 Nov 1827
sacred monthChartistFairweather Greenmoor/field12/08/1839MondayFairweather GreenLM 17 Aug 1839
10 hourstrade unionBradford moormoor/field01/04/1832MondayBradford moorHO 52/20
chartist camp meetingChartistLoxleymoor/field06/10/1839SundayLoxleyNS 12 Oct 1839
ChartistsChartistHolbeck Moormoor/field21/01/1841ThursdayHolbeck Moor3000Times, 23 Jan 1841
plug rioterstrade unionHolbeck Moormoor/field18/08/1842ThursdayHolbeck MoorHO 45/264/184
reformers' meetingradicalfield outside Skiptonmoor/field08/11/1819field outside Skipton5000WYL 250/6/2/box 2
reformers' meetingradicalfield outside Otleymoor/field22/11/1819Mondayfield outside Otley2000WYL 250/6/2/box 2
weavers/minimum wagetrade unionKersal Moormoor/field25/05/1808Kersal MoorLittle, 'Joseph Hanson,' 8
suspicion that the radicals would 'raise a commotion'radicalKersal Moormoor/field31/05/1817Kersal MoorHO 40/5/4B/94, Fletcher, 31 May 1817
weavers meetingstrade unionKersal Moormoor/field01/08/1818Kersal MoorHO 41/4/150-1, Aspinall, p.272
strikers/radicalstrade unionKersal Moormoor/field01/09/1818MondayKersal MoorHO 33/2/58, 5 Sep 1818
meeting of weaverstrade unionKersal Moormoor/field06/05/1829WednesdayKersal MoorLM 16 May 1829
silk weavers meetingtrade unionKersal Moormoor/field14/05/1829ThursdayKersal MoorMorn Chron 18 May 1829
troops stationed - sham fightmilitaryKersal Moormoor/field01/06/1829Kersal MoorWatkin diaries, 110
review of troopsmilitaryKersal Moormoor/field10/08/1831ThursdayKersal Moor40000Bolton Chronicle, 13 August 1831
suspected trades meetingtrade unionKersal Moormoor/field17/10/1831MondayKersal MoorManchester Chronicle, 15 Oct 1831; also HO 52/13/336
elect delegates for National ConventionChartistKersal Moormoor/field24/09/1838Kersal Moor50000Mather, Chartism and Society, 241; NS 29 Sep 1838
chartist demoChartistKersal Moormoor/field01/06/1839SaturdayKersal MoorMG, 8 May 1839
plug rioterstrade unionKersal Moormoor/field15/08/1842Kersal MoorMG 17 August 1842
plug rioters/minerstrade unionKersal Moormoor/field20/08/1842SaturdayKersal MoorMorning Chronicle, 7 Sep 1842
minerstrade unionKersal Moormoor/field22/08/1842MondayKersal MoorNS, 27 Aug 1842
encampment of militarymilitaryKersal Moormoor/field21/06/1848WednesdayKersal MoorRichardson papers
military reviewmilitaryKersal Moormoor/field19/09/1848TuesdayKersal MoorRichardson papers
weaverstrade unionfield by reservoir of Waterworks Company, Ancoatsmoor/field07/05/1829Thursdayfield by reservoir of Waterworks Company, AncoatsLM 16 May 1829
weavers' meetingtrade unionAshton Mossmoor/field01/09/1818Ashton Moss4000HO 42/180/135
weaverstrade unionAshton Mossmoor/field02/09/1818Ashton MossHO 42/180/137
weaverstrade unionAshton Mossmoor/field03/09/1818Ashton MossRowbottom diaries; HO 42/180/139
weaverstrade unionAshton Mossmoor/field04/09/1818Ashton MossHammonds, p.116
powerloom rioterstrade unionAshton Mossmoor/field01/05/1826Ashton MossM9/61/1/1
hampden club post BlanketeersradicalWhite Mossmoor/field20/03/1817White MossMSF 363 D1
weavers/powerloom riotstrade unionWhite Mossmoor/field07/05/1826White MossHO 44/16/63, 7 May 1826
torchlight chartist meetingChartistlarge piece of vacant ground off Hyde and Mottram turnpike roadmoor/field14/11/1838large piece of vacant ground off Hyde and Mottram turnpike road10000TS 11/815/2683
colliers turnouts meeting before marchtrade unionNewton Moor near Hydemoor/field17/06/1839MondayNewton Moor near Hyde1000NS 22 June 1839
colliers' meetingtrade unionfield at back of Fernally St, between Hailey Brow and Mottram New Road, Hydemoor/field24/06/1839Mondayfield at back of Fernally St, between Hailey Brow and Mottram New Road, Hyde2500History of Hyde, 109; NS 6 July 1839
spinners' meeting during striketrade unionmeadow near the Buck Inn, Dukinfieldmoor/field04/12/1830Saturdaymeadow near the Buck Inn, Dukinfield10000HO 40/27/349; Steinberg, p.215
Chartist camp meetingChartistAbbey Ground, Stalybridgemoor/field03/05/1848SundayAbbey Ground, Stalybridgemcr Times 9 May 1848
plug meetingtrade unionHall Green, Dukinfieldmoor/field03/08/1842WednesdayHall Green, Dukinfield1000Jenkins, 1842, p.66; trial of O'Connor, p.17
plug meetingtrade unionHall Green, Dukinfieldmoor/field12/08/1842FridayHall Green, DukinfieldPL 27/11
plug strikestrade unionMelton Green, near Cheetham's factory, Stalybridgemoor/field05/08/1842FridayMelton Green, near Cheetham's factory, Stalybridgetrial of Feargus O'Connor, p.19
colliers meetingtrade unionHalf Green near Marplemoor/field03/06/1839Half Green near MarpleNS 22 June 1839
SCI meeting to petition for parl reformradicalCastle Hillmoor/field08/04/1793Castle HillStevenson, 40; Sheff Register 11 April 1793
SCS meetingradicalCastle Hillmoor/field07/04/1794MondayCastle HillTS 24/4, Sheffield Register, 4 April 1794; HO 42/31/11
SCI meeting to org reform delegatesradicalParkmoor/field16/12/1793Parksongs of joseph mather
UE meetingradicalBagley Green, Tickhillmoor/field19/10/1800SundayBagley Green, TickhillWWM F/45/1
UEradicalSky Edgemoor/field01/01/1801Sky EdgeBaxter, 'Early Chartism', 142
Chartist meetingsChartistSky Edgemoor/field12/09/1839ThursdaySky EdgeBaxter, 'Early Chartism', 142
chartistsChartistSky edgemoor/field01/08/1842Sky edgeNS 6 Aug 42
Chartist camp meetingChartistAttercliffe commonmoor/field06/10/1839Attercliffe commonBaxter, 'Early Chartism', 144
Chartist camp meetingChartistAttercliffe commonmoor/field20/10/1839Attercliffe commonNS 26 Oct 1839
monster meetingChartistAttercliffe commonmoor/field16/04/1848SundayAttercliffe commonHalifax Guardian, 22 April 1848
reform/peterlooradicalBroccomoor/field26/10/1819Brocco50000Sheffield Independent, 26 Oct 1819; Times 26 Oct 1819
SS union anniversaryreligiousBroccomoor/field27/05/1822MondayBroccoLM 1 June 1822
drillingradicalCrooke's Moormoor/field30/06/1793Crooke's Moor72Stevenson, Artisans, 65
SCI/friends of peace and reformradicalCrooke's Moormoor/field10/08/1795MondayCrooke's Moor100000SCI pamphlet, 'Proceedings of the public meeting'; Stevenson, 76
funeral of Chartist Samuel HorberryChartistSheffield Moormoor/field27/06/1842MondaySheffield Moor3000NS 2 July 1842
Chartist camp meetingChartistLoxley Chasemoor/field13/10/1839Loxley ChaseBaxter, 'Early Chartism,' 144
10 hours meetingtrade unionWibsey Low Moormoor/field01/07/1833MondayWibsey Low Moor10000The Times, 5 July 1833; Halifax Guardian, 6July 1833
Dorchester labourerstrade unionWibsey Low Moormoor/field28/04/1834MondayWibsey Low Moor10000PMG, 10 May 1834; WYL 250/6/2/box 2
workers' meetingtrade unionWibsey Low Moormoor/field01/06/1834MondayWibsey Low MoorWYL 250/6/2/box 2
camp meetingChartistWibsey Low Moormoor/field02/04/1848SundayWibsey Low Moor12000Halifax Guardian, 8 April 1848
trades meetingtrade unionGranby Row Fieldsmoor/field05/05/1834MondayGranby Row FieldsPMG 10 May 1834
Chartist meeting/plug plotChartistGranby Row Fieldsmoor/field09/08/1842TuesdayGranby Row FieldsQuinault and Stevenson, 122
Chartist meetingChartistPendle Hillmoor/field12/06/1842Pendle Hill2000Charlesworth, 52; NS 17 Sep 1842
radicalradicalThomas Hadwin's field, Soylandmoor/field26/12/1816ThursdayThomas Hadwin's field, SoylandHolroyd, Postwar reform politics, 37
radicalradicalThomas Hadwin's field, Soylandmoor/field13/01/1817MondayThomas Hadwin's field, SoylandHolroyd, Postwar reform politics, 37
radical meetingradicalPreston moormoor/field15/10/1838Preston moorNS, 13 Oct 1838
radical meetingradicalPreston moormoor/field12/08/1839MondayPreston moorHO 40/37/710
radical meetingradicalAmberswood Commonmoor/field08/11/1819TuesdayAmberswood Common10000Morn Chron 12 Nov 1819
radical meetingradicalAmberswood Commonmoor/field12/11/1838MondayAmberswood CommonNS 27 Oct 1838
radical meetingradicalHabergham Eavesmoor/field15/11/1819Habergham Eavespapers relative to the internal state, 63
radical meetingradicalAspull moormoor/field01/04/1820FridayAspull moorHO 40/12/61
radical meetingradicalHudson's Fieldmoor/field30/10/1838MondayHudson's Field25000NS 27 Oct 1838
Hanson procession on release from prisontrade unionLancashire/Manchester hillmoor/field15/11/1809WednesdayLancashire/Manchester hillLM 25 Nov 1809
radical meetingradicalLancashire/Manchester hillmoor/field01/02/1819Lancashire/Manchester hillEpstein, Radical Expression, 152
radical meetingradicalSandy Browmoor/field01/09/1818TuesdaySandy BrowMO 29 Aug 1818
radical meetingradicalSandy Browmoor/field28/09/1818MondaySandy BrowHO 42/181/190
Cobden support meetingelectionMr. Orrell's Fieldmoor/field13/11/1837Mr. Orrell's Field2500Watkin diaries, p. 191
Paine burningloyalArdwick Greenmoor/field28/12/1792TuesdayArdwick GreenO'Gorman, 'Paine Burnings', 125; MM 1 Jan 1793
king's birthday processionpatrioticArdwick Greenmoor/field04/06/1804Ardwick GreenAnnals of Manchester, p. 133
king's birthday processionradicalArdwick Greenmoor/field04/06/1807ThursdayArdwick GreenCMG, 6 June 1807
king's birthday processionpatrioticArdwick Greenmoor/field04/06/1808SaturdayArdwick GreenCMG, 7 June 1808
weavers' committee meetingtrade unionArdwick Greenmoor/field20/04/1812MondayArdwick GreenGlen, Urban Workers, 178
king's birthday processionpatrioticArdwick Greenmoor/field28/05/1832MondayArdwick GreenM9/61/1/2
radical meetingradicalHyde's Fields, Ardwickmoor/field16/03/1817Hyde's Fields, Ardwick300HO 40/5/4A/137
radical meetingradicalHyde's Fields, Ardwickmoor/field17/03/1817Hyde's Fields, ArdwickHO 40/5/4A/137
camp meetingChartistCastle Hillmoor/field03/07/1842SundayCastle HillNS, 18 June 1842
camp meetingChartistCastle Hillmoor/field13/08/1843SundayCastle HillAhier, 54
chartistChartistCastle Hillmoor/field10/04/1848MondayCastle HillAhier, 54
chartistChartistCastle Hillmoor/field26/06/1848SundayCastle Hill5000Ahier, 54
chartistChartistCastle Hillmoor/field06/08/1848SundayCastle HillAhier, 54
radicalChartistBerry Browmoor/field24/12/1838MondayBerry BrowWYL 250/6/2/box 1
reformreformCamp Fieldmoor/field12/10/1831WednesdayCamp Field50000MC, 15 Oct 1831
reformreformCamp Fieldmoor/field28/11/1831MondayCamp FieldHO 52/13/482
short timetrade unionCamp Fieldmoor/field01/08/1832Camp FieldMG 1 Sep 1832
against disturbances in Ireland billradicalCamp Fieldmoor/field04/03/1833MondayCamp FieldMcr Times 9 march 1833
ChartistChartistThornhill Edgemoor/field10/06/1839MondayThornhill EdgeNS, 15 June 1839
blanket trade striketrade unionDaw Greenmoor/field21/07/1820MondayDaw GreenWYL 250/6/2/box 1
UEradicalAlmondbury Bankmoor/field01/01/1802Almondbury Bank
reformradicalAlmondbury Bankmoor/field0- Aug-1819MondayAlmondbury Bank3000MC 5 Aug 1819
reformradicalAlmondbury Bankmoor/field18/08/1819ThursdayAlmondbury Bank3000Brooke thesis, 212
reformradicalAlmondbury Bankmoor/field08/11/1819MondayAlmondbury BankBrooke thesis, 212; LM 13 Nov 1819
distresstrade unionAlmondbury Bankmoor/field03/07/1826MondayAlmondbury Bank2000Brooke thesis, 245
