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London political meetings sites

This is an ongoing database and maps of political meeting sites in London:

  • London Corresponding Society (1795),
  • Chartist branches (1844),
  • Reform League (1867),
  • Social Democratic Federation (1888, 1906),
  • Independent Labour Party (1904),
  • Women’s Social and Political Union (1909-11):

Flourish visualisation below. Click on the left hand top corner to select types of association.

Flourish visualisation of types of place. Click on the left hand top corner to select types of place:

SDF meeting sites in London

SDF street corner meetings in the East End, Justice 5 September 1885 and 10 September 1888

Anarchist meetings in London, Freedom 1 September 1893, 1 March 1910, and other issues

WSPU meetings in London, 1909-13