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Public space maps

map of council owned public space in Manchester: 1897 (dark green), 1938 (brown, with council housing in yellow); 1945 (light green)

Newton Heath enclosure and public space maps

extract from Newton Heath enclosure award map 1805 (Manchester Cathedral archives), with the poor’s land marked up. Yellow dotted line is the registered ROW under the 2000 CROW act.

extract from 1848 OS map with the poor’s land from the enclosure award superimposed:

1848 os map with poor's land superimposed

1852 Board of Health map of Newton Heath:

1852 board of health map newton heath

1852 Sanitary map of Newton Heath Board of Health – plots to be sold for building:

1852 sanitary board of health
georeferenced map of Newton heath

1893 25 inch to the mile OS map:

1893 os map of rochdale canal

1903 – offer of land adjoining Gaskell Street Recreation Ground:

1920s OS map:

1920s OS map

1966 OS map:

1966 os map newton heath

1969 house clearances map (to be cleared areas marked in red and future proposals marked in pink). Source:

newton heath clearance map 1969

Open street map with classified Open Space:

open street map with open spaces

Gaskell St recreation ground (google street view):

playground with railings

Cropper/Osborne Street – the most radical street in Manchester?:

Hear me discuss the radical history of Cropper Street on North Manchester Radio on Hannah’s Bookshelf, 19 February 2019:

Cropper Street was isolated but also a thoroughfare. Footpaths on the 1794 Green’s map of Manchester, overlain over the 1849 1st edition OS map, showing how they crossed over what became Osborne Street (on their way to St George’s Fields), but then were extinguished by the railway:

map of footpaths on os map
1st edn OS map of Manchester, 1849, with footpaths overlain from 1794 Green’s map

Maps in progress:


1880 map of the sanitary districts of Manchester – University of Manchester digitised collections

Osborne Street and surrounding: