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The Cuckoo Cage at Womad 2022

This year at Womad festival, I was privileged to chair a panel of authors from Comma Press’s collection, The Cuckoo Cage.

me at womad
Womad 2022, ‘World of Words’ tent, 30 July 2022

Courttia Newland, Bidisha and Irfan Master read from their short stories about contemporary protest drawn from historical “proto-heroes”: Captain Pouch and the Midlands Revolt of 1607, the Jack-a-Lent riots in Bristol in 1749, and the Captain Swing riots in southern England in the early 1830s.

We discussed the process of working with a historian, the events of 2020 and whether change is possible, and the connections between local protest, place and global movements.

Buy the book, edited by Ra Page, here:

me, bidisha, courttia newland and irfan master on stage at womad
Womad 2022, ‘World of Words’ tent, 30 July 2022
cuckoo cage front cover
The Cuckoo Cage edited by Ra Page (Comma Press, 2021)

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