weaverstrade unionAlmondbury Bankmoor/field01/06/1829MondayAlmondbury Bank2000Brooke thesis, 254
reformreformAlmondbury Bankmoor/field26/12/1831MondayAlmondbury BankBrooke thesis, 276; HHE 31 Dec 1831
Chartist 3 day holidayChartistAlmondbury Bankmoor/field12/08/1839MondayAlmondbury BankNS 17 Aug 1839
anti NPLANPLAlmondbury poor house greenmoor/field28/02/1837Almondbury poor house green1500NPL book, 112
camp meetingChartistHood Hillmoor/field22/09/1839Hood HillJL Baxter, 'Early Chartism'
camp meetingChartistMount Skipmoor/field26/06/1842SundayMount SkipNS 18 June 1842
camp meetingChartistNorland moormoor/field26/06/1842SundayNorland moorNS 18 June 1842
camp meetingChartistCalderbrook Moormoor/field26/06/1842SundayCalderbrook MoorNS 18 June 1842
camp meetingChartistHeighhead Green, langfieldmoor/field26/06/1842SundayHeighhead Green, langfieldNS 18 June 1842
camp meetingChartistWortley moormoor/field26/06/1842SundayWortley moorNS 18 June 1842
celebration of HM birthdaypatrioticBush Inninn/hotel04/06/1801ThursdayCarlisleCarlisle Journal 6 June 1801
dinner by Lord LonsdaleelectionBush Inninn/hotel18/07/1808MondayCarlisleLancaster Gazette 30 July 1808
celebration of Pitt's birthdayloyalBush Inninn/hotel28/05/1810CarlisleYork Herald 23 June 1810
Pitt Club celebration of Pitt's birthdayloyalBush Inninn/hotel28/05/1817WednesdayCarlisleTriennial Commemoration of the anniversary of Mr Pitt's Birthday
magistrates and mayor meeting with delegates from striking weaverslocal governmentBush Inninn/hotel31/05/1819MondayCarlisleWestmorland Gazette 12 June 1819
meeting opposing police billlocal governmentBush Inninn/hotel21/01/1823ThursdayCarlisleCarlisle Patriot, 1 Feb 1823
St Patrick's Benevolent Institution for the Education of Poor ChildrencharityBush Inninn/hotel17/03/1825ThursdayCarlisleCarlisle Journal, 19 March 1825
election riotelectionBush Inninn/hotel08/06/1826FridayCarlisleD LONS L1/2/164
Special Sessionslocal governmentBush Inninn/hotel22/12/1830CarlisleCa 2/472/3
Conservative dinner for Sir James GrahamelectionBush Inninn/hotel04/01/1838ThursdayCarlisleMorn Post 8 Jan 1838
coronation ballpatrioticBush Inninn/hotel01/07/1838CarlisleMorn Post 29 June 1838
petition for peace meeting of freeholdersradicalMr Hardisty's Long Roompub08/01/1795CarlisleCumberland Pacquet 13 jan 1795
petition HM for removal of ministers and for peaceradicalMr Hardisty's Long Roompub26/06/1797MondayCarlisleD/HG/262
Pitt ClubloyalCrown and Mitrepub24/06/1814CarlisleD/MH/10/5/13
celebration of Union with Irelandloyalcoffee housecoffee house01/01/1801ThursdayCarlisleCarlisle Journal 3 Jan 1801
meeting of cotton spinners and mans to thank Lonsdale for rep their interests in parlcommercialcoffee housecoffee house02/06/1818TuesdayCarlisleCarlisle Patriot 13 June 1818
Pitt Club 6th anniversaryloyalcoffee housecoffee house28/05/1819FridayCarlisle40Westmorland Gazette 3 June 1819; Yorkshire Gazette 5 June 1819
reform petition meetingreformcoffee housecoffee house02/12/1830ThursdayCarlisleCarlisle Journal 4 Dec 1830
reform meetingreformcoffee housecoffee house10/03/1831ThursdayCarlisleCarlisle Journal, 12 March 1831
Carlisle Reform Assocreformcoffee house assembly roomscoffee house18/04/1831MondayCarlisleCarlisle Journal, 23 April 1831
coronation dinnerpatrioticcoffee housecoffee house01/07/1838CarlisleMorn Post 29 June 1838
O'Connor address the people on arrests of several members of conventionChartistcoffee house assembly roomcoffee house25/06/1839TuesdayCarlisleNS 29 June 1839
meeting on promoting better observation of Sabbathreligiouscoffee house assembly roomscoffee house16/12/1839MondayCarlisleNS 21 Dec 1839
reform meetingreformSwifts (racecourse)racecourse14/03/1831MondayCarlisleCarlisle Journal, 12 March 1831
reform meeting called by Reform AssocreformSwifts (racecourse)racecourse10/10/1831MondayCarlisleTimes 14 Oct 1831
loyal meetingloyaltown halltown hall15/12/1792SaturdayCarlisleCumberland Pacquet 18 Dec 1792
meeting to address HM on his escapeloyaltown halltown hall27/11/1795FridayCarlisleCumberland Pacquet 1 Dec 1795
meeting of principal inhabs to relieve poorlocal governmenttown halltown hall13/01/1801WednesdayCarlisleCarlisle Journal, 17 Jan 1801
public meeting on improvement actlocal governmenttown halltown hall03/06/1818WednesdayCarlisleCarlisle Patriot 6 June 1818
celebration of king's birthdaypatriotictown halltown hall04/06/1818ThursdayCarlisleCarlisle Patriot 6 June 1818
meeting on distress of weaverslocal governmenttown halltown hall31/05/1819MondayCarlisleWestmorland Gazette 3 June 1819
meeting to set up Police Officelocal governmenttown halltown hall25/09/1823MondayCarlisleCarlisle Patriot, 15 Feb 1823
meeting against Corn LawsACLAtown halltown hall31/03/1825ThursdayCarlisleCarlisle Journal, 26 March 1825
election riotelectiontown halltown hall09/06/1826SaturdayCarlisleD LONS L1/2/164
meeting for preservation of peacelocal governmenttown halltown hall12/11/1830FridayCarlisle150Carlisle Journal 13 Nov 1830
meeting for preservation of peacelocal governmenttown halltown hall13/11/1830SaturdayCarlislecarlisle Journal, 20 Nov 1830
meeting to form radical association branch of GNUChartisttown halltown hall23/08/1838Carlisle1000NS 25 Aug 1838
O'Connor speech; setting up of w/men's assocChartisttown halltown hall01/07/1838CarlisleTowill, p. 105
Radical Association meeting to consider voting address to Lord DurhamChartisttown halltown hall08/01/1839TuesdayCarlisleLondon Dispatch 13 Jan 1839
loyal address to HMloyaltown halltown hall08/02/1840SaturdayCarlisleNS 15 Feb 1840
freemen of Carlisle corporationlocal governmentGrapes Taverninn/hotel17/05/1792ThursdayCarlisleCumberland Pacquet 22 May 1792
loyal meetingloyalGrapes Inninn/hotel13/12/1792ThursdayCarlisleCumberland Pacquet 18 Dec 1792
celebration of D of Norfolk's birthdayelectionGrapes Taverninn/hotel26/03/1801ThursdayCarlisleCarlisle Journal, 28 march 1801
celebration of HM birthdaypatrioticmarket placemarket04/06/1801ThursdayCarlisleCarlisle Journal 6 June 1801
celebrations of peace prelimspatrioticmarket placemarket05/10/1801CarlisleCarlisle Journal 10 Oct 1801
march of weaverstrade unionmarket placemarket28/05/1819CarlisleWestmorland Gazette 3 June 1819
procession to mass meeting on peterlooradicalmarket placemarket09/10/1819CarlisleMorn Chron 15 Oct 1819
burning of effigy of D of wellingtonradicalmarket place/Crossmarket08/11/1830MondayCarlisleCarlisle Journal 13 Nov 1830
burning of effigy of Mr Peelradicalmarket place/Crossmarket09/11/1830TuesdayCarlisleCarlisle Journal 13 Nov 1830
radical reform processionradicalmarket place/Crossmarket10/11/1830WednesdayCarlisleCarlisle Journal 13 Nov 1830
Northern Union procession in honour of Huntradicalmarket place/Crossmarket25/12/1830MondayCarlisleCarlisle Journal, 1 Jan 1831
second reading of Reform Billreformmarket place/Crossmarket22/03/1831ThursdayCarlisleCarlisle Journal, 24 March 1831
burning of effigy of Spencer Perceval Esqradicalmarket placemarket21/03/1832WednesdayCarlisleD HOD 13/61
Chartist meeting addressed By George HarneyChartistmarket place/moot hall stepsmarket01/01/1839CarlisleWilliam Farish, 38
O'Connor address the people on arrests of several members of conventionChartistmarket placemarket25/06/1839TuesdayCarlisleNS 29 June 1839
celebration of HM birthdaypatrioticLion and Lambpub04/06/1801ThursdayCarlisleCarlisle Journal 6 June 1801
celebration of HM birthdaypatrioticKing's Armsinn/hotel04/06/1801ThursdayCarlisleCarlisle Journal 6 June 1801
celebration of king's birthdaypatrioticKing's Armsinn/hotel04/06/1818CarlisleCarlisle Patriot 6 June 1818
Wellington Society 4th anniversaryloyalKing's Armsinn/hotel01/06/1819Carlisle36Carlisle Journal 19 June 1819
peace petition lies for signsradicalBlue Bellinn/hotel08/01/1795CarlisleCumberland Pacquet 13 jan 1795
reform petition meetingreformBlue Bell Inn, Scotch Stinn/hotel13/12/1830MondayCarlisle500Carlisle Journal, 18 Dec 1830
HM's birthday processionpatrioticGranary, Lowther Ststreet28/05/1792MondayCarlisleCumberland Pacquet, 29 May 1792
Friends of the People meetingsradicalBrown's Buildingsown room01/01/1817CarlisleBarnes, 206
procession in honour of Mr HuntradicalBrown's Row/Botchergatestreet25/12/1830MondayCarlisleCarlisle Journal, 1 Jan 1831
food riot outsideriotScotch Armsstreet27/07/1795MondayCarlisleBarnes thesis, 71
meeting of subscribers to police officelocal governmentPolice Officemagistrates office07/02/1823FridayCarlisleCarlisle Patriot, 8 Feb 1823
female radical society meetingradicalMr Sinclair's beaming machineworkplace17/12/1838CarlisleNS 22 Dec 1838
2 public meeting to arrange for O'C's visitChartistmachine rooms, Water Lane, Willow Holmeworkplace25/10/1841MondayCarlisleNS 30 Oct 1841
nightly meetings awaiting news from Manchester plug strikesChartistCaldewgatestreet01/08/1842CarlisleBarnes 357
large Chartist meeting on whether to strikeChartistRigg Street, Caldewgatestreet21/08/1842SundayCarlisleBanres 358
Political Union committee roomradicalcommittee room of PU, Union Street, Caldewgateown room01/06/1819CarlisleBarnes, 201.
Hampden club meetingradicalGreen Dragon, Scotch Stpub01/01/1817CarlisleBarnes, 206
peace petition lies for signsradicalF Jollie's shopworkplace08/01/1805CarlisleCumberland Pacquet 13 jan 1795
petition against two bills lies for sigsradicalMr Mitchell's, bookseller, Fisher Stshop01/12/1795CarlisleCumberland Pacuet 1 Dec 1795
radical meetingradicalWillow Holmestreet01/01/1817CarlisleYork Herald 11 Jan 1817
address of sec of Chartists, Henry BowmanChartist18 Union St Botchergateown room30/04/1839CarlisleAdd MS 34245A
meeting of council on victim fundChartistChartist Association Room, 6 John St, Caldewgateown room24/09/1843SundayCarlisleNS 30 Sep 1843
radical meeting on PeterlooradicalCoalfell hill, mile w of Carlislemoor/field11/10/1819MondayCarlisleMorn Chron 15 Oct 1819; Westmorland Gazette 9 Oct 1819
meeting of radicalsradicalCoalfell hill, Carlislemoor/field01/11/1819MondayCarlisleNewcastle Courant, 13 Nov 1819; Westmorland Gazette 13 Nov 1819
weavers' meeting to striketrade unionthe Sands, Carlisleopen space11/05/1819TuesdayCarlisleWestmorland Gazette, 3 June 1819 from Carlisle Patriot, 29 May 1819
weavers' meeting on striketrade unionthe Sands, Carlisleopen space28/05/1819CarlisleWestmorland Gazette, 3 June 1819 from Carlisle Patriot, 29 May 1819
weavers on distresstrade unionthe Sands, Carlisleopen space02/06/1819FridayCarlisleWestmorland Gazette 3 June 1819
weavers on distresstrade unionthe Sands, Carlisleopen space22/06/1829MondayCarlisleCarlisle Journal 20 June 1829
reformreformthe Sands, Carlisleopen space29/08/1830MondayCarlisleCarlisle Journal 4 Sep 1830
reformreformthe Sands, Carlisleopen space20/09/1830TuesdayCarlisleCarlisle Journal 18 sep 1830
Chartist meetingChartistthe Sands, Carlisleopen space01/10/1838CarlisleBarnes thesis 335.
