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All data is from the spreadsheet by Peter Castree on the Peterloo Memorial website:

Castree’s key:  (Transcripts   RVB = Redford v Birley   THH = Trial of Henry Hunt   JLI = John Lees Inquest)

I have geo-coded all 1208 addresses on Peter’s spreadsheet, using a combination of automatic geo-coding of modern addresses, and contemporary maps, particularly Swire’s 1824 map on

Names are categorised into: casualty, dead, military, magistrate, authority, radical leader, witness, yeomanry, special constable. You can toggle between each broad category using the legend at the top right of the map (sorry about the current faintness of the text).
You can also layer the 1801 map of Manchester when zoomed into Manchester.


  • all addresses are by street, and cannot be guaranteed to be accurate. Contemporary maps do not show street numbers, so it is difficult to pinpoint exact buildings, or which end of the street they were.
  • the default address for any addresses that are missing from the spreadsheet is St Peter’s Field. So we cannot do completely accurate calculations of distances etc yet, as the concentration of points on St Peter’s Field is currently quite high.
  • the addresses have not been double-checked. There are some that are out, that I will endeavour to move to the right place as soon as I can.
  • the witnesses did not have addresses listed in the spreadsheet, so I have used the default of St Peter’s Field. Hopefully the Peterloo Witness project will provide this information soon – have a go at compiling your own list from the testimonies on:
  • For addresses just marked as a town (e.g. ‘Oldham’), I have used the centre of the town.
  • There are lots more addresses to be found for individuals – e.g. for the radical leaders.