cleaver square 2018

some recorded thoughts inspired by Aya Sakai, ‘Reassessing London Squares; the development of preservation policy, 1880-1931’, Town Planning Review, 82: 6 (2011).

podcast 8, squares

See also: H. Lawrence, ‘The greening of the squares of London: transformation of urban landscapes and ideals’, Annals of the Association of American Geography, 83 (1993), 90-118; H. L. Malchow, ‘Public Gardens and Social Action in Late Victorian London’, Victorian Studies, 29 (1985), 97-124.

more on nuisance and annoyance

Further reading: (h/t to Chris Williams)

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revisions to the emergency powers act on public gatherings

coronavirus regs

Feed by the human rights barrister Adam Wagner :

Link to the legislation changes here: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/684/pdfs/uksi_20200684_en.pdf

coronavirus regs

tweets about the felling of the statue of Colston in Bristol

further reading:

Bristol Radical History group: https://www.brh.org.uk/site/

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Zine conversation about parks & protest

no ball games

Horrid Covid! online zine invited me to do a conversation with the curator, Helen Kaplinsky, for their issue 4, ‘Parks’. Listen to 30 mins of us talking about parks, privatisation, public space and protest.

We cover discussion of the origins of parks and ’emparkment’, access to public space, pandemics and legislation, and the development of protest from the local to the global.

Listen now:



early municipal housing in Croydon

map croydon housing

further reading:

John Broughton, Municipal Dreams


There have been some great contributions to the #heritageofprotest tag on Twitter this week. Here’s Dave Steele on the protest sites of Birmingham. I like the materiality of the site being carved out of the sandstone.

playing fields

st george's field braintree