Chartist meetingChartistthe Sands, Carlisleopen space22/05/1839TuesdayCarlisleTowill, 109; HO 40/41/408
Chartist meeting to present address to HM to release Welsh patriotisChartistthe Sands, Carlisleopen space10/02/1840MondayCarlisleNS 15 Feb 1840
great reform meetingradicalopen space at Willowholme, Carlisleopen space01/01/1817CarlisleBarnes, 206.
great Chartist meetingChartistOld Bowling Greengreen16/07/1839TuesdayKendalNS 20 July 1839
meeting to subscribe to Patriotic Fund for thanksgiving for victoriespatriotictown halltown hall02/12/1805MondayKendalLancaster Gazette 7 Dec 1805
meeting to drink the king's health on his birthdaypatriotictown halltown hall04/06/1807ThursdayKendalLancaster Gazette 6 june 1807
meeting of principal inhabs for clearing the town of vagrantslocal governmenttown halltown hall15/04/1818KendalWestmorland Gazette 23 May 1818
address of Mr Brougham to the populaceelectionKing's Arms Inninn/hotel13/06/1818SaturdayKendalWestmorland Gazette 20 June 1818
feu de joie on anniversary of WaterloopatrioticHighgate nearly opposite New Ststreet12/06/1818ThursdayKendalWestmorland Gazette 20 June 1818
Brougham addressed the populace from the windowelectionCommittee Room, Crown Inninn/hotel15/06/1818MondayKendalWestmorland Gazette 20 June 1818
Brougham addressed crowd calling for enquiry into Peterlooradicalhustings in front of Mr Thomson's premises in Stricklandgatestreet20/10/1819WednesdayKendalWestmorland Gazette 23 Oct 1819
county meeting on petitioning parl on reduction of public expenditurelocal governmentcastle yardopen space15/03/1816FridayYork4000Sheffield Iris 19 March 1816
York county meeting of union societies on Peterlooradicalcastle yardopen space14/10/1819ThursdayYorkHull Packet 19 October 1819; Yorks Gazette 9 Oct 1819
election hustings and pollelectioncastle yardopen space31/07/1830York
election hustings and pollelectioncastle yardopen space01/05/1831YorkSheff Indepn 7 May 1831
10 hours meeting10 hourscastle yardopen space24/04/1832YorkHistory of Factory movement, 235
loyal meetingloyalGuild Hallguild hall17/12/1792MondayYorkLM 22 Dec 1792
jubilee meeting to address HMpatrioticGuild Hallguild hall25/10/1809YorkAccount of the celebration, 175
proclamation of peace Corporation assembledpatrioticGuild Hallguild hall24/06/1814FridayYorkYork Herald 25 June 1814
reform meetingreformGuild Hallguild hall17/02/1817MondayYorkYork Herald 15 Feb 1817
meeting for new police actlocal governmentGuild Hallguild hall28/09/1818MondayYorkYork Herald, 3 Oct 1818
public meeting on PeterlooradicalGuild Hallguild hall20/09/1819MondayYork4000Exeter Flying Post, 30 Sep 1819; Yorks Gazette 25 Sep 1819
public meeting on dismissal of ministersradicalGuild Hallguild hall15/11/1820WednesdayYorkYork Herald 4 Nov 1820
meeting on York Police Billlocal governmentGuild Hallguild hall18/01/1825TuesdayYorkYorks Gazette 22 Jan 1825
meeting to petition parl for repeal of house and window taxcommercialGuild Hallguild hall21/02/1825MondayYorkYorks Gazette 19 Feb 1825
anti-slavery meetingabolitionGuild Hallguild hall28/05/1828WednesdayYork120Yorks Gazette 31 May 1828
reformreformGuild Hallguild hall03/03/1831ThursdayYorkHHE 12 March 1831
public meeting calling for reformreformGuild Hallguild hall16/05/1832WednesdayYorkYork Herald 19 May 1832
antislavery meetingabolitionfestival concert roomtheatre18/10/1830FridayYorkYork Courant 19 Oct 1830
public dinner in memory of CJ FoxelectionAssembly Roomassembly room13/01/1819WednesdayYork120York Herald 16 Jan 1819
York King and Constitution club anniversary dinnerloyalAssembly Roomsassembly room25/02/1820TuesdayYork300Yorks Gazette 29 Jan 1820
public dinner for Whig electionelectionAssembly Roomsassembly room14/03/1820TuesdayYorkYork Herald 18 March 1820
public meeting for petitioning parl for reformreformold Assembly roomassembly room11/11/1830MondayYorkYork Courant 16 Nov 1830
coronation ballpatrioticGreat Assembly Roomassembly room08/09/1831ThursdayYorkYork Herald 10 Sep 1831
jubilee breakfastpatrioticYork Taverninn/hotel25/10/1809York50Account of the celebration, 175; York Herald 28 Oct 1809
proclamation of peace breakfastpatrioticYork Taverninn/hotel24/06/1814YorkYork Herald 25 June 1814
Dundas spoke from windows to electoral crowdelectionYork Taverninn/hotel14/03/1820TuesdayYorkYork Herald 18 march 1820
reform meetingreformYork Taverninn/hotel28/12/1830SaturdayYorkYork Courant 28 Dec 1830
Yorks City and County Reform Assoc petition Lords for reform billreformYork Taverninn/hotel12/09/1831MondayYorkYork Herald 24 Sep 1831
general meeting of Yorks City and County Reform Associ to petition on rejection of reform billreformYork Taverninn/hotel11/10/1831TuesdayYorkYork Herald 15 Oct 1831
great meeting for the CharterChartistmarket placemarket01/07/1839MondayYorkNS 6 July 1839
special meeting of the first district political unionChartistQueen pub, Petergatepub19/07/1839FridayYorkNS 27 July 1839
jubilee breakfastpatrioticMansion Housemagistrates office25/10/1809YorkAccount of the celebration, 175; York Herald 28 Oct 1809
dinner for coronationpatrioticMansion Housemagistrates office01/07/1821YorkLM 28 July 1821
jubilee dinnerpatrioticClark's Hotelinn/hotel25/10/1809York100Account of the celebration, 175
start of band procession for king's coronationpatrioticSt Helen's Squaresquare08/09/1831ThursdayYorkYork Herald 10 Sep 1831
weekly meeting WMA on corn lawsACLAWorking Men's Association Rooms, Salthouse Laneworking men's club22/01/1839TuesdayHullNS 26 Jan 1839
working men's assoctrade unionWorking Men's Association Rooms, Salthouse Laneworking men's club18/02/1839MondayHullNS 23 Feb 1839
weekly meeting female patriotic assocradicaltheir room, Blackfriargateworking men's club18/02/1839MondayHullNS 23 Feb 1839
sermon for Stephens defence fundradicalWorking Men's Association Rooms, Salthouse Laneworking men's club24/03/1839SundayHullNS 30 March 1839
weekly meetingradicalWorking Men's Association Rooms, Salthouse Laneworking men's club26/03/1839TuesdayHullNS 30 Mar 1839
weekly meetingradicalWorking Men's Association Rooms, Salthouse Laneworking men's club02/09/1839TuesdayHullNS 7 sep 1839
2 sermons by Rev W HillradicalWorking Men's Association Rooms, Salthouse Laneworking men's club08/09/1839SundayHullNS 14 Sep 1839
temperance meetingtemperanceinfants' school roomworking men's club18/02/1839MondayHullNS 23 Feb 1839
dinner to Mr SykesradicalBoys Schoolroom, Salthouse Laneworking men's club24/09/1830FridayHull270Hull Packet, 28 Sep 1830
Chartist meetingChartistLarge Room, Salthouse Laneworking men's club26/07/1839HullNS 3 Aug 1839
democratic associationradicalLarge Room, Salthouse Laneworking men's club01/09/1839MondayHullNS 7 Sep 1839
election club to support radical candidatesradicaltheir rooms, Salthouse Laneworking men's club10/09/1839TuesdayHullNS 14 Sep 1839
democratic associationradicaltheir rooms, Salthouse Laneworking men's club25/09/1839WednesdayHullNS 28 Sep 1839
Radical reformers meet to form a societyradicalMasons' Arms, Chapel Lanepub01/09/1830HullHull Packet, 28 Sep 1830
peace petition to House of CommonsreformGuild Halltown hall01/01/1795HullHull Advertiser, 6 feb 1795
anti-peace address meetingloyalGuild Halltown hall30/01/1795FridayHullHull Advertiser 6 Feb 1795
shipowners meeting on Pitt's plans to man the navycommercialGuild Halltown hall05/02/1795WednesdayHullHull Advertiser 6 Feb 1795
shipowners meeting on navy billcommercialGuild Halltown hall12/02/1795WednesdayHullHull Advertiser 14 Feb 1795
General QS on diminishing consumption of wheatlocal governmentGuild Halltown hall16/07/1795ThursdayHullHull Advertiser, 25 July 1795
address to HM on his escapeloyalGuild Halltown hall09/11/1795TuesdayHullHull Advertiser 13 Nov 1795
address to Col WardleradicalGuild Halltown hall19/04/1809WednesdayHullCobbett's PR 13 May 1809
reform meetingreformGuild Halltown hall03/02/1817MondayHullHull Advertiser 8 Feb 1817
reform meetingreformGuild Halltown hall17/10/1831MondayHullHull packet 18 Oct 1831
meeting on restoration of habeas corpusradicalCross Keyspub05/02/1795WednesdayHullHull Advertiser 6 Feb 1795
King's birthday, Indep volunteers musterpatrioticmarketplacemarket04/06/1795FridayHullHull Advertiser, 5 June 1795
female radical dinner to MR VincentChartistRoyal Oakpub16/11/1838FridayHullBlackburn Standard 28 Nov 1838
Electoral Union to concentrate radical votes in the boroughChartistRoyal Oakpub24/12/1838MondayHullNS 29 Dec 1838
election union meeting of number 1 districtChartistRoyal Oakpub09/08/1839FridayHullNS 17 Aug 1839
Chartist dinner after Dock Green meetingChartistRoyal Oakpub24/09/1839TuesdayHullNS 28 Sep 1839
weekly meeting female patriotic societyChartistRoyal Oakpub01/09/1839HullNS 14 Sep 1839
public meeting to elect delegates to National ConventionChartistRoyal Oakpub20/12/1839FridayHullNS 28 Dec 1839
Democratic associationChartistWhite Hartpub09/09/1839MondayHullNS 14 Sep 1839
start of procession on jubileepatrioticMansion Housetown hall25/10/1809Hullaccount of the celebration 180
subscription for relief of the poorlocal governmentMansion Housetown hall03/12/1816TuesdayHullHull Advertiser 7 Dec 1816
meeting to consider conduct of ministers prosecuting Queen CarolineradicalMansion Housetown hall30/11/1820HullLM 2 Dec 1820
meeting to petition parl to repeal local acts relating to the poorANPLMansion Housetown hall12/05/1823MondayHullHull Packet 12 May 1823
general meeting of Hull ship owners societycommercialMansion Housetown hall12/04/1827ThursdayHullHull Packet 17 April 1827
jubilee dinnerpatrioticAssembly Roomsassembly rooms25/10/1809Hull169Account of the celebration 181
jubilee ballpatrioticAssembly Roomsassembly rooms26/10/1809Hull170Account of the celebration 181
dinner for king's birthdaypatrioticNeptune Innpub04/06/1810Hull60Hull Packet 12 June 1810
meeting for reform and to address BurdettradicalShamblesmarket25/05/1810WednesdayHullHull Packet 29 May 1810
radical meeting to hear VincentradicalSculcoates' Commercial Hotelinn/hotel09/11/1838FridayHullChampion 18 Nov 1838
formation of parliamentary reform associationreformGeorge Inninn/hotel21/05/1832WednesdayHullLM 2 June 1832
Tea party on liberation of Robert Peddie from BeverleyChartistMr Hill's Chapelchurch/chapel06/03/1842MondayHullNS 4 Mar 1842
Cobbett's lecturesreformchapel in Dagger Lanechurch/chapel1/03/1832ThursdayHullHull Packet 6 March 1832
ACLAACLAreading room, Hull Operative conservative society, Lowgateown room11/02/1839MondayHullThe Corn Laws' pamphlet
chartist lectureChartistChristian Church', Mason's Arms Yard, Chapel Lane, Lowgatepub03/05/1841MondayHullMS 1 May 1841
public meeting to petition parl against the Irish Arms BillIrishFreemason's Lodge, Mytongatelodge19/06/1843MondayHullNS 24 June 1843
address to HM on his escapeloyalGuild Hallguild hall09/11/1795TuesdayBeverleyHull Advertiser 13 Nove 1795
breakfast with Prince William of Gloucester with CorporationpatrioticGuild Hallguild hall12/11/1795FridayBeverleyHull Advertiser 13 Nove 1795
vote of thanks to Wardle viz D of Y affairradicalGuild Hallguild hall03/05/1809WednesdayBeverleyCobbett's PR 20 May 1809
celebration of late glorious events tending to emancipate Europe'patrioticGuild Hallguild hall22/12/1813WednesdayBeverleyDDX 24/24
meeting about relief of the poorlocal governmentGuild Hallguild hall03/01/1821WednesdayBeverleyDDX 24/24
celebration of king's coronationpatrioticGuild Hallguild hall19/07/1821ThursdayBeverleyDDX 24/24
jubilee feu de joiepatrioticmarket placemarket25/10/1809BeverleyAccount of the celebrations, 176
fireworkspatrioticmarket placemarket22/12/1813WednesdayBeverleyDDX 24/24
Independent Volunteers first appearancepatrioticSt Mary's churchchurch/chapel25/12/1794BeverleyHull Advertiser, 2 Jan 1795
ER meeting of committee for Internal Defencelocal governmentTiger Innpub20/06/1795SaturdayBeverleyHull Advertiser, 27 June 1795
friends of Mr BethellelectionTiger Innpub21/07/1830WednesdayBeverleyYorks Gazette 24 July 1830
AGM of Cons AssocelectionConservative News Roomown room04/03/1840WednesdayBeverleyHull Packet 6 March 1840
Chartist lectureChartistTemperance Halltemperance hall14/04/1848FridayBeverleyHull Packet 21 April 1848
loyal address to the QueenloyalCouncil Chambertown hall19/04/1848WednesdayBeverleyHull Packet 21 April 1848
loyal address meetingloyaltown halltown hall07/12/1792FridayChesterChester Chronicle 7 Dec 1792
meetingto subscribe for relief of the poorlocal governmenttown halltown hall18/12/1816WednesdayChesterChester Courant 24 Dec 1816
meeting on attack on PRloyaltown halltown hall12/02/1817WednesdayChesterChester Courant 11 Feb 1817
meeting of inhabs under the mayor against radical meetingsloyaltown halltown hall31/07/1819WednesdayChesterChester Courant 10 August 1819
King and Constitution Club annual dinnerloyalTown hall and assembly roomtown hall17/07/1817ThursdayChesterChester Chronicle, 18 July 1817
king's birthdaypatrioticregatta on river Deeopen space04/06/1819ChesterChester Courant 8 June 1819
king's birthday dinnerpatrioticBear and Billet, Bridge Stpub04/06/1819ChesterChester Courant 8 June 1819
radical meetingradicalground near the New Churchopen space31/07/1819WednesdayChesterChester Courant 10 Aug 1819
reform petitionreformold Assembly roomassembly rooms08/11/1830MondayBlackburnMG 13 Nov 1830; HO 52/8/405
reform petitionreformold Assembly roomassembly rooms29/09/1831ThursdayBlackburnPreston Chronicle 1 Oct 1831
Pitt club anniversaryloyalNew Innpub28/05/1817WednesdayBlackburnPitt club pamphlet
Hunt address from the windowreformNew Innpub21/12/1830TuesdayBlackburnMG 25 Dec 1830; Mcr Times 1 Jan 1831
start of procession to welcome HuntreformNew Inn, Ainsworth Stpub01/05/1831BlackburnBolton Chronicle, 7 May 1831
dinner of ConservativesloyalNew Inn, Mr Baines'spub19/02/1835ThursdayBlackburnBlackburn Standard 25 Feb 1835
Hunt address from the windowreformOld Bull Innpub01/05/1831BlackburnBolton Chronicle, 7 May 1831
Hunt address from the windowreformBlack Bullpub21/12/1832FridayBlackburnPMG 29 Dec 1832
NU social meetingChartistSocial Institution, Chapel Stinstitution01/02/1839BlackburnNS 23 Feb 1839
Wigan society for suppressing the payment of wages in goodstrade unionCommercial Inninn/hotel21/12/1830WiganDDHu 48/170
ChartistsChartistCommercial Hallexchange01/01/1841WiganNS 9 Jan 1841
feast of friendly societies; loyal toast to Kingloyalmarketplacemarket place01/01/1793WiganMM 8 Jan 1793
ChartistsChartistmarketplacemarket place25/06/1839TuesdayWiganNS 6 July 1839
loyal meeting and addressloyalold town halltown hall24/12/1792WiganMM 8 Jan 1793
radical dinnerradicalPackethousepub08/11/1819TuesdayWigan150Moprn Chron 12 Nov 1819
Chartist meetingChartistBear's Pawpub09/09/1839MondayWiganNS 14 Sep 1839
Northern Union meeting to discuss fund for StephensChartistBear's Paw31/12/1839WiganNS 5 Jan 1839
Conservatives called outdoor meetingloyalScholefield Lanestreet30/07/1839WiganNS 3 Aug 1839
meeting of handloom weavers on parliamentary bill and London conferencetrade unionBuck I' Th' Vine Inninn/hotel14/04/1845MondayWiganPreston Guardian 19 April 1845
adjourned meeting to discuss fund for StephensChartistthe Orchard, Scholesmoor/field01/01/1839WiganNS 5 Jan 1839
Chartist meetingChartistthe Orchard, Scholesmoor/field22/03/1848TuesdayWiganNS 1 April 1848
Chartist drillingChartistfield near Birchen Bowermoor/field24/04/1839WednesdayRoytonButterworth MS
Peterloo anniversaryradicalpublic schoolschoolroom16/08/1820RoytonManchester Observer 19 August 1820
Hunt's birthdayradicalSchool Roomschoolroom06/11/1820MondayRoytonMO 11 Nov. 1820
celebrate revs of Sp, Port and NaplesradicalSchool Roomschoolroom01/11/1820Royton100MO, 18 Nov 1820
reformreformSchool Roomschoolroom07/03/1831MondayRoytonButterworth MS
anti NPLANPLold schoolschoolroom05/01/1838FridayRoytonD-BUT F/53
Chartist lectureChartistOld School Roomschoolroom27/04/1839SaturdayRoytonD-BUT F/63
reform billreformCroft Headopen space21/09/1831WednesdayRoytonD-BUT/F/4
NPLANPLSS of Episcopal Chapelschoolroom13/02/1837MondayRoytonD-BUT/F/42
Jacobin library almost demolished by Royton racesloyalistLight Horseman, bottom Sandy Lanepub21/04/1794RoytonShaw,Annals of Oldham, p.202; DDX 351/1-2
town's meetingslocal governmentSpinners Armspub01/01/1835RoytonUDR 2/4/5/10/28
town's meetingslocal governmentShoulder of Muttonpub01/01/1835RoytonUDR 2/4/5/10/28
town's meetingslocal governmentDog and Partridge,Haggate lanepub01/01/1835RoytonUDR 2/4/5/10/28
town's meetingslocal governmentHare and Hounds, Sandy lanepub01/01/1835RoytonUDR 2/4/5/10/28
town's meetingslocal governmentHope and Anchor, Sandy lanepub01/01/1835RoytonUDR 2/4/5/10/28
town's meetingslocal governmentUnicorn and Park Innpub01/01/1835RoytonUDR 2/4/5/10/28
town's meetingslocal governmentSign of the Engine, Edge Lanepub01/01/1835RoytonUDR 2/4/5/10/28
Members' visitelectionCroft Head, 'an open space'open space03/12/1834WednesdayRoytonD_BUT F/24
MANCHESTER. The South Lancashire Dele gate Meeting will be held to-morrow week, in the Brown-street room, East Manchester, at which, it is hoped, a delegate will be present from every town and village in Lancashire.ChartistBrown Street roomradical/Chartist room1841-03-21SundayManchester13/03/1841
MANCHESTER. A delegate to the Political Prisoner s Restoration and Charter Petition s Convention will be put in nomination on Monday evening, at the Carpenter s Hall, Manchester, and a public meeting to elect the said delegate will be holden in the Tib-street Room, on Tuesday, the 23rd instant.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1841-03-22MondayManchester20/03/1841
A meeting of the Female Chartists of Manchester will be held on Wednesday evening next, in the Chartist Room, Tib-street, to pass an address to their sisters of England, Ireland, and Scotland.Chartist room, Tib Streetradical/Chartist room1841-07-21WednesdayManchester17/07/1841
SOUTH LANCASHIRE. The delegate meeting is tomorrow afternoon, in the Chartist Room, East Manchester.Chartist Room, East Manchesterradical/Chartist room1841-08-08SundayManchester07/08/1841
On Sunday evening, (to-morrow) the Rev. Mr. Starkie, delegate to the Anti-Corn Law Conference, will give an exposition of the proceedings of that assembly in the Chartist Room, Brown-street, Manchester.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1841-09-05SundayManchester04/09/1841
A Public Recital will be given for the benefit of that tried and dungeon-proof patriot, Christopher Doyle, in Brown-street Rooms, on Friday evening, Sept. 10th,Brown Street roomradical/Chartist room1841-09-10FridayManchester04/09/1841
MANCHESTER. Mr. Griffin will deliver a lecture in Tib-street, on Sunday morning, on the truly alarming state of the nation.Chartist room, Tib Streetradical/Chartist room1841-09-19SundayManchester18/09/1841
MANCHESTER. Mr. Clarke, of Stockport, will lecture at Oldham, on Sunday evening, and Mr. Griffin, Tib-street, Manchester.Chartist room, Tib Streetradical/Chartist room1841-10-03SundayManchester02/10/1841
MANCHESTER. Mr. O Brien will deliver two addresses in the Hall of Science, Camp Field, Manchester, on Thursday next, October 10th, one in the "afternoon at half-past two oclock, and in the evening at half past six.Hall of Scienceradical/Chartist room1841-10-14ThursdayManchester09/10/1841
The South Lancashire Delegate Meeting will take place on Sunday morning. November 14th, at half-past ten o clock, in the Chartist Rooms, Brown-street, near St. Andrew s Church, Manchester, when every locality is desiied to send delegates.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1841-11-14SundayManchester06/11/1841
MANCHESTER. A public tea party and ball will be hold on Wednesday evening, the 17th of November, 1841, at the Hall of Science, Camp-field. A full and efficient quadrille band will be in attendance. Ladies tickets 9d., Gentleman s 1s. 3d. Tickets for the ball only, 6d. Doors open at half-past six o clock, tea on the table at seven. Tickets may be had of Mr. Abel Heywood ; at the Hop Pole Inn, Hardman-street; and of the Secretaries of the various Trades, at the respective Houses of Call.Hall of Scienceradical/Chartist room1841-11-17WednesdayManchester13/11/1841
MANCHESTER. Mr. Griffin will lecture in the Chartist Room, Brown-street, on Sunday evening, in which he intends to do justice to the cotton masters for their reductions, and the league for their nibbling policy.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1841-11-21SundayManchester20/11/1841
SALFORD. Mr. James Cartledge, of Manchester, will lecture here next Sunday night, at half-past six o'clock in the evening. Mr. James Bronterre O'Brien will lecture in the Town Hall, Salford, on Monday, Dec. 6th, 1841.Town Hall, Salfordradical/Chartist room1841-11-28SundaySalford27/11/1841
MANCHESTER. Sermons for the Rev. W. V. Jackson s Church. The Rev. W. Hill, Editor of the Star, will preach two sermons to-morrow, (Sunday) the 28th, in the Hall of Science, Camp Field, Manchester; in the afternoon, at half-past two o clock, in the Upper Room; and in the evening, at six, in the Lower Room; two-pence admission, towards helping forward the York-street Sunday School and Church worshipping under the pastoral care of the Rev. W. V. Jackson.Hall of Scienceradical/Chartist room1841-11-28SundayManchester27/11/1841
SOUTH LANCASHIRE. The South Lancashire Delegate Meeting will be held on Sunday morning, December 19th, at ten o clock, in the Chartist Room, Brown-street, Manchester, when each locality is requested to send a delegate, as important business, respecting the coming convention, will be laid before the meeting.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1841-12-12SundayManchester11/12/1841
SALFORD. Mr. James Bronterre O Brien. A ball will be held on Shrove Tuesday evening, in the Chartist Association Room, corner of Great George s-street, Salford, for the benefit of that in comparable patriot. On Monday, a discussion will take place on the best method of obtaining the Charter, and the policy of keeping in or putting out the Whigs from their present snug places.Chartist Association Room, Great George St, Salfordradical/Chartist room1841-03-09TuesdaySalford06/03/1841
SALFORD. - Mr. Bell will lecture on Sunday evening next.Chartist Association Room, Great George St, Salfordradical/Chartist room1841-04-25SundaySalford24/04/1841
SALFORD. Mr. Doyle-will lecture in Salford on next Sunday evening.Chartist Association Room, Great George St, Salfordradical/Chartist room1841-05-02SundaySalford01/05/1841
SALFORD. Mr. Campbell will lecture in the Charter Association Room, Great Grove-street, on Sunday next, at half-past six o'clock in the evening.Chartist Association Room, Great George St, Salfordradical/Chartist room1841-10-24SundaySalford23/10/1841
MANCHESTER. Mr. Leech will lecture on Sunday evening, (to-morrow,) at six o clock, in the Brown-street Chartist room.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1842-01-02SundayManchester01/01/1842
MANCHESTER. The South Lancashire Delegate Meeting will be held in the Charter Association Room, Brown-street, on Sunday, (to-morrow.) when it is expected that the Delegates will be punctual in their attendance.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1842-01-08SundayManchester07/01/1842
The Monthly Meeting of the members of the National Charter Association will be held in the Carpenter s Hall, on Sunday, (to-morrow,) at ten o'clock in the forenoon.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1842-01-08SundayManchester07/01/1842
MANCHESTER. - REDFERN STREET. - Mr John Crowder, Lower Moor, will lecture here on Sunday evening, at half-past six o'clock.Redfern Streetradical/Chartist room1842-01-16SundayManchester15/01/1842
MANCHESTER. Mr. Cooper will lecture in Association Room, Redfern-street, on Sunday, to morrow evening. On the same evening, Mr, R. Littler, will lecture in the Brown-street, Chartist Room. Mr. Clark, at Strand*street. Mr. Booth, at Miles Platting. Mr. Dunavan, at York-streer., Chorlton ; and Mr. Griffin will shew the absurdities of the Com Law League in a lecture on Sunday evening, at Salford.Redfern Streetradical/Chartist room1842-01-23SundayManchester22/01/1842
MANCHESTER. Mr Mitchell, of Stockport, will lecture on Sunday evening, at Redfern-street ; Mr. Leech, of Hyde, at Brown-street; Mr. Smithurst at Strand-street; Mr. Clark, at Miles Platting; Mr. Griffin, at Salford; and Mr. James Cartledge. at York-street, Chorlton.Redfern Streetradical/Chartist room1842-01-30SundayManchester29/01/1842
The South Lancashire Delegate Meeting will be held on Sunday morning, Feb. 6th, in the Chartist Room, Brown-street, near St. Andrew s Church, Manchester, when it is particularly requested that delegates from the following places will attend : Bolton, Leigh, Wigan, Chowbent, Heywood, Ratcliff, and all the localities in South Lancashire, on very important business.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1842-02-06SundayManchester29/01/1842
MANCHESTER BROWN STREET JUVENILES. Wm. Nuttall lectures to-morrow afternoon.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1842-01-30SundayManchester29/01/1842
MANCHESTER. On Sunday evening, Mr. Bell, of Salford, will lecture at Redfern-street; Mr Crowder, at Brown-street; Mr. Dunavan, at Strand-street ; Mr. Smithurst, at Miles Platting: Mr. Storer, at York-street.Redfern Streetradical/Chartist room1842-02-06SundayManchester05/02/1842
MANCHESTER. There will be a meeting of the General Council in Manchester, at Brown-street Association Room, on Sunday, the 13th of February, at ten o clock in tho forenoon, when it is expected as many will attend as can make it convenient, as there is some very important business to be transacted.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1842-02-13SundayManchester05/02/1842
MANCHESTER. Mr. P. M. Brophy, from the Universal Suffrage Association, Dublin, will lecture in the Brown-street Chartist Room, on Sunday evening next. Mr. J. Clarke will lecture at Redfern-street; Mr. Griffin, at Strand-street; Mr. William Bell, at Miles Platting; Mr. Josh. Linney, at Salford ; Mr. John Crowder, at York-street.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1842-02-27SundayManchester19/02/1842
MANCHESTER. Mr. Griffin will lecture at Brown-Street Chartist Room, on Sunday evening.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1842-03-20SundayManchester19/03/1842
MANCHESTER. Mr. John Wotts will deliver a lecture at the Hall of Science, Camp-field, for the benefit of the sufferers by the late desperate affair, on Tuesday evening April the 5th, at eight o clock. Admission one penny each.Hall of Scienceradical/Chartist room1842-03-29TuesdayManchester26/03/1842
The Chartists of Manchester have taken the Carpenter s Hall, and will open it to-morrow for the first, time. They have engaged Mr. D, Ross to lecture in the afternoon, and Mr. Wm. Jones, of Liverpool, in the evening.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1842-04-17SundayManchester16/04/1842
MANCHESTER. Messrs. Boss, Dixon, and Smethurst, will lecture at the Carpenters Hall, on Sunday afternoon and evening; after which letters will be read from Mr. J. Leach member of the Convention.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1842-04-24SundayManchester23/04/1842
The South Lancashire Delegate Meeting will be held on Sunday (to-morrow) week, in the Brown-street, Chartist room, Bast Manchester.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1842-05-01SundayManchester23/04/1842
MANCHESTER. Mr. John Campbell will lecture in the Carpenters Hall, on Sunday afternoon, at half-past two o clock precisely; and in the evening Mr. James Leach will lecture at half-past six.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1842-05-15SundayManchester14/05/1842
MANCHESTER. On Sunday next, Mr. William Beesley will deliver two lectures in the Carpenters Hall, one in the afternoon at half-past two, and one in the evening at half-past six o clock.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1842-06-05SundayManchester28/05/1842
MANCHESTER. On Sunday (to-morrow); two lectures will be delivered in the Carpenters' Hall; in the afternoon by Mr. R. K. Philp, from Bath, and in the evening by Dr. P. M. M'Douall.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1842-06-05SundayManchester04/06/1842
General Meeting. A general meeting of Chartists will be held in the Carpenters' Hall, on Sunday (to-morrow), at ten o'clock in the forenoon. The members are desired to be punctual in their attendance.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1842-06-05SundayManchester04/06/1842
The South Lancashire delegate meeting will take place on Sunday, in the Association Room, Brown-street, Manchester, at ten o'clock in the forenoon.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1842-06-05SundayManchester04/06/1842
Manchester.-On Monday evening next, June 27th, 1842, a public meeting will be held, in Stevenson's-square, to take into consideration the propriety of passing the Memorial to her Majesty, and the Remonstrance to the House of Commons, agreed to by the National Convention of the industrious classes; as also to consider resolutions condemnatory of the murderous attack lately made by the police on the starving people of Ennis and Galway, in Ireland. Chair to be taken at eight o'clock.Stevensons Squaresquare1842-06-27MondayManchester25/06/1842
MANCHESTER. Mr. Wm. Bel!, the South Lancashire lecturer, will deliver an address in the room Sycamore-street, on Sunday evening, at half-past six o'clock.Sycamore Streetradical/Chartist room1842-07-17SundayManchester16/07/1842
MANCHESTER. Carpenter s Hall. On Sunday, (to-morrow) a general meeting of the members will he held in the above Hall. Business to commence at nine o clock precisely. It is requested that the members will attend, as there is business of import-ance to bring before the meeting.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1842-07-17SundayManchester16/07/1842
MANCHESTER. Mr. James Leach will deliver a lecture to the trades of Manchester on Tuesday evening next, at the Carpenters Hall, The lecture to commonce at eight o dook precisely. It is requested that the members of the various trades will attend. Admission to the body of the Hall, one penny ; to the platform and gallery, 2d.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1842-08-09TuesdayManchester06/08/1842
Hunt s Monument Procession. The Chartist youths of Manchester, Salford, and the surrounding districts, are requested to meet on the 16th of August, at ten o clock, a.m., at the rooms in Tib-street, opposite Queen-street, whence to proceed, in a body, to the place of meeting.Tib Streetradical/Chartist room1842-08-16TuesdayManchester06/08/1842
MANCHESTER. Miles Platting. Mr. Clark, of Stockport will lecture here on Sunday evening next.Miles Plattingradical/Chartist room1842-08-21SundayManchester13/08/1842
Mr. Wm. Bell, the South Lancashire lecturer, will deliver two lectures on Sunday next, in the Carpenters Hall, Manchester, one in the afternoon, and the other in the evening.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1842-08-21SundayManchester13/08/1842
MANCHESTER. The South Lancashire delegate meeting will be held in Brown street Chartist Room, on Sunday, August 21st, at eleven o'clock precisely.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1842-08-21SundayManchester13/08/1842
MANCHESTER. Carpenter s Hall. Two lectures will be delivered in this Hall on Sunday (to-morrow).Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1842-08-21SundayManchester20/08/1842
The South Lancashire Delegate Meeting will be held in the Chartist Room, Brown-street, Manchester, on Sunday, (to-morrow) when business of importance will be laid before the delegates.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1842-09-11SundayManchester10/09/1842
MANCHESTER. Mr. Dean Taylor will preach two sermons on Sunday in the Carpenters' Hall. Service to commence at half past two in the afternoon, and at half-past six in the evening. Collections will be made to meet current expences of the Hail.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1842-10-02SundayManchester01/10/1842
The monthly meeting of the members will take place in the above Hall, at ten o clock in the forenoon, of the same day.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1842-10-02SundayManchester01/10/1842
MANCHESTER. Mr. Christopher Doyle will deliver two lectures on Sunday next, in the Carpenters Hall, in the afternoon, at half-past two o clock, and the other in the evening, at half-past six.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1842-10-30SundayManchester29/10/1842
The monthly meeting of the members of the National Charter Association will be held in the Carpenters Hall, on Sunday, the 6th of November, chair to be taken at ten o clock in the forenoon. It is requested that the members will be punctual in their attendance,Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1842-11-06SundayManchester29/10/1842
MANCHESTER. A Tea Party and Ball, will take place in the Carpenters Hall, Garratt-road, on Monday evening, the 21st of November, when T. S. Duncombe Esq., and Feargus O Connor, Esq , will attend. Tickets for the Tea Party and Bail, one shilling each, may be had from the following persons: Mr. Abel Heywood, bookseller, Oldham-street; Mr. James Leach, bookseller, Oak-street ; Mr. Appleton, hair dresser, Ashton-street, London-road ; Mr. Owen, tobacconist, London-road ; Mr. Brown, Temperance Hotel, New Cross ; Mr. Smith, under the Carpenter s Hall; Mr. Swires. Marshall-street, Oldham-road ; or from the Secretary, on each Sunday, at the Hall. An efficient Quadrille Band will be in attendance. Tea on the table at six o clock.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1842-11-21MondayManchester12/11/1842
MANCHESTER. Mr. Bernard M Cartney will deliver two lectures, in the Carpenters Hall, on Sunday (to-morrow); one in the afternoon, at halfpast two, and one in the evening, at half-past six. There will be a meeting of tho members in the Carpenters Hall, at ten o clock in the forenoon.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1842-11-20SundayManchester19/11/1842
On Friday evening next, Mr. Partington will deliver a lecture to the Chartist Joiners and Painters of Manchester in the large anti-room of the Carpenters Hall.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1842-11-25FridayManchester19/11/1842
MANCHESTER. There will be an adjourned members meeting, on Sunday morning, at ten o clock, in the Carpenter s Hall, Garrett-road.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1842-12-11SundayManchester10/12/1842
SALFORD. Mr. Thomas Clark, of Stockport, will lecture here on Sunday evening next.Salfordradical/Chartist room1842-03-27SundaySalford26/03/1842
SALFORD. The youths hold their weekly meetings every Wednesday evening, at the Charter Association Room, Great George s-street, Salford.Chartist Association Room, Great George St, Salfordradical/Chartist room1842-04-20WednesdaySalford16/04/1842
SALFORD JUVENILE CHARTISTS, GREAT GEORGE'S STREET. Mr. Robert Roberts lectures on the 27th inst., and Mr. Elliott Buckley, on the 4th May.Chartist Association Room, Great George St, Salfordradical/Chartist room1842-04-27Salford16/04/1842
SALFORD. On Monday after Christmas Day, the friends in Salford intend holding a tea party. Tickets 9d each.Salfordradical/Chartist room1842-12-26MondaySalford10/12/1842
SALFORD. A member s meeting will be held next Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, when business of importance will be laid before the meeting.Salfordradical/Chartist room1843-01-01SundaySalford31/12/1842
Mr. Littler will lecture in the Chartist Room, Great George-Street, Salford on Sunday next.Chartist Association Room, Great George St, Salfordradical/Chartist room1843-01-01SundaySalford31/12/1842
MANCHESTER. On Sunday (to-morrow) two lectures will be delivered in Carpenter s Hall; one in the afternoon, at half-past two o clock, by Mr. C. Doyle, and the other in the evening, at half-past six, by Mr. James Leach.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-01-15SundayManchester14/01/1843
On Monday Evening Feargus O Connor, Esq., will deliver a lecture in the Carpenters Hall, Chair to be taken at eight o clock. After the lecture there will be a Ball and Concert. Admission, 1d eaoh.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-01-23MondayManchester21/01/1843
MANCHESTER. On Tuesday evening next, in the youth s room. Spear-street, a public meeting will be held, when a youth of Manchester, will deliver a lecture on political principles.Spear Streetradical/Chartist room1843-02-14TuesdayManchester11/02/1843
MANCHESTER. The lecturers on the South Lancashire plan will meet in the Brown-street room, at nine o'clock on Tuesday morning, for the purpose of a friendly discussion upon the various topics now before the public.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1843-02-21TuesdayManchester18/02/1843
MANCHESTER CHARTIST YOUTHS. On Tuesday evening, the 21st inst., a public meeting will be held in the Youths Room, Golding-street, when the following persons - Mr. Morrison, Mr. Christopher Doyle, Mr. Thomas Railton, Mr. Richard Pilling, and other Chartist Conspirators" are invited to attend.Golding Streetradical/Chartist room1843-02-21TuesdayManchester18/02/1843
BROWN-STREET, MANCHESTER. Mr. Lane will address the Chartist mechanics in the above room, on Thursday evening next, at eight o clock. The public are invited to attend.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1843-03-21ThursdayManchester18/03/1843
MANCHESTER. Cropper-Street. Mr. Jas. Renshaw Cooper will lecture here on Tuesday evening next, at eight o clock, " On the Principle of Cooperation.Cropper Streetradical/Chartist room1843-03-23TuesdayManchester18/03/1843
The Members of the General Council resident in Manchester are requested to meet in the large anti-room of the Carpenters Hall, on Sunday (to-morrow) morning, at nine o clock, to take into consideration the plan of Feargus O Connor, Esq., for the better organization of the Chartist movement.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-03-28SundayManchester25/03/1843
On Wednesday evening, Mr. Wm. Dixon will deliver a lecture to the Chartist painters, in their room, Watson-street, Peter-street,at eight o clock in the evening.Watson Streetradical/Chartist room1843-04-16WednesdayManchester15/04/1843
CARPENTERS' HALL. - Mr. D. Ross will deliver his third lecture upon elocution, in the above hall, on Monday evening, at eight o'clock. Admission - platform 3d ; gallery 2d. ; body 1d. The proceeds to go towards building a Chartist hall in Manchester.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-04-26MondayManchester22/04/1843
MANCHESTER. - A special meeting will take place in the Carpenters Hall, on Sunday next, upon very important business ; a numerous attendance is requested. Chair to be taken at ten o clock in the forenoon.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-05-08SundayManchester06/05/1843
MANCHESTER, CARPENTER'S HALL. Two lectures will be delivered in the above hall, on Sunday (tomorrow), by Mr. Dixon. The chair to be taken at half-past two o clock in the afternoon, and at half past six in the evening.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-05-21SundayManchester20/05/1843
MANCHESTER. A meeting of the South Lancashire delegates will take place in the National Charter Association Room, Brown-street, on Sunday next. A numerous attendance of delegates is particularly requested, as the business is of the utmost importance. Chair to be taken at one o clock in the afternoon.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1843-06-11SundayManchester10/06/1843
MANCHESTER. On Tuesday evening next, Mr Robert Ramsden, one of the fifty-nine conspirators, will deliver a lecture to the young men of Manchester, in tho Brown-street Rooms.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1843-06-18TuesdayManchester17/06/1843
MANCHESTER. Chartist Painters. A meeting of the Chartist painters will be holden in the Painters Reading Room, Watson-street, Peter-street, on Saturday (this evening), at eight o clock, when business of importance will be laid before the meeting.Watson Streetradical/Chartist room1843-06-24SaturdayManchester24/06/1843
BROWN-STREET. On Tuesday evening next, the continued discussion on " the cause of the present distress.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1843-07-04TuesdayManchester01/07/1843
A Special Meeting of the South Lancashire delegates will take place, in the National Charter Association Room, Brown-street, near St. Andrew's Church, on Sunday next, July 2nd, when the delegates are requested to come fully prepared with the opinions of their constituents as to the most efficient persons to be put in Domination for the contemplated Conference. The chair will be taken at one o clock in the afternoon.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1843-07-08SundayManchester01/07/1843
The South-Lancashire Delegate Meeting will be holden on Sunday (to-morrow) in the Brown-street room, Manchester; the chair to be taken at one o clock in the afternoon.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1843-07-02SundayManchester01/07/1843
CARPENTERS' HALL. Two lectures will be delivered in the above hall, on Sunday (to-morrow), by Mr. Wm. Dixon.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-07-16SundayManchester15/07/1843
MANCHESTER CHARTIST YOUTHS. Mr. Wm. Dixon will deliver a lecture on Tuesday evening next, for the benefit of the Grammar and Elocution class. Subject The principles of total abstinence, morally,! physically, and scientifically examined.Watson Streetradical/Chartist room1843-07-16TuesdayManchester15/07/1843
MANCHESTER. Carpenter's Hall. Mr. James Duffy, late Student in Northallerton College, will lecture in the Carpenter s Hall, on Sunday evening next, at six o clock.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-07-16SundayManchester15/07/1843
The Manchester Massacre, and Hunt s Monument. Mr. O Connor will attend a Tea Party in the Carpenter s Hall, on Wednesday evening, August 16th, and deliver an address upon the occasion. Tickets may be had, one shilling each, of Mr. James Leach, The proceeds will be appropriated to the completion of the Monument to the memory of the late Henry Hunt. There will bo a Ball on the same evening, at which an entire new set of Quadrilles will be introduced.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-08-16WednesdayManchester05/08/1843
The monthly meeting of the Carpenter s Hall Locality will take place in the above Hall, on Sunday next ; chair to be taken at ten o clock in the forenoon.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-08-06SundayManchester05/08/1843
Manchester Massacre. The tea party and ball to commemorate the bloody transactions of the 16th August, 1819, will take place in Carpenter s Hall on Wednesday evening, August 16th. Mr. O Connor will be present. Tickets may be had from Mr. Jas. Leach, Oak-Street. Persons desirous of contributing towards the completion of the movement to the memory of the late H. Hunt, may transmit their contributions to the Rev. Jas. Scholefield, Christ Church, Every-street, Manchester.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-08-09WednesdayManchester05/08/1843
A Special Meeting of the members of the Carpenters Hall Locality will be holden in the above hall on Sunday morning next. Chair to be taken at ten o clock. The members are requested to attend, as business of great importance will be brought before them.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-08-13SundayManchester12/08/1843
A Meeting of the South Lancashire Delegates will take place on Sunday (to-morrow) in the Council Room, at Mr. John Murray s, under the Carpenters Hall, Chair to be taken at one o clock in the afternoon.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-08-13SundayManchester12/08/1843
MANCHESTER. A meeting of the members of the Manchester locality will take place in the Carpenters Hall, on Sunday (to-morrow), chair to he taken at ten o clock in the forenoon. There will be a public discussion in the afternoon of the same day; chair to be taken at half-past two.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-08-13SundayManchester12/08/1843
MANCHESTER. - A discussion will take place in the large ante-room of the Carpenters' Hall, on Sunday next, at half-past two o'clock in the afternoon.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-09-03SundayManchester02/09/1843
A Special Meeting of the members of the Manchester locality, will be holden in the Carpenters Hall, on Sunday (to-morrow), at ten o olock in the forenoon.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-09-10SundayManchester09/09/1843
Mr. Lloyd, of Liverpool, is expected to lecture in the Carpenters Hall, on Sunday evening, at half-past six o'clock.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-09-10SundayManchester09/09/1843
The Chartist Painters of Manchester are requested to meet in their room on Sunday (to-morrow) morning, at ten o clock, when business of importance will be brought forward.Watson Streetradical/Chartist room1843-09-10SundayManchester09/09/1843
MANCHESTER. Mr. D. Ross will lecture in the Carpenters Hall, on Sunday (to-morrow) evening, at half-past six o clock.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-09-10SundayManchester09/09/1843
MANCHESTER. Carpenters Hall. Mr, William Jones, of Liverpool, will address the Chartists of Manchester, in the above Hall, on Sunday (to-morrow).Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-10-22SundayManchester21/10/1843
MANCHESTER. Chartist Painters. A lecture will be delivered in the Chartist Painters Reading Room, Watson-street, Peter s-street, by Mr. James Leach, on Wednesday evening next, tho 29th inst. Chair to be taken at eight o clock.Watson Streetradical/Chartist room1843-11-22WednesdayManchester18/11/1843
The Shareholders of the Chartist Hall, Manchester, are requested to attend a meeting, to be held in the Chartist Painters Room, Watson-street, Peter-street, on Tuesday evening next, the 28th inst., for the purpose of electing directors for the ensuing twelve months.Watson Streetradical/Chartist room1843-11-28TuesdayManchester25/11/1843
CARPENTERS' HALL. A lecture will be delivered in the above Hall, on Sunday (to-morrow); chair to be taken at half-past six o clock in the evening.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-11-26SundayManchester25/11/1843
MANCHESTER. Carpenters Hall. The adjourned members meeting will be holden in the above Hall, on Sunday (to-morrow) forenoon, at ten, o clock.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-11-26SundayManchester25/11/1843
Lecture. A lecture will be delivered in the above Hall on Sunday (to-morrow) evening, at half-past six o clock, by Mr. William Jones, from Liverpool.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-12-24SundayManchester23/12/1843
MANCHESTER. Mr. Wm. Jones of Liverpool, will deliver a lecture in the Carpenter s Hall, on Sunday evening next, Dec. 31st, chair to be taken at half- past six o clock.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-12-31SundayManchester23/12/1843
SALFORD. A young man, number 12 on the plan, will address the Chartists of this place, on Sunday evening next, at half-past six.Salfordradical/Chartist room1843-12-31SundaySalford30/12/1843
SALFORD. There will be a members meeting in the Chartist Room, Great George-street, on Tuesday evening next, when business of importance will be brought before the members.Chartist Association Room, Great George St, Salfordradical/Chartist room1843-02-21TuesdaySalford18/02/1843
SALFORD. A lecture will be delivered in the Charter Association Room, George s-street, Chapel-street, Salford, on Sunday (to-morrow); chair to be taken at six o clock in the evening.Chartist Association Room, Great George St, Salfordradical/Chartist room1843-03-04SundaySalford04/03/1843
SALFORD. - Mr. Doyle will lecture in the Chartist Association Room, Great George Street, Salford, on Sunday evening next at half-past seven o'clock.Chartist Association Room, Great George St, Salfordradical/Chartist room1843-11-26SundaySalford25/11/1843
SALFORD. Mr. Littler will lecture in the Chartist Rooms, Great George-street, Salford, on Sunday next, at half-past six o clock in the evening.Chartist Association Room, Great George St, Salfordradical/Chartist room1843-12-17SundaySalford16/12/1843
MANCHESTER. The South Lancashire Delegate Meeting will be held in the Charter Association Room, Brown-street, on Sunday, (to-morrow.) when it is expected that the Delegates will be punctual in their attendance.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1843-12-24SundayManchester23/12/1843
The Monthly Meeting of the members of the National Charter Association will be held in the Carpenter s Hall, on Sunday, (to-morrow,) at ten o'clock in the forenoon.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1842-01-08SundayManchester07/01/1842
The South Lancashire Delegate Meeting will be held in the Chartist Room, Brown Street, on Sunday, (to-morrow.) Chair to be taken at ten o clock in the forenoon.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1842-01-08SundayManchester07/01/1842
MANCHESTER. Carpenters Hall. Two lectures will be delivered in this Hall, on Sunday, by Mr. Thomas Dickinson.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-01-22SundayManchester21/01/1843
A General Meeting of the Chartists resident in Manchester, will be held in the Carpenters Hall, on Sunday, at ten o clock in the forenoon, to take into consideration the new plan of organization.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-01-22SundayManchester21/01/1843
MANCHESTER. Mr.Thomas Clark,from Stockport will deliver two lectures in the Carpenter s Hall, on Sunday, (to-morrow,) at half-past two in the afternoon, and half-past six in the evening.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-01-22SundayManchester21/01/1843
The South Lancashire delegate meeting will be held in the Brown-Street Chartist room on Sunday, (to-morrow,) at ten o'clock in the forenoon. The whole of the lecturers upon the South Lancashire Plan are requested to meet the delegates at the above time.Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1843-02-12SundayManchester11/02/1843
MANCHESTER. Carpenters Hall. Mr. William Busslev will deliver two lectures in the above Hall, on Sunday, (to-morrow), at half-past two, and at half-past six.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-02-12SundayManchester11/02/1843
CARPENTERS' HALL. The Rev. W. V. Jackson will deliver two lectures in the above hall, on Sunday, (tomorrow,) at half-past two in the afternoon, and half-past six o clock in the evening,Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-02-19SundayManchester18/02/1843
MANCHESTER. Carpenters Hall. The Rev. William Hill, Editor of the Northern Star, will preach two Sermons in the above Hall, on Sunday, (to-morrow) ; it being the first anniversary of the opening of this Hall for Chartist purposes. Service to commence at half-past two o clock in the afternoon, and half-past six in the evening.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-02-19SundayManchester18/03/1843
CARPENTERS' HALL. - (to-morrow) in the afternoon, at half-past two, and in the evening at half-past six, by Mr. Wm. Dixon.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-04-16SundayManchester15/04/1843
MANCHESTER. Cropper-street. Mr. Jas. Reneshaw Cooper will lecture here on Wednesday, the 28th of June, at eight o clock in the evening. The public are respectfully invited to attend.Cropper Streetradical/Chartist room1843-06-28WednesdayManchester06/05/1843
MANCHESTER. Mr. G. Loyd, of Liverpool, will lecture in the Carpenters' Hall, on Sunday, (tomorrow,) at half-past six in the evening.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-06-25SundayManchester24/06/1843
MANCHESTER. Mr. James Leach will lecture in the Carpenters Hall, on Sunday, (to-morrow,) at half-past six o clock in the evening. There will also be a Discussion, in the Large Anti-Room of the above Hall, to commence at half-past two o clock in the afternoon. Subject "Are the Chartists justified in uniting the Land question with the agitation for the Charter? "Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-07-23SundayManchester22/07/1843
The South Lancashire Delegate Meeting will be holden on Sunday, August 13th, at the house of Mr. John Murrey, under the Carpenters' Hall, chair to be taken at one o clock in the afternoon.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-08-13SundayManchester29/07/1843
MANCHESTER. On the 12th inst., there will be a discussion held in the Young Men s National Charter Association Room, Brown-street, Travis-street, near St. Andrew's Church. Subject The remedy for the present distress. Chair to be taken at eight o'clock,Chartist room, Brown Streetradical/Chartist room1843-08-12SaturdayManchester05/08/1843
The South Lancashire Delegate Meeting will be held in the Council room, 43, Garret-road, under the Carpenters Hail, Manchester, on Sunday, (tomorrow), at one o clock in the afternoon. It is requested that those places who have not paid their quota of the expences for sending the delegates to the Birmingham Conference, will bring the same to the delegate meeting.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-10-01SundayManchester30/09/1843
The South Lancashire Delegates will meet at the house of Mr. J. Murray, under the Carpenters Hall, on Sunday, the 29th instant, at ten o clock in the forenoon. A good attendance of Delegates is requested as business of importance will be brought before them.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1843-10-29SundayManchester21/10/1843
MANCHESTER. The Subscribers to the old Radical Association Building Fund (of 1836) will hold their adjourned meeting in the ante-room of the Carpenters Hall, on Sunday evening next, immediately after the close of the lecture.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1844-02-04SundayManchester03/02/1844
MANCHESTER, Carpenter's Hall. - The Rev. W. V. Jackson will lecture in this place on Sunday evening next, at half-past six o'clock.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1844-05-19SundayManchester18/05/1844
THE DELEGATE meeting of the Manchester Division of South Lancashire will take place on Sunday next, May 26th, at the house of Mr. John Murray, under the Carpenter's Hall, Garrat Road, Manchester, chair to be taken at ten o'clock.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1844-05-26SundayManchester25/05/1844
THE DELEGATES of the Manchester District of South Lancashire will meet on next Sunday, Feb. 11th, in Mr. Murray s room, adjoining the Carpenters Hall. The delegates are requested to bring with them the names of those who are willing to serve as district lecturers.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1844-02-11SundayManchester10/02/1844
THE SOUTH LANCASHIRE DELEGATES, of the Manchester District, will meet on next Sunday, the 10th inst., in Mr. Murray s room, adjoining the Carpenter s Hall, Garratt Road.Carpenters Hallradical/Chartist room1844-03-10SundayManchester09/03/1844
SALFORD. - Mr. Dixon will lecture on Sunday, May 19th, in the National Charter Association Room, Great George-Street, Salford.Chartist Association Room, Great George St, Salfordradical/Chartist room1844-05-19SundaySalford18/05/1844
TEA PARTY AND BALL. - A tea party and ball will take place in the large room of the National Charter Association, Great George-street, Salford, on Whit-Friday, May 31st.Chartist Association Room, Great George St, Salfordradical/Chartist room1844-05-31FridaySalford18/05/1844
MILES PLATTING. The Chartists of this locality will open a new room on Sunday next, in Cropper-street, when Mr. William Dixon will deliver a lecture. The lecture to commence at halt-past six o clock. The room will be opened every Sunday evening, at half-past six.Cropper Streetradical/Chartist room1843-01-29SundayManchester28/01/1843
CROPPER-STREET. Mr. James Leach will lecture in this room, on Sunday next, at half-past six in the evening, when there will be a collection for the General Defence Fund. Mr. Cooper will lecture in the above room, on Monday, the 27th instant, at eight o clock in the evening, on the Principle of Co-operation.Cropper Streetradical/Chartist room1843-02-19SundayManchester18/02/1843
reform meetingreformOld Assembly Roominn/hotel08/02/1831WednesdayBradfordHalifax and H'field Express, 12 Feb 1831
magistrate sessions/interrogration of arrested on woolcombers' riotslocal governmentTalbot Inninn/hotel04/05/1826ThursdayBradfordLM 6 May 1826
election candidateselectionTalbot Inninn/hotel08/06/1826ThursdayBradfordLM 10 june 1826
meeting on rep of YorkshireelectionTalbot Inninn/hotel14/07/1830WednesdayBradfordSheff indep 17 july 1830
meeting on leeds to bradford railwaylocal governmentTalbot Inninn/hotel27/09/1830MondayBradfordYork herald 9 oct 1830
12 hour meeting10 hoursTalbot Inninn/hotel22/11/1830MondayBradfordHalifax and H'field Express, 12 Feb 1831
worsted spinners working hourstrade unionTalbot Inninn/hotel03/02/1831ThursdayBradfordHalifax and H'field Express, 12 Feb 1831
meeting of magistrates on restoring orderlocal governmentTalbot Inninn/hotel14/08/1842SundayBradfordPeel, Risings of the Luddites, 332
loyalist dinner after processionloyalSun Inn (Mr Morgan's)inn/hotel20/12/1792ThursdayBradford50LI 24 Dec 1792
worsted weavers' striketrade unionSun inninn/hotel01/06/1826BradfordDB3 C39/5
worsted masters' meeting about strikelocal governmentSun Inninn/hotel25/06/1825SaturdayBradfordYorks Gazette 2 July 1825
worsted masters' meeting about strikelocal governmentSun Inninn/hotel27/06/1825MondayBradfordYorks Gazette 2 July 1825
election hustingselectionin front of Sun Innstreet28/04/1831ThursdayBradford15000HHE 30 April 1831; LM 30 April 1831
Liberals used space outside as well as the hotelelectionSun Inninn/hotel01/05/1832BradfordPen and Pencil pictures, 168.
reform meetingreformSun Inninn/hotel10/05/1832ThursdayBradfordLM 12 May 1832
reform committeereformSun Inninn/hotel07/12/1835MondayBradfordSpSt 5/2/86
Poor law guardiansANPLSun Inninn/hotel30/10/1837MondayBradfordBradford Poor Law, f82
Bradford prosecution society meetingslocal governmentBowling Green Inn, Toad Laneinn/hotel01/01/1817BradfordDB 6/C44
Liberals used space outside as well as the hotelelectionBowling Green Inn, Toad Laneinn/hotel01/05/1832BradfordPen and Pencil pictures, 168.
reform meetingsreformBowling Green Inn, Toad Laneinn/hotel01/01/1835BradfordSpSt 5/2/86
Liberal electorselectionBowling Green Inn, Toad Laneinn/hotel24/05/1841BradfordSpSt 5/2/86
general meeting of reformersreformBowling Green Inn, Toad Laneinn/hotel01/09/1841BradfordDB 4/C1/4
Manningham branch worsted weaverstrade unionRoebuckpub01/06/1825BradfordDB3 C39/5
committee of union society of woolcomberstrade unionRoebuckpub01/09/1825BradfordMG 17 Sep 1825
O'Connor and the Radical AssocChartistin front of Roebuck, Sun Bridgestreet22/12/1835BradfordDB 16/c32
addressed by John WestChartistopen space of ground, near the Philadelphia Chapel, Wappingopen space17/07/1848MondayBradfordMFQ 1/440/114
Owen's lecture on socialismsocialistOdd Fellows Hall, Thornton Rdoddfellows hall26/02/1836ThursdayBradfordDB 16/c32
anti-NPLANPLOdd Fellows Hall, Thornton Rdoddfellows hall13/12/1837WednesdayBradfordHO 52/35/10
plan for Great Northern UnionChartistOdd Fellows Hall, Thornton Rdoddfellows hall10/09/1838MondayBradfordNS 15 Sep 1838
meeting of Northern Union to prepare for Peep GreenChartistOdd Fellows Hall, Thornton Rdoddfellows hall01/10/1838MondayBradfordNS 6 Oct 1838
ACLA lecturesACLAOdd Fellows Hall, Thornton Rdoddfellows hall27/12/1838ThursdayBradfordNS 5 Jan 1839
meeting of Northern Union on Stephens' arrestChartistOdd Fellows Hall, Thornton Rdoddfellows hall31/12/1838MondayBradfordNS 5 Jan 1839
public dinner to Peter BusseyChartistOdd Fellows Hall, Thornton Rdoddfellows hall14/01/1839MondayBradfordNS 5 Jan 1839
Northern Union meetingChartistOdd Fellows Hall, Thornton Rdoddfellows hall28/01/1839MondayBradfordNS 26 Jan 1839
celebration of Paine birthdayChartistOdd Fellows Hall, Thornton Rdoddfellows hall29/01/1839TuesdayBradfordNS 26 Jan 1839
address of BusseyChartistOdd Fellows Hall, Thornton Rdoddfellows hall04/03/1839MondayBradfordNS 9 March 1839; BO 7 Mar 1839
sermons in aid of StephensChartistOdd Fellows Hall, Thornton Rdoddfellows hall17/03/1839SundayBradfordBO 7 Mar 1839
Bussey address people about national conventionChartistopen piece of ground near Oddfellows Hallopen space23/07/1839TuesdayBradford12000NS 27 July 1839
Chartist public tea partyChartistOdd Fellows Halloddfellows hall20/11/1839WednesdayBradfordNS 30 Nov 1839
public meeting of the unemployedtrade unionopen piece of ground near Oddfellows Hallopen space16/12/1839Bradford2000NS 21 Dec 1839
memorial to queen to pardon Welsh ChartistsChartistin front of Odd Fellows Hallopen space10/02/1840MondayBradford5000NS 15 Feb 1840
meeting plugtrade unionoutside Odd Fellows Hallopen space15/08/1842BradfordNS 20 August 1842
central committee meeting on National RentChartistAssociation Room, Butterworth Buildingsown room20/07/1839SaturdayBradfordNS 20 July 1839
Chartist sacred month assemblageChartistButterworth's Buildingsown room10/08/1839SaturdayBradfordLM 17 Aug 1839
lectureChartistRadical Assoc Room, Butterworth Bgsown room09/09/1839MondayBradfordNS 14 Sep 1839
Female Radicals meetingChartistRadical Assoc Room, Butterworth Bgsown room01/10/1839TuesdayBradfordNS 28 Sep 1839
Chartist reorganisation; district divided into 16 sectionsChartisttheir room, Butterworth's Buildingsown room28/10/1839MondayBradfordNS 2 Nov 1839
public meetingChartistRadical Assoc Room, Butterworth Bgsown room01/11/1839BradfordNS 23 Nov 1839
public meeting to address HM on Wales insurrectionChartistRadical Assoc Room, Butterworth Bgsown room25/11/1839MondayBradfordNS 30 Nov 1839
Chartist meeting for delegate to the ConventionChartistRadical Assoc Room, Butterworth Bgsown room16/12/1839BradfordNS 21 Dec 1839
chartist meetingChartistRadical Assoc Room, Butterworth Bgsown room09/10/1842BradfordNS 15 Oct 1842
meeting to form assocreformBradford reform club newsrooms, Court St, Leeds Roadown room17/09/1841BradfordDB 4/C1/4
sermonChartistDemocratic Preaching Room, Butterworth Buildingsown room15/09/1839SundayBradfordNS 14 Sep 1839
Chartist sacred month assemblageChartistThornton Roadstreet10/08/1839SaturdayBradfordLM 17 Aug 1839
Chartist sacred month assemblageChartistThornton Roadstreet12/08/1839MondayBradfordLM 17 Aug 1839
meeting manufacturers and workmentrade unionCourt House, Darley Stmagistrates' office01/09/1835ThursdayBradfordMG 17 Sep 1825
meeting of Bradford manufacturers against strikecommercialCourt House, Darley Stmagistrates' office21/10/1825FridayBradfordMG 29 October 1825
Poor law guardiansANPLCourt House, Darley Stmagistrates' office30/10/1837MondayBradfordBradford Poor Law, f82
Poor law guardiansANPLCourt House, Darley Stmagistrates' office20/11/1837Bradford
handloom weavers petition on 10 hours10 hoursin front of the Court Houseopen space06/04/1835MondayBradfordDB 27/C1
plug plot meetingtrade unionbrick ground outside Mr White's, Manchester Roadopen space14/08/1842SundayBradfordNS 20 August 1842
formation of Northern UnionChartistHope & Anchorpub17/09/1838MondayBradfordNS 22 Sep 1838
general meeting of reformersChartistHope and Anchorpub01/09/1841BradfordDB 4/C1/4
meeting on new factory bill10 hoursTemperance Hall, Leeds Roadradical/Chartist room01/05/1838TuesdayBradfordDB/27/C1/65/1
meeting to address Oastler on his conduct in parliament10 hoursTemperance Hall, Leeds Roadradical/Chartist room07/02/1840FridayBradfordChampion 6 Feb 1840
meeting to appoint delegates to Birmingham national conferenceChartistTemperance Hall, Leeds Roadradical/Chartist room29/03/1842TuesdayBradfordDB 4/C1/4
meeting to petition parlChartistTemperance Hall, Leeds Roadradical/Chartist room23/03/1848FridayBradfordNS 1 april 1848
general meeting of Bradford, Horton and Manningham reform assocreformMechanics' Instituteschoolroom18/03/1842BradfordDB 4/C1/4
opening, dinnercommercialExchange Buildingsexchange03/02/1830WednesdayBradford80LM 6 Feb 1830
opening, ballcommercialExchange Buildingsexchange06/02/1830SaturdayBradford120LM 13 Feb 1830
anti EIC monopolycommercialExchange Buildingsexchange11/02/1830ThursdayBradfordLM 13 Feb 1830
Bradford temperance societycommercialExchange Buildingexchange14/06/1830MondayBradford2000DB 16/c32
antislavery petitioncommercialExchange buildingsexchange20/09/1830MondayBradfordYork Courant 12 Oct 1830
10 hours meeting10 hoursExchange Buildingsexchange10/12/1831BradfordDB 16/c32
10 hours/factory bill10 hoursExchange Buildings, Great Roomexchange27/12/1831TuesdayBradfordHHE 31 Dec 1831
rejection of reform bill - adjourned to piece hallreformExchange Buildingsexchange11/05/1832FridayBradfordLM 12 April 1832
conservative dinner for John Hardy MPelectionExchange Roomexchange27/11/1835FridayBradfordDB 27/C1/24/1
ball for Queen's weddingpatrioticExchange Buildings, large roomexchange10/02/1840MondayBradfordLM 15 Feb 1840
attempted Chartist 'rising'ChartistGreen Marketmarket place26/01/1840BradfordPeel, Risings of the Luddites, 324-6
prosecution societylocal governmentWhite Horse Inninn/hotel07/03/1817BradfordDB 6/C44
prosecution societylocal governmentBull's Head Inninn/hotel09/10/1817BradfordDB 6/C44
prosecution societylocal governmentBull's Head Inninn/hotel19/03/1834BradfordDB 6/C44
prosecution societylocal governmentUnicorn Inninn/hotel01/01/1817BradfordDB 6/C44
prosecution societylocal governmentNew Inninn/hotel07/04/1834BradfordDB 6/C44
Orange lodge assembled before processionloyalMoulder's Arms, Sticker Lane, Laister Dykepub25/05/1844MondayBradfordBO 30 May 1844
Orange riotOrangeAiredale Collegeschoolroom25/05/1844MondayBradfordBO 30 May 1844
Bradford PU on 10 hours10 hoursBlack Bull Inninn/hotel10/06/1833MondayBradfordVWR 15 June 1833
celebration of Paine birthdayradicalBlack Bull Inninn/hotel29/01/1836FridayBradfordBO 21 Jan 1836
association against levellers and republicansloyalparish churchchurch/chapel20/12/1792BradfordLM 22 Dec 1792
meeting to hear Mr VincentChartistmarket placemarket place11/01/1839BradfordNS, 26 Jan 1839
temperance society procession, Whit Mondayothervacant space behind Temperance Hallopen space09/06/1840MondayBradfordLM 13 June 1840
association against levellers and republicansloyalPiece Hallexchange20/12/1792ThursdayBradfordLI 17 dec 1792
Paine effigyloyalPiece Hall outsideopen space20/12/1792ThursdayBradfordLI 24 Dec 1792
Whig election candidates receivedelectionPiece Hallexchange28/04/1831ThursdayBradfordLM 30 April 1831
rejection of reform billreformin front of Piece Hallopen space11/05/1832FridayBradford3000LM 12 April 1832
female temperance society procession startotherPiece Hallexchange10/06/1840TuesdayBradfordLM 13 June 1840
planning for Baildon green radical meetingChartisthouse of Mr Lambert, Baildonprivate room11/03/1839MondayBradfordNS 16 March 1839
Society for promoting National Regenerationsocialistschool room, Tyrrell'sschoolroom10/03/1839MondayBradfordBO 13 March 1834
on Dorchester labourerstrade unionopen space called Hall Ingsopen space07/04/1834MondayBradford7000VRW, 12 April 1834
muster before marching to Peep GreenChartistHall Ingsopen space15/10/1838MondayBradfordLM 20 Oct 1838
2 sermons preachedChartistRadical association roomradical/Chartist room15/09/1838SundayBradfordNS 21 Sep 1839
lecture by BusseyChartistRadical association roomradical/Chartist room16/09/1839MondayBradfordNS 21 Sep 1839
public discussion on universal suffrageChartistRadical association roomradical/Chartist room30/09/1839MondayBradfordNS 5 oct 1839
meeting of female radicalsChartistRadical association roomradical/Chartist room01/10/1839TuesdayBradfordNS 5 Oct 1839
political lectures by Geo HowsChartistRadical association roomradical/Chartist room14/10/1839MondayBradfordNS 12 Oct 1839
public meeting NU thanks to BurneyChartistCommittee meeting roomradical/Chartist room10/06/1839BradfordNS 15 June 1839
public meeting of Northern Union address to HMChartistThornton New Roadstreet06/07/1839SaturdayBradfordNS 6 July 1839
Bronterre O'Brien lectureChartistopen airopen space18/07/1839ThursdayBradfordNS 20 July 1839
Bronterre O'Brien lectureChartistopen airopen space19/07/1839FridayBradfordNS 20 July 1839
Wapping female radical association meetingChartisthouse of Mrs Lydia Hardaker, Wappingprivate room30/04/1839TuesdayBradfordNS 4 May 1839
procession for laying of indep Oddfellows HallotherRawson's Placeopen space01/06/1836Bradford800BO 30 June 1836
district Chartist meetingChartistCouncil Roomradical/Chartist room05/03/1842SundayBradfordNS 4 Mar 1842
Chartist lectureChartistChartist room, White Abbeyradical/Chartist room06/03/1842MondayBradfordNS 4 Mar 1842
weekly meeting of Bradford NCAChartisthouse of Mr Goldsborough, Goodmansendpub08/08/1840SaturdayBradfordNS 15 Aug 1840
Chartist co-operative societysocialistMr George Ellis's, opposite Dead-lane top, Goodmansendpub15/11/1840SundayBradfordNS 21 Nov 1840
NCA no 1 weekly meetingChartistMr Golsborough's, Goodmansendpub14/11/1840SaturdayBradfordNS 21 Nov 1840
friends of Peter Murray McDOuall meetingChartistEast Brook Hotel, George Stinn/hotel10/08/1840MondayBradfordNS 15 Aug 1840
no 1 and no 2 meeting on amalgamationChartistEast Brook Hotel, George Stinn/hotel22/11/1840SundayBradfordNS 21 Nov 1840
NCA no 2 delegate meetingChartistNorth Tavern, North St, Wappingpub15/11/1840SundayBradfordNS 21 Nov 1840
usual meeting of the councilChartistNorth Tavern, North St, Wappingpub24/10/1841SundayBradfordNS 30 Oct 1841
usual meeting of female chartistsChartistNorth Tavern, North St, Wappingpub27/10/1841WednesdayBradfordNS 30 Oct 1841
general council as usualChartistNorth Tavern, North St, Wappingpub18/12/1841SundayBradfordNS 24 dec 1841
NCA meeting in usual place, Mr Hird in chairChartistchapel in Long Croft placechurch/chapel13/02/1841SaturdayBradfordNS 20 Feb 1841
general committee usual meetingChartistAssociation Room, Gracechurch Streetradical/Chartist room25/08/1841WednesdayBradfordNS 21 Aug 1841
female Chartist meetingChartistAssociation Room, Threadneedle St, Goodman's Endradical/Chartist room16/08/1841MondayBradfordNS 21 Aug 1841
public meeting on barracksradicalCurzon Groundopen space25-06-1834WednesdayOldham400D-BUT F/21
trades meetinglabourAlbion Inninn/hotel27/06/1834FridayOldhamD-BUT F/21
Orange dinnerOrangeDog Innpub12-Jul-1834SaturdayOldhamD-BUT F/21
meeting of leypayers to decide whether to pay for special constables out of poor ratelocal governmentchurch vestrychurch/chapel30-Jul-1834WednesdayOldhamD-BUT F/23
visit of Cobbett and FieldenelectionCurzon Groundopen space01-Dec-1834MondayOldhamD-BUT F/23
election hustingselectionNew Market Placemarket12/12/1832Oldham15000Weaver, Fielden, p.62
election hustingselectionNew Market Placemarket07-Jan-1835WednesdayOldhamD-BUT F/23
radical meeting to petition for universal suffrage etcradicalAlbion Inninn/hotel11-Feb-1835WednesdayOldhamD-BUT F/24
10 hours meeting10 hoursWesleyan Sunday School roomschoolroom14_Mar-1835SaturdayOldhamD-BUT F/27
publican signed loyalist declarationloyalSwan Inn01/01/1793Oldham
militia celebration of anniversary of WaterloomilitarySwan Inn18/06/1821MondayOldhamMC, 23 June 1821
publican signed loyalist declarationloyalWhite Lion Innpub01/01/1793OldhamShaw, p. 172
loyalist assocloyalWhite Lion Innpub01/04/1795OldhamPrentice, 426
Operative Conservatives dinnerloyalWhite Lion Innpub04/01/1837WednesdayOldhamD-BUT/F/40
coronation dinnerpatrioticWhite Lionpub28/06/1838ThursdayOldham50D-BUT F/56
female operative conservatives dinnerloyalWhite Lion, large roompub03/01/1838WednesdayOldhamD-BUT F/54
ANPLANPLFree Grammar Schoolschoolroom18-Mar-1835WednesdayOldham200D_BUT F/27
meeting to subscribe to Manchester Hunt monumentradicalAlbion Inninn/hotel13-Apr-1835MondayOldhamD-BUT F/27
celebration of marriage of Queen VictoriapatrioticAngel Inninn/hotel10/02/1840MondayOldham50D-BUT F/68
opening meeting of Conservative AssociationloyalAngel Inninn/hotel18/05/1835TuesdayOldham
visit of Feargus O'Connorelectionland behind Albion Innopen space26-Jun-1835FridayOldhamD-BUT F/28
Chartist meet up before release of O'ConnorChartistEbor Tavernpub30-Aug-1841MondayYorkYorkshire Gazette 4 Sept 1841
chartists prepare for celebration of O'Connor's releaseChartistChartist Room, Ebor Tavern, Fossgatepub29/08/1841SundayYorkNS 4 Sep 1841
tea party on release of O'ConnorChartistlarge room of the grand standother30/08/1841MondayYorkYorkshire Gazette 4 Sept 1841
Rockingham Club meetingreformBlack Swaninn/hotel21/01/1795WednesdayYorkHull Advertiser, 30 Jan 1795
Pitt Club meetingloyalBlack Swan Inninn/hotel28/05/1817WednesdayYorkPitt club pamphlet
association for preservation of propertylocal governmentBlack Swaninn/hotel26/11/1842YorkA4.18
dinner to celebrate King's birthdaypatrioticEtridge's Hotelinn/hotel04/06/1815YorkYork Herald 10 June 1815
arrival of General Byng to take command of Northern DistrictmilitaryEtridge's Hotelinn/hotel21/07/1816SundayYorkYork Herald 27 July 1816
formation of York Whig ClubelectionEtridge's Hotelinn/hotel18/09/1818FridayYorkBrett, Rise and Fall of York whig Club
presentation of cup to unsuccessful electoral candidate WB CookeelectionEtridge's Hotelinn/hotel12/11/1818ThursdayYorkYork Herald 14 Nov 1818
Whig Club meetingelectionEtridge's Hotelinn/hotel08/12/1818WednesdayYorkYork herald 12 Dec 1818
Whig Club meetingelectionEtridge's Hotelinn/hotel31/01/1819ThursdayYorkYork Herald 16 Jan 1819
Wyvill spoke from windows on electionelectionEtridge's Hotelinn/hotel14/03/1820TuesdayYorkYork Herald 18 march 1820
call for change of ministerselectionEtridge's Hotelinn/hotel26/10/1820YorkYork Herald 4 Nov 1820
meeting of Whig club on coronation, expressing regret at treatment of CarolinereformEtridge's Hotelinn/hotel16/07/1821MondayYorkLM 28 July 1821
reform meeting called by Walter FawkesreformEtridge's Hotelinn/hotel29/08/1822ThursdayYorkLancaster Gazette 7 Sep 1822 ; LM 9 Nov 1822
reform meeting by Whig ClubreformEtridge's Hotelinn/hotel18/02/1823TuesdayYorkYork herald 22 Feb 1823
general meeting of Whig Club on electionelectionEtridge's Hotelinn/hotel18/08/1825ThursdayYorkYork Herald 20 aug 1825
committee room for Milton and Marshall, Yorks electionelectionEtridge's Hotelinn/hotel01/06/1826YorkAn historical account of the late election for the County of York
Whig freeholders' meetingelectionEtridge's Hotel, Blake Stinn/hotel23/07/1830FridayYorkYorks Gazette 24 July 1830
Whig base for electionelectionEtridge's Hotel, Blake Stinn/hotel31/07/1830York
Whig base for electionelectionEtridge's Hotel, Blake Stinn/hotel01/05/1831YorkSheff Indep 7 May 1831
coronation dinnerpatrioticEtridge's Hotel, Blake Stinn/hotel08/09/1831ThursdayYork60York Herald 10 Sep 1831
O'Connor's release from prison - stayed at 'his usual hotel'ChartistEtridge's Hotel, Blake Stinn/hotel26/08/1841YorkNS 4 Sep 1841
York King and Constitution ClubloyalGeorge Inn, Coney Streetinn/hotel04/11/1818WednesdayYorkYork Herald 7 Nov 1818
York King and Constitution ClubloyalGeorge Inn, Coney Streetinn/hotel17/11/1818TuesdayYorkYork Herald 7 Nov 1818
York King and Constitution Club dinnerloyalGeorge Inn and Assembly Roomsinn/hotel17/02/1819WednesdayYork330LI 22 Feb 1819
York King and Constitution Club meetingloyalGeorge Inn, Coney Stinn/hotel29/09/1819WednesdayYorkYorks Gazette 25 Sep 1819