BBC Radio 4 Analysis, ‘what’s the point of street protest?’
East London primary sources
The Cuckoo Cage at Womad 2022
MERL OSS lantern slide exhibition now online
Frow lecture at the WCML: trespass and enclosure
Histories of privacy
Pavements bibliography
review of Stevenage for Tribune
new: Dan Snow’s HistoryHit podcast on ‘enclosures’
edina digimap example

simple guide to using Edina Digimap Historic

edina digimap historic download


PDF link of the entire thread:


Edina Digimap is available to all subscribing libraries and universities. It’s most useful if you want to download already geo-referenced OS maps.

For just viewing old OS maps, maps.nls.uk is the best place to go.

save image as png

To learn more about how to use QGIS, I recommend following the Programming Historian tutorials – e.g. https://programminghistorian.org/en/lessons/qgis-layers


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