Keynote slides: Practical Politics and Place in the 19th century
new towns reading list
right to stand on the pavement
New Lives New Landscapes Revisited: Rural Modernity in Britain
select bibliography on new social movements, urban commons, and anti-globalisation protest
BBC Radio 4 Analysis, ‘what’s the point of street protest?’
East London primary sources
The Cuckoo Cage at Womad 2022
MERL OSS lantern slide exhibition now online

The most radical street in Manchester? exhibition

People’s History Museum, Manchester, 20 July-22 September 2019

Manchester sites of protest and political meetings:

Peterloo relief list addresses, 1819

Chartist Land Plan subscribers, 1847

Cropper Street/Osborne Street, Collyhurst:

Osborne Street Manchester
Osborne Street Manchester, April 2017
old railway viaduct New Allen Street
old railway viaduct, New Allen Street, Manchester
1848 map
extract from Slater’s 1848 directory map
1824 map
extract from Swire’s 1824 directory map