podcast series

episode 7: ‘1830s’

general enclosure act 1845

episode 8: squares

cleaver square 2018
Cleaver Square, February 2018
episode 8 squares

episode 9: right to roam

horsell common 1986
Horsell Common, 1986, Surrey CC 1233/box7/53/1/6
episode 9 right to roam

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  1. is it just about mobility or is there something important about what one can and can’t do in these spaces beyond just wandering through?

  2. Yes good point. There are also lots of regulations and bye-laws about behaviour and activities that can or cannot take place in such spaces. These are usually enforced by e.g. park wardens or local officers. This links to the mobility/occupation issue however, as many of these activities are about loitering or camping being prohibited.